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Want to work in Overseas ?

Skilled and talented professionals are in huge demand across
the world. Countries such as Australia, Canada,
Germany and more offer professionals the chance to get work
authorization and become part of a country and economy that
gives you a better standard of living. Y-Axis Australia helps you
successfully work and settle abroad with expert services.

For both new and existing migrants

Y-Axis Australia helps individuals who are looking to work abroad as well
as those already in a foreign country with immigration support.
We assist individuals with differing immigration needs,
such as those applying for work authorization, those looking for a PR
and those who require other support. Our proven process ensures
no mistakes are made and your application file is as accurate
and thorough as necessary.

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Our Work Overseas Services

Free Counseling

Get a session with one of our highly experienced counsellors to quickly identify your most viable prospects.

Overseas Job Search

Upload your resume on to our Job Hotlist or get a dedicated consultant to market your resume to increase your job prospects.

Visa services

Our experienced visa team helps you navigate the complicated immigration process and file for a work authorization or migration petition with minimal hassle.

*We provide Private Health cover for all temporary visas.

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