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Eligibility criteria to immigrate Canada

While each program to migrate to Canada has different criteria, there are a few things in common.Canadian immigration officials will typically assess migration applications based on:

Educational Profile

Professional Profile

IELTS score, Check your Eligibility Instantly

French language skills if migrating to Quebec

References & legal documentation

Canadian employment documentation

Build a new life in Canada

Canada is globally recognized as a top choice for individuals seeking to migrate overseas. Renowned for its cosmopolitan nature, excellent quality of life, and stable economy, Canada stands out as one of the premier countries to reside in. With a strong demand for skilled migrants, Canada actively welcomes individuals possessing the necessary talents and expertise, contributing to the country's competitive advantage on the international stage.




Canada Immigration Program

Canada has 100+ immigration pathways. The most prominent pathways which applicants choose to apply are:

Express Entry Program

Provincial Nominee Program

Quebec Nominee Program


Work Opportunity

Canada has set great plans to welcome 1.5 million new immigrants by 2025 to fill the workforce gaps and to boom its economy. Currently, the Maple leaf country has 1.1 million job vacancies in the industrial sectors like: IT,Education,STEM,Healthcare etc.

Study Opportunity

Studying in Canada can significantly broaden your career prospects, offering numerous opportunities for personal and professional growth. In today's interconnected world, employers place high value on graduates with international education and experience.


Invest Opportunity

Canada extends an Investment or Business Visa program aimed at attracting skilled immigrants with a successful entrepreneurial background and a keen interest in establishing or investing in businesses abroad.


Canada Immigration on a PR Visa

  • Canada to welcome 1.5 Million PR by 2025
  • Over 1 million job vacancies
  • Favorable Immigration Policies
  • Free education for children
  • Best Healthcare Facilities

Canada Immigration from Australia

Canada is known for being the most welcoming country for immigrants worldwide. In 2022, Canada welcomed 437,180 new immigrants and is planning to get a total of 1.5 million immigrants by 2025.

Canadian immigration has many pathways that enable immigrants to get permanent residency in this beautiful country. From reaching Canada on a Canada work visa or a Canada student visa to becoming a Canada PR visa holder, the journey of calling Canada your new home is fascinating. You, too, can try the most popular immigration pathways to Canada, the Canada Express Entry or the Canada Provincial Nominee Program to become a Canadian permanent resident.

Immigrate to Canada - Express Entry

Canada Express Entry is an online immigration application management system that receives applications from skilled workers. Under Express Entry, three sub-programs are mentioned below:

  • Canada Experience Class: These are for those candidates with Canadian work experience.
  • Federal Skilled Worker Program: The program is for skilled workers from outside Canada and is eligible to immigrate to the country.
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program: This program is for skilled workers qualified in a skilled trade.

After the candidates submit their applications, a profile is created in the Canada Express Entry system and sent into the Express Entry pool. Then the candidates from the Express Entry pool will be invited as and when a requirement comes up at the federal or provincial level. After this, the immigration candidates can apply for a Canada PR visa


Latest Canada Draws in 2024

63315 Invitations Issued  From Jan 2024 to date in the year  
Express Entry/province Draw January February  March  April  Total 
Express Entry 3,280 16,110 7305 5,780 32,475
Alberta 130 157 75 48 410
British Columbia  974 812 634 170 2,590
Manitoba 698 282 104 363 1,447
Ontario 8,122 6,638 11,092   25,852
Prince Edward Island  134 223 83 66 506
Saskatchewan  0 0 35   35
Total  13,338 24,222 19,328 6,427 63,315


