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Professional Year Program for Permanent Residence in Australia!


For international students who are keen to get Australian permanent residence, a program for a professional year in Australia will be the right pathway. The Professional Year Program is a structured program created for professional development in international students.

International students who have graduated from Australian Universities can derive great advantage from the program that combines formal learning and experience at the workplace. It’s a 11 month program which is currently available in fields such as Engineering, Computer Science, and Accounting. These are also the industries in which there’s high demand for skilled graduates.

Who will need the Professional Year Program?

Are you an international student willing to become a permanent resident in Australia? Are you excited to build a career in Australia after graduating from Australia? If yes, you can get to know more about the Professional Year Programs.

The industry-specific skills you will develop through these programs will be gained by combining study and work experience. This will prepare you for professional careers by joining the workforce in Australia.

When you choose a professional year program, make sure it is approved by the Australian government. This is because the DHA (Department of Home Affairs) recognizes only such programs.

Professional Year Programs recognized by the Australian Government

  • Engineering
    • Engineers Australia Professional Year Program
  • Computer science
    • The Australian Computer Society Professional Year Program
  • Accounting
    • CPA Australia Skilled Migration Internship Program: Accounting (SMIPA)
    • Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand Skilled Migration Internship Program: Accounting
    • Institute of Public Accountants (IPA) Skilled Migration Internship Program: Accounting

The advantages of enrolling in a PYP

Internship opportunities

While, in the normal course, international students find it very hard to find a reputable job in a field in which they have graduated, they can turn to PYP for better results. PYP opens up many pathways to international students, helping them get jobs that are rewarding.

With your participation in a PYP, prestigious institutes in Australia that know its potential will offer you an internship. This internship can lead to a permanent position in reputed companies in Australia. The experience you gained during PYP can be mentioned in your resume, adding value to it and catching the eye of shrewd recruiters in Australian companies.

Expanding your professional circle

During the PYP, you get ample opportunity to meet professionals and network with them. The benefit is priceless as the knowledge and experience you share with the professionals in your chosen field enriches you and improves your craft and your skillset. Moreover, the program gives you the valuable opportunity to meet and collaborate with people with the same interests and career goals as you.

Familiarizing with the Australian work environment

Only professional experience as the one gained from internships can effectively make you acquainted with the standards, codes of conduct, and best practices in the industry. Such a hands-on experience gained in the course of the PYP program can equip you to be prepared so that you can keep up with the demands of a certain work and the ways to find optimal work-life balance in Australian workplaces.

Earn extra points for your Permanent Residency

If you successfully completed your PYP program, you will get 5 extra points in your form for Australian Permanent Residency that you may file in the future. It gives you a stronger reason to claim the eligibility to submit for Permanent Residency. Isn’t that amazing!?

Eligibility requirements for Professional Year Program

If you want to qualify for the PYP, you must meet the criteria listed below:

  • Applicant must have completed Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Information Technology, Accounting, and Engineering.
  • Applicant must have applied or been granted 485 temporary graduate visa.
  • Minimum of 6 in each is required in IELTS/PTE.

Programs like PYPs can give international students looking to complete an Australian degree great benefits. The chances of growing professionally and improving your chances to become an Australian Permanent Residency simultaneously are high.

Enquire with Y-Axis to know more about the Australian PYP by contacting our experienced immigration counselors.

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PYP Providers Universities

Navitas Professional
Monash College Performance Education
Monash College Performance Education
Education Centre of Australia William Light Institute
ECA William Light Institute

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