Why migrate to Canada?
  • Welcoming 4,32,000 permanent residents
  • High-Quality of Life
  • 10 lakh job vacancies
  • Migrate within 6 months
  • Top-notch healthcare facilities

Migrate to Canada for work, study, business, or relocation. Canada is the best country in the world and Canada immigration is the most popular choice of immigration among aspiring immigrants seeking the best in career, education, and quality of life.

Canada is the most welcoming country for immigrants. In 2021, winning over the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Canada succeeded in welcoming over 405,000 new immigrants to the country.

Canada immigration has many pathways that enable you to move to this wonderful country that combines a multicultural atmosphere, promising opportunities for career building, access to world-class education, and the benefits of a progressive economy and social ecosystem.

From reaching Canada on a Canada work visa or a Canada student visa to becoming a Canada PR visa holder, the journey of calling Canada your new home is interesting. You too can try the most popular Canada immigration pathway, the Canada Express Entry to become a Canadian permanent resident.

Know your eligibility for Canada immigration. Use the Canada points calculator.
 About Canada

Canada is quipped as the “Great white north”. It’s the second-largest country in the world and shares its border with the US. Canada immigration helps many ambitious immigrants across the world to explore a country that credits its economic and social development to immigrants.

Canada has 2 official languages: English and French. Those who apply for a Canada PR visa via the province of Quebec are especially required to prove their proficiency in French. The reason is that Quebec is a Francophone province of Canada. The majority of immigrants who reach Canada are proficient in English, a fact proved by scores of tests like IELTS while applying for a Canadian visa through Canada Express Entry or another immigration pathway.

Be it Canada Express Entry or Canada PNP, the options available for Canada immigration are aplenty. Right from skilled migration to international students in Canada transitioning to Canada PR visa holders to those becoming permanent residents due to their family presence in Canada, there are varied ways in which you can immigrate to Canada.

Why settle in Canada?

Canada PR visa is recommended to anyone with the skill and ability to build their life and career in a pro-immigrant nation like Canada. Canada immigration is advised for aspiring immigrants for the following reasons among many others:

  • Canada is a multicultural nation in which nationals of countries all over the world. Canadian values are complemented by a variety of cultural choices of the immigrants who arrive in the country.
  • Canada features affordable graduate and post-graduate education that is considered the world’s best in rankings. The best part is that international students can opt to stay back in Canada after their advanced studies to work for up to 3 years and use the experience to apply for a Canada PR visa.
  • Canada has free universal healthcare. Due to this, any resident of Canada can visit any hospital or doctor free of charge. The healthcare services are world-class.
  • Canada has a stable currency and a world-class banking system. Canadians and Canada PR visa holders can get banking services easily. This is also applicable to loans and assistance from the government of Canada for business.
  • It’s easy to invest capital in Canada. There’s also ease of setting up a new business as well as buying land or property.
  • Canada scores really high on safety. There’s a very low crime rate and has some of the safest places in the world.
  • Canada is one of the least corrupt nations in the world.
  • Canada is immensely gifted by nature.
  • Canada immigration process is pretty simple and straightforward. It’s fast too. With an immigration pathway like Canada Express Entry, you can get a Canada PR visa in under 6 months of application if all is right.
Know your eligibility for Canada immigration. Use the Canada points calculator.
Prominent cities in Canada
  • Montreal: It’s the largest city in the Canadian province of Quebec. This imposing metropolis is an important business and urban sector.
  • Halifax: The capital of Nova Scotia, this city is the economic center of the Atlantic provinces.
  • Vancouver: This city has a quite high quality of life. It’s a famed tourist destination too.
  • Ottawa: This city is the capital city of Canada.
  • Toronto: It’s the most populous city in Canada.
Most In-demand occupations in Canada

“What are the most in-demand jobs in Canada?” is an often asked question, as there is an increasing growth in the number of individuals migrating to Canada each year.


Average Salary paid

Information Technology

100,000 CAD


89,000 CAD


92,000 CAD

Sales & Marketing

80,000 CAD

Health care

95804 CAD

Finance & Accounting

69,000 CAD

Let us look into the most in-demand occupations in Canada in 2022.

Health Care:

The demand for healthcare jobs is constantly high, as Canadians prioritize their health and wellbeing. They firmly believe that nursing homes can meet the needs of the healthcare system in Canada. Hence, it has become the most in-demand occupation in Canada.


The finance jobs have a great extent of professional development in Canada. It is high in demand as this sector provides many opportunities based on accounting, investment, and insurance.

According to the recently conducted survey, the number of employees working as Financial Officers in Canada has displayed higher satisfaction levels. This is not just measured based on salaries but also considers the progression made with experience under this job category.

Software Development:

Based on the Canadian Occupational Projection System (COPS) reports, Software development is the most in-demand job in Canada. As the country uses modernized technological developments, it is more lucrative for people with expertise in Software Developers and Software Engineers.