Express Entry Draws in 2023

Draw no.  Date  Immigration program  Invitations issued  CRS score of the lowest-ranked candidate invited 
271 October 26, 2023 Healthcare occupations (2023-1) 3,600 431
270 October 25, 2023 French language proficiency (2023-1) 300 486
269 October 24, 2023 Provincial Nominee Program 1,548 776
268 October 10, 2023 All Program draw 3,725 500
267 September 28, 2023 Agriculture and agri-food occupations (2023-1) 600 354
266 September 27, 2023 French language proficiency (2023-1) 500 472
265 September 26, 2023 All Program draw 3,000 504
264 September 20, 2023 Transport occupations (2023-1) 1,000 435
263 September 19, 2023 All Program draw 3,200 531
262 August 15, 2023 All Program draw 4,300 496
261 August 3, 2023 Trade occupations (2023-1) 1,500 388
260 August 2, 2023 French language proficiency (2023-1) 800 435
259 August 01, 2023 All Program draw 2,000 517
258 July 12, 2023 French language proficiency (2023-1) 3,800 375
257 July 11, 2023 All Program draw 800 505
256 July 7, 2023 French language proficiency (2023-1) 2,300 439
255 July 6, 2023 Healthcare occupations (2023-1) 1,500 463
254 July 5, 2023 STEM occupations (2023-1) 500 486
253 July 4, 2023 All Program draw 700 511
252 June 28, 2023 Healthcare occupations (2023-1) 500 476
251 June 27, 2023 All Program draw 4,300 486
250 June 8, 2023 All Program draw 4,800 486
249 May 24, 2023 All Program draw 4,800 488
248 May 10, 2023 Provincial Nominee Program 589 691
247 April 26, 2023 All Program draw 3,500 483
246 April 12, 2023 All Program draw 3,500 486
245 March 29, 2023 All Program draw 7,000 481
244 March 23, 2023 All Program draw 7,000 484
243 March 15, 2023 All Program draw 7,000 490
242 March 1, 2023 Provincial Nominee Program 667 748
241 February 15, 2023 Provincial Nominee Program 699 791
240 February 2, 2023 Federal Skilled Worker 3,300 489
239 February 1, 2023 Provincial Nominee Program 893 733
238 January 18, 2023 All Program draw 5,500 490
237 January 11, 2023 All Program draw 5,500 507

Immigrate to Canada via PNP

Canadian provinces hold Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) draws to take up skilled workers for their provinces. These draws are held only when a vacancy arises in that particular Canadian province. Each Canadian province has its own PNP, which are listed below:

The PNP draws are conducted to choose candidates from various sources like the Express Entry pool. The candidates that receive a PNP nomination score an additional 600 CRS points in the Express Entry system. 

Month Province No. of draws No. of candidates
October Alberta 3 196
BC 4 713
Manitoba 1 542
PEI 2 124
Saskatchewan 1 99
Quebec 1 1220
September Alberta 3 476
BC 4 849
Manitoba 3 2250
Ontario 7 2677
PEI 2 157
Quebec 2 2451
Saskatchewan 1 23
August Alberta 4 815
BC 4 937
Manitoba 3 1526
Ontario 6 9906
PEI 3 222
Quebec 1 1306
Saskatchewan 1 642
July Alberta 3 304
BC 4 746
Manitoba 3 1744
Ontario 4 1904
PEI 1 106
Quebec 1 1633
Saskatchewan 1 35
June Alberta 5 479
BC 4 717
Manitoba 3 1716
Ontario 3 3177
PEI 3 309
Quebec 1 1006
Saskatchewan 1 500
May BC 5 854
Manitoba 2 1065
Ontario 5 6890
Quebec 1 802
Saskatchewan 2 2076
PEI 2 280
April Alberta 4 405
BC 4 678
Manitoba 3 1631
Ontario 5 1184
Quebec 1 1020
Saskatchewan 1 1067
PEI 1 189
March Alberta 1 134
BC 4 968
Manitoba 2 1163
New Brunswick 1 144
Ontario 6 3,906
PEI 3 303
Quebec 2 1636
Saskatchewan 2 550
February Ontario 4 3,183
Manitoba 2 891
Saskatchewan 1 421
British Columbia 4 909
PEI 1 228
Alberta 1 100
January Ontario 6 3,591
Manitoba 2 658
Saskatchewan 1 50
British Columbia 5 1,122
PEI 2 223
Total 179 79,828

Immigrate to Canada – QSWP

Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) lets you immigrate to Quebec permanently for work. The program is commonly referred to as the Regular Skilled Worker Program (RSWP).

Firstly, an applicant must demonstrate their interest in immigrating to Canada. The applicants with the best training and professional skills that match their province's job integration are then issued an invitation to apply.

