Here’s a basic guide on how to legally work in Portugal. We will be glancing at how to get a Portugal work permit and Portugal work visa.

There are some details about the process and requirements for coming to Portugal to work that you need to understand before planning to work in Portugal. The Portugal work permit is issued depending on the residence status you have in Portugal. Also, in most cases, you will be unable to apply for a residence permit unless you have got a job offer in Portugal.

The need for Portugal work visa

Non-EU nationals will need a Portugal Work visa before they can take up any work in Portugal. In most cases, only those foreign workers who have received a job offer from a Portuguese employer will be granted the work visa. In other cases, the foreign worker could be married to a citizen of Portugal.

Portugal currently has quotas in place so that it can limit the number of jobs that go to nationals of third countries.

Once you complete 5 years in Portugal as a resident, you will be eligible to claim permanent residence in Portugal. After 6 years of living in Portugal, you will be eligible to apply for Portuguese citizenship. Permanent residents/citizens naturally don’t require a work visa in Portugal.

Portugal work visa process

Upon approval of a work permit or job contract, you must apply for:

  • a Portugal work visa if employment is less than six months
  • a residence permit, if your plan is to work in Portugal for a long-term

Types of Portuguese work permits

Short-term Portugal work visa

This visa is needed when the foreign worker is coming to Portugal for short-term temporary contracts. The duration of these contracts will be under 6 months.

This visa is available to employees as well as self-employed workers. The IEPF will make an evaluation in this respect.

This visa is extensible for up to a year in case you are into academic teaching, scientific research, or highly qualified professional activities. Even provisions for certain training and service made by WTO member countries apply in this regard.

Long-term Portugal work visa

For non-EU workers who want to work in Portugal for over 6 months, a long-term Portugal work visa is necessary. This visa comes as a long-term (type D) Schengen visa. With this visa, you can travel across 26 countries in the Schengen area.

Portuguese Residence permits

Standard residence permit

It has 1-year validity, renewable for up to 5 years. Post that period, the holder can apply for permanent residence.

Residence permit for academic teachers, scientific researchers, and workers in professional activities for highly qualified workers

It has 1-year validity, renewable for up to 5 years. Post that period, the holder can apply for permanent residence.

EU Blue Card

A Portugal work visa cum residence permit for those who are paid employees with high qualifications. They have a job offer in an EU nation for a year and earns a gross salary one and a half times the country’s national average.

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