Canada ensures a promising career for individuals having experience in the Accounting Sector. With the rise in economy, Canada provides exceptional opportunities in the accounting industry. Individuals having good knowledge in accounting taxation, CVP analysis, etc., have a high demand in Canada. 

Human Resources:

There is a massive demand for HR professionals in Canada. Jobs like HR Consultant, Human Resources IT Specialist, HR Manager, Executive Recruiter, Human Resources Executive, Training and Development Manager are highly in demand.


Presently, engineering skills in Canada are most in-demand, and there is a broad scope for Engineering jobs in Canada. With a background in electrical engineering, aerospace engineering, or any other engineering, there are many job opportunities available in the country. 

Below are the details on the occupations in demand in Canada for 2022.


How to settle in Canada?

Here are the major Canada immigration pathways that you can use to settle in Canada:

Canada Express Entry

The Express Entry is an online immigration application management system. The applications are received from skilled workers. Express Entry manages applications to 3 immigration programs namely:

  • Canada Experience Class: Meant for those immigration candidates who have work experience in Canada
  • Federal Skilled Worker Program: Meant for skilled workers outside Canada who are eligible to immigrate to the country
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program: Meant for skilled workers qualified in a skilled trade

After skilled foreign workers submit their application, their profile is created in the Canada Express Entry system. It stays in the Express Entry pool ready to be taken up when a requirement emerges at the federal or provincial level for such a skilled worker. They are then allowed to apply for a Canada PR visa.

Provincial nomination

Canada Immigration candidates can be invited to move into the country’s provinces via PNP draws conducted by Canadian provinces. Every Canadian province has its own PNP.

PNP seeks skilled and suitable workers who can meet the labor market demands of the province it belongs to. PNP is meant for foreign workers with the following characteristics:

  • They are willing to live in a particular province
  • They possess the education, skills, and work experience that enables them to make their contribution to the province’s economy
  • They are willing to become Canada PR visa holders

Every Canadian province has a PNP that has streams that cater to specific types of immigration candidates including:

  • Skilled workers
  • Students
  • Semi-skilled workers
  • Business people

PNP draws are conducted by Canadian provinces to select and invite candidates picked from sources like the Express Entry pool. Canada Express Entry candidates are offered a nomination along with 600 extra CRS points.

Since provinces can’t directly grant permanent residence, they use nominations to enhance the chances of Express Entry candidates getting invited to apply for a Canada PR visa. This is because of the additional 600 points that can be put to good use during a forthcoming Express Entry draw.

Family sponsorship

If you are the relative of a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident, you can become a Canada PR visa holder. Your relative in Canada can sponsor you if that person is:

  • a Canadian citizen
  • a Canada permanent resident
  • a person registered in Canada as an Indian as defined by the Canadian Indian Act

Start-up visa

Canada welcomes immigrants who are interested in making investments in the country by starting a new business. This is where Canada Start-up visa becomes important.

Immigrant entrepreneurs can choose Canada immigration using the start-up visa. They can arrive in Canada and generate employment for Canadians at provincial and regional levels.

The immigration process for Canada

Here’s the process for immigrating to Canada via the Express Entry system, the fastest and most popular immigration pathway used to move to Canada.

First, you submit an application to Express Entry to create a profile in the system. After you create your profile in the system, you can participate in Express Entry draws. If you are found eligible and are invited to apply for a Canada PR visa, you can proceed to apply for the same online.

Your application has to be submitted within 60 days of receiving the invitation. Along with your application, you must upload copies of your documents for verification by authorities to grant you approval. Also, pay the prescribed fees. It will include biometrics fees.

Once you apply, it’s up to the Canada immigration authorities to decide on your application on the basis of the following factors:

  • How you meet the eligibility criteria prescribed for the immigration program
  • How you are eligible to be permitted into Canada, decided based on:
    • Police certificates
    • Medical certificates
    • Background checks

You can get updates on your status on your online account. If your application is approved, you must make sure that you have paid your permanent residence fee. In case of rejection, you can re-apply.

Express Entry in 2022

Total draws: 9

Total ITAs: 8086

Sl. No. Draw No. Invited Date of Draw Time of Draw CRS cut-off ITAs issued Tie-breaking rule applied
1 #213 PNP January 5, 2022 15:50:48 UTC CRS 808 392 March 04, 2021 at 16:57:50 UTC
2 #214 PNP January 19, 2022 14:39:22 UTC CRS 745 1,036 July 05, 2021 at 13:12:05 UTC
3 #215 PNP February 02, 2022 14:16:27 UTC CRS  674 1,070 February 18 2021 at 05:05:15 UTC
4 #216 PNP February 16, 2022 14:36:05 UTC CRS 710 1082 October 07, 2021 at 11:36:55 UTC
5 #217 PNP March 02, 2022 14:36:05 UTC CRS 761 1047 January 05, 2022 at 14:22:03 UTC
6 #218 PNP March 16, 2022 14:16:27 UTC CRS  754 924 February 10, 2022 at 14:35:27 UTC
7 #219 PNP March 30, 2022 20:23:16 UTC CRS 785 919 November 15, 2021 at 20:23:16 UTC
8 #220 PNP April 13, 2022 April 13, 2022 at  14:13:01 UTC CRS 782 787 April 07, 2022 at 16:31:21 UTC
9 #221 PNP April 27, 2022 April 27,2022 16:04:21 UTC CRS 772 829 March 24,2022 at 8:00:50 UTC


Know your eligibility for Canada immigration. Use the Canada points calculator.
How Y-Axis can help you

Y-Axis guides/counsels you for Canada immigration and visas including Canada work visa, Canada job seeker visa, and Canada PR visa.

