Federal Skilled Trades Program

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Why Opt for Canada Federal Skilled Trades Program?

The FSTP (Federal Skilled Trades Program) is an immigration program for skilled foreign workers wanting to obtain a Canada PR visa based on their qualifications in a skilled trade.

The FSTP is a subcategory of the Express Entry Program. It is a point-based program that asses the immigrants on their skills, work experience, and education.

Benefits of FSTP

  • Get permanent residency under express entry within six months.
  • Apply with a lower CRS score
  • Succeed in the Canadian labor market
  • Guarantee your success with express entry 
  • Better quality of life 
  • Friendly Immigration policies

FSTP Eligibility

You have to meet specific basic requirements to become eligible to apply for Canadian permanent residence via the Federal Skilled Trades Program.

These include:

Meeting the required levels of proficiency for each language, ability, such as:

  • Writing
  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Speaking
  • Having full-time work experience (or an equal amount of part-time work experience) in a skilled trade of at least two years within the five years before your lodging an application, which must also meet the requirement that your work experience has to be for paid work .
  • Meeting the job requirements for that particular skilled trade as given in the NOC (National Occupational Classification), except when a certificate of qualification is needed, have one of the following:
    • A valid job offer of full-time employment for a minimum total period of 1 year
    • Certificate of qualification in that particular skilled trade issued by the authority of       a Canadian authority


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Why accept Canada Skilled Work Experience program?

These certain work experiences in the following skill trades is accepted by the Canada Federal Skilled Trades Program and is organized under the following groups of the NOC:





Major Group 73

Maintenance and equipment operation trades

Major Group 72

Industrial, electrical, and construction trades

Major Group 92

Processing, manufacturing and utility supervisors, and central control operators

Major Group 82

Supervisors and technical jobs in natural resources, agriculture, and related production

Minor Group 633

Butchers and bakers











All major groups of trades and their sub-groups are of skill type B. The requirement is that you must demonstrate that you have already performed the duties mentioned in the lead statement of the description given to the occupation in the NOC.


FSTP Requirements

Language Requirements

Must have proficiency in four categories:

  • Writing
  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Speaking
  • Test score in either French or English
  • Must score in CLB level 4 in writing and reading (French or English)
  • Must score CLB level 5 in listening and speaking test (French or English)

Skilled trade work Experience

  • Minimum 2 years of experience in full-time within 5 years of applying
  • Have a valid job that falls under NOC category
  • Have an offer letter
  • Receive a certificate from provincial and traditional funds

Educational Requirements (not mandatory only to earn extra points)

  • If the candidate has Canadian post-secondary certificate or diploma or a degree
  • have a complete foreign credential with an ECA, if attended a school outside of Canada
  • Sufficient funds to support yourself
  • Must be allowed in Canada

How to apply for Canada PR through FSTP?

Before applying for FSTP it is necessary to know the entire step that can be easy as well as necessary. Here is the list of proof that one need to provide to apply for a Canada PR through FSTP:

  • Get employed in a Canada trade job offers or certification of Qualifications.
  • Check your eligibility through express entry.
  • Create and IRCC account on Express Entry Profile
  • After submitting enter your profile for Express Entry Pool
  • Wait for invitations through ITA
  • Submit your PR application
  • Get your confirmation for Canada PR


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How to Apply for FSTP?

Step 1: Check your eligibility 
Step 2: Review the specific requirements
Step 3: Arrange the checklist of documents
Step 4: Apply for the visa
Step 5: Fly to Canada

FSTP Processing Time

Most Express Entry programs complete the procedure within 6 months or less. Eighty percent of the complete application is preceded within six months.

FSTP Processing Fees


Processing Fees


$1,365 per person

With children

$230  per person


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