To work in Finland or become an entrepreneur in the country, you will need a Finland work visa that comes with a residence permit. Such a residence permit will be applied on the basis of the employment you are into. If your intention is to start a business in Finland, the residence permit will be issued based on the type of business you own.

You are eligible to apply for a residence permit if you have completed a degree course in Finland holding a valid residence permit issued to enable you to study in the country.

Finland residence permit for work can be applied for if you get an appropriate salary from your job for the work you do. It has to be sufficient to support you for the whole period of validity of the permit.

You will have to apply for a new residence permit in Finland if:

  • Your permit lets you work for a particular employer, or
  • You desire to change your field of work

If you have been given a residence permit for a particular field of work, then you will usually be permitted to switch jobs without restrictions. This is in case your residence permit hasn’t met with its expiry as well as your new job falls in the same field. With a residence permit granted for a specific task, you are allowed to do this task serving another employer in the process.

Once the tenure of your job ends, your residence permit won’t exist anymore. Then you will have to leave Finland if you haven’t applied for a residence permit for some other reason.

Residence permit for Specialists

You can apply for a residence permit to work as a specialist or as a teacher. You may have an employment contract with a Finnish employer or have accepted a job offer. For a residence permit of this nature, you must have experience in expert tasks requiring special expertise. A high education level is also expected.

Residence permit for an employed person

If you will be working for a Finnish employer as well as signed an employment contract or you have accepted a job offer given by a Finnish employer, you will apply for a residence permit of this nature.

In the case of a permit for an employed person, the employer must establish that there aren’t sufficient qualified workers in Finland or the EU/EEA for the job offered, within a reasonable time.

Residence permit for seasonal work

To come to Finland for seasonal work, you require an appropriate permit. The maximum length of seasonal work is 9 months. These works are mostly in the fields of agriculture and tourism.

Resident permit for Interns

There are certain conditions to be met to apply for a resident permit for interns. They are:

  • Your residence permit application is made within a maximum period of 2 years of completion of your higher education degree
  • You have current participation in a study course that leads to a higher education degree, and the internship is in a field that matches your studies
  • Your age falls between 18 and 30 years, and you are studying the Swedish or Finnish language at a university situated beyond the borders of Finland
  • Your age is between 18 and 30 years and you are studying at a university beyond the borders of Finland, and the internship is in a field that matches your degree or your area of study

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