What are the steps in the Canada Express Entry application process?

STEP 1: Check eligibility.

STEP 2: Appear for a language test – IELTS or CELPIP for English.

STEP 3: Secure an ECA Report “for immigration purposes”.

STEP 4: Submit your Canada Express Entry profile.

STEP 5: Receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA).

STEP 6: Get your Police Clearance Certificate (PCC).

STEP 7: Get a medical examination.

STEP 8: Submit your Canada PR visa application.

STEP 9: Attend the visa interview.

STEP 10: Receive a decision within 6 months.

How can you choose the right immigration program to migrate to Canada?

To choose the right immigration program, you must do your research to decide which one is right for you. More importantly, you must find out which one will ensure a greater chance of success in getting your Canada PR visa. You must understand the application process of each program to help you choose the right immigration program. It’s best to get professional consultation to this end.

What is the CRS score?

The CRS is a points matrix with 1,200 points max, used to score and assess the profile of immigrants and provide a ranking in the Canada Express Entry pool.

PNP nomination or a job offer in Canada are ways to improve your CRS score for an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for a Canada PR visa through Canada Express Entry.

How do I create an Express Entry profile?

Create an IRCC account, if not existing already, and submit your Express Entry profile.

What do I need to create my Express Entry profile for Canada immigration?

To create your Express Entry profile with IRCC, you will need

  • test results from an approved language test (such as the IELTS, CELPIP),
  • an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) report, and
  • your National Occupational Classification (NOC) number.
What is the CRS score?

The CRS is a points matrix of 1,200 points used to score and assess the profile of immigrants and provide a ranking in the Canada Express Entry pool.

PNP nomination or a job offer in Canada are ways to improve your CRS score for an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for a Canada PR visa through Canada Express Entry.

How do I create an Express Entry profile?

Create an IRCC account, if not existing already, and submit your Express Entry profile.

What do I need to create my Express Entry profile for Canada immigration?

To create your Express Entry profile with IRCC, you will need –

  • test results from an approved language test (such as the IELTS, CELPIP),
  • an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) report, and
  • your National Occupational Classification (NOC) number.
What is the process of applying for a PR Card?

An immigrant has to show a permanent resident card as proof for permanent residency in Canada. New permanent residents will receive their cards automatically through the mail. Canadian border officials will fill out the documents when the immigrants will arrive in Canada. Immigrants will receive their PR cards within three to four months. The steps for applying for a new PR card or renewing it are as follows.

Collecting document

If the card has to be renewed, an immigrant must include his old PR card and a valid passport, translated documents, and photos.

Application form filling

The candidate has to fill up the application for a permanent resident card along with a document checklist form.

Fee payment

The fee for a PR card is $50 CAD, and $85 CAD has to be paid for the biometrics fee.

Now send the application through the mail.

How much finances are required for Canada immigration?

If immigrants have to immigrate to Canada through express entry, they have to pay around $2,300 CAD the immigrant is applying alone. If the immigrant is applying with the partner, the fee is $4,500 CAD. Settlement funds are not included in the fee, and candidates have to show this to become eligible for immigration to Canada. The starting of settlement funds is $13,000 CAD, and this may vary and depend on the size of the family.

Is there any age limit to migrate to Canada?

There is no age limit to migrate to Canada. A Canadian Immigration program does not specify any age limit. In the case of economic immigration, applicants having the age between 25 and 35 years can get maximum points for immigration to Canada. Applicants older than this age range can also get selected on the basis of their work experience.

Is it easy to migrate to Canada?

There are 80 pathways that immigrants can use to immigrate to Canada. All types of applicants can apply through any of these programs for Canada immigration. Higher qualifications are needed for some of these programs. An immigrant can contact The applications of the immigrants will be sent to the government through the Canadian immigration lawyer. The lawyers will submit the application, and they will also inform the applicants about the requirements.

Is job offer mandatory for Canada immigration?

There is no need for any job offer to migrate to Canada. There are many permanent residents that do not have a job offer at the time of sending the application. There are some programs for which a job offer is mandatory.

What is Canada PR?

The Canada PR or Canada permanent resident is a citizen of another country. He gets permission to live in Canada to study or work. When immigrants get permanent resident status, they can reside and work in any part of Canada. Being a permanent resident is very beneficial in Canada as they can access the healthcare benefit social services, live and work anywhere, and also study anywhere. A permanent resident will also get the option of applying for Canadian citizenship.

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