Below are some of the facts about QSWP:

  • Quebec invitations are executed through the Arrima Portal. Therefore, Quebec provincial draws are also known as Arrima draw.
  • Skilled workers can apply through QSWP for the Certificat de sélection du Québec (CSQ) or Quebec Selection Certificate. Although a job offer is not mandatory for an applicant, those with one are given high priority.
  • The draws are based on a points-based system.
  • The province of Quebec is not a part of the Canadian Express Entry system or PNP.

*You can check your eligibility for Quebec through Quebec Immigration Points Calculator

Eligibility for Canada immigration

  • 67 points in Canada points grid
  • Educational Credential Assessment
  • IELTS / PTE / CELPIP score
  • Minimum work experience
  • Proficiency in French language if you are planning to immigrate to Quebec
  • Job offer in Canada (not mandatory) from a Canadian employer

Requirements to Immigrate to Canada

  • Age: Candidates must be aged 18 years and above.
  • Educational Qualifications: Candidates must possess a certain level of relevant educational qualifications in order to apply for Canada PR.
  • Language Proficiency: Applicants must have an English proficiency of IELTS (6+) or CLB (4+).
  • Work Experience: A minimum of one year of relevant work experience is required to apply for Canada PR. The years of experience vary on the applicant's skills and whether the applicant has a Canadian educational degree or work experience.
  • Canadian Job Offer: Applicants need a job offer from a Canadian employer to get considered for the PR.

After you submit your application, the Canadian immigration authorities make a decision based on the above factors and additional factors like Police verification certificates, Medical certificates, and Background checks.

Canada Immigration Points

There are many factors that affect your immigration points. You must score 67 points through the Canada CRS Calculator.

Factors that affect

Score points


Maximum 12 points


Maximum 25 points

Language Proficiency

Maximum 28 points (English and/or French)

Work Experience

Maximum 15 points


Maximum of 10 points

Arranged employment

Additional 10 points (not mandatory).

List of Canada Visas

There are many ways through which you can settle in Canada. Canada has many programs or pathways to welcome immigrants to the country that are based on their education, work experience, English proficiency, etc. The candidates are then allotted Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) scores based on these criteria. The minimum CRS score varies from time to time based on the number of employment requirements in the country.

The pathways are Canada Express Entry, Provincial Nominee Program, Family Sponsorship, and Start-up visa. Each of these pathways has been explained one by one for a better understanding:

Types of Canada Visas for Immigration:

Projected Canada Immigration numbers for 2023-2025

People like to immigrate to Canada because it has millions of job opportunities, easy citizenship policies, good quality of life, hundreds of immigration pathways, and many more. Also, the country plans to welcome 1.5 million newcomers by 2025 and invest $1.6 billion in their settlement. The below table shows the projected immigration to Canada numbers:

Immigration Class
























Jobs in Canada

Currently, there are more than a million job vacancies in Canada. And, the below table shows the most in-demand jobs in the country with their respective average salaries:


Average Salary in CAD

Sales Representative

$52,000 to $64,000


$63,000 to $75,000

Engineering Project Manager

$74,000 to $92,000

Business Analyst

$73,000 to $87,000

IT Project Manager

$92,000 to $114,000

Account Manager

$75,000 to $92,000

Software Engineer

$83,000 to $99,000

Human Resources

$59,000 to $71,000

Customer Service Representative

$37,000 to $43,000

Administrative Assistant

$37,000 to $46,000

Y-Axis job search services

The below table show the processing time for all the Canada visas:

Type of Canada Visa

Processing time of Canada Visa

Express Entry

Most of the Express Entry applications, on average, get processed under 6 – 27 months from the day the IRCC receives the application.

FSWP via Express Entry Processing time is up to 27 months

FSTP via Express Entry Processing time is up to 49 months

CEC via Express Entry Processing time is up to 19 months

PNPs via Express Entry (online) Processing time is up to 14 months

Canada PR Visa

An applicant will receive a Permanent Resident visa in at least 107 days

Canada PR Visa Renewal

The Canada PR visa renewal sometimes might take several months. The general processing time for PR card renewal is around 90 days.

