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Work in Belgium, Get Belgium Work Visa

Here we give you basic information on a Belgium Work visa that will enable you to move to Belgium to work and build a career.

Authorization of employment and work permit B

When a Belgium-based employer wants to hire a foreign worker, the employer has to apply for authorization of employment. This is done by filling and submitting a model form designed by the regional employment services namely ACTIRIS in Brussels, VDAB in Flanders, and FOREM in Wallonia.

The following must be attached to the application:

  • a medical certificate if the worker isn’t a legal resident in Belgium or if the worker has been a resident in Belgium for less than 2 years, employed in this country for the first time
  • a leaflet of inquiry if the work permit is applied for a worker on that worker’s behalf, who is a legal resident in Belgium
  • an agreement of employment

The regional employment service will then transfer the file to the immigration service covering the area of the national territory where the submission of the application has to be done.

To issue an employment authorization, it’s necessary that there is an absence of the requisite number of qualified workers in the labor market of Belgium to man the positions satisfactorily within a period deemed reasonable.  

Once the application is approved, authorization of employment is issued to the employer. The legally residing foreign worker can collect the work permit at the municipality of residence. If the worker isn’t a legal resident in Belgium, the work permit is issued to the employer. The employer will then give the work permit to the foreign worker.

The Belgium work visa B is renewable.

Stages of applying for a Belgium work visa

There are 2 stages for work visa application in Belgium:

  1. Apply for a single permit
  2. Apply for a long-stay visa D

Single permit

The application for the single permit has to be made by the Belgian employer. The worker must provide the employer with the following to enable obtaining a single permit:

  • Proof of Contribution fee paid into the Belgian bank account.
  • A doctor’s medical certificate where the doctor is appointed by the Belgian Embassy.
  • A National Police Clearance in original from all countries you have resided in the last 1 year as well as 2 photocopies of the same.
  • 3 passport photos

After the employer sends these documents along with the application and a copy of the employment contract, the processing time could take weeks or months.

Long-stay visa D

After getting the single permit, the foreign worker can apply for a long-stay visa D Belgium work visa. The following documents have to be submitted along with the application:

  • The worker’s original passport with a validity of no less than 6 months and 2 blank facing pages.
  • 2 completed visa application forms, signed and dated. The worker’s signature in the form has to be witnessed by a JP (Justice of the Peace).
  • 2 passport-size photographs (3×4 cm)
  • Fees paid for visa D
  • 2 copies of approval for work from the region
  • 2 copies of approval for a single permit
  • A prepaid envelope that’s self-addressed or postage fee

This visa will be issued in under 2 weeks.

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