Canada Work Visa

Canadian work visa processing has the widest range. It takes at least 14 weeks to process the work visa or work permit.

Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)

Depending on the LMIA the applicant chooses, the processing time for LMIA takes 8 – 29 business days to process the application

Study visa

The Canadian study visa or permit gets processed in around 12 weeks

Canadian Citizenship

To obtain Canadian Citizenship, it takes at least 24 months.

Canada Visitor visa

Canada visitor visa will get processed in a minimum of 164 days

Canada Spousal sponsorship (Dependent visa)

The average time Canada Spousal sponsorship processing takes up to 20 months

Super Visa

Most of all Super visa applicants in just a few weeks, but usually, it takes around 31 months

Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP)

Canadian PGWP applies after completing studies; the processing time usually takes 2 – 6 months.

Start-Up Visa

The processing time usually takes 31 months.


Steps to Apply for Canada Immigration

  • Step 1: Get your ECA.  
  • Step 2: Complete your language ability test scores 
  • Step 3: Express Entry profile creation  
  • Step 4: Evaluate your CRS score
  • Step 5: Apply for the PNP program
  • Step 6: Receive Invitation to Apply (ITA)
  • Step 7: Apply for a Canada Visa
  • Step 8: Fly to Canada 

Y-Axis – Leading Canada Immigration Consultant in Australia

Y-Axis is a top-notch overseas immigration consultancy that offers unbiased immigration services tailored to each client's interests and needs. Our exceptional services include the following:

  • Avail expert guidance and counseling to immigrate to Canada
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Canada Immigration News 

October 17, 2023

IRCC set to issue 24,200 ITAs via PGP 2023 Lottery 

Canada’s  IRCC will issue 24,200 ITAs  to potential sponsors through the Parents and Grandparents Program (PGP). The invites will be issued from October 10 and October 23, 2023. The 2023 PGP lottery is aiming to receive a minimum of 15,000 applications for the program. 

October 16, 2023

Canada grants 128,574 Work Permits across 3 categories in 2023

Canada grants 128,574 Work Permits through the IEC program across 3 categories. For 30 eligible countries.125,000 people have been invited so far, around 14,241 spots are still available among all three categories. 

October 10, 2023

#268 Express Entry draw invites 3725 candidates to apply for Canada PR

IRCC conducted #268 Express Entry draw and invited 3725 eligible candidates. The CRS score required to acquire an Invitation to Apply (ITAs) was set at 500.

October 09, 2023

New Brunswick International Virtual Recruitment Drive 2023

New Brunswick is hiring international skilled workers in various sectors. The Virtual recruitment drive will be held from October to the month of December 2023 for various sectors. The table given below has complete details of the NB Virtual Drives that are yet to be conducted in October to December 2023.

2023 NB Virtual Recruitment Various Sectors Online
Oct-23 International Recruitment Mission (Trades) Mexico City
October 15-17, 2023
Oct-23 Live and Work in New Brunswick Mexico City
October 18, 2023
(French presentation)
Oct-23 International Recruitment Event (Trucking/Logging) Sao Paulo
October 26-27-28-29-30
Oct-23 Live and Work in New Brunswick Sao Paulo
October 26-27-28-29-30
November/December 2023 Destination Canada Mobility Forum – Canada.ca  
Paris (France) November 18 and 19, 2023 – In person Paris, France
Rabat (Morocco) November 22,23 and 24, 2023 – In person Rabat, Morrocco
Online from December 4 to 6, 2023 Online
November 26 and 27, 2023 Healthcare Recruitment Mission Brussels
Nov-23 Physician and Allied Health Recruitment Event UK and Ireland

October 09, 2023

Alberta, BC, Manitoba, and PEI’s PNP Draws issued 786 invitations in 1st week of October 2023

Four Canadian provinces, Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba and Prince Edward Island conducted PNP draws in the first week of October 2023. 786 invitations were  issued via the PNP draws with a cut-of score of 60-620.

October 01, 2023

‘NO’ requirement of medical examination for Express Entry from October 01, 2023

As of from October 01, 2023 there is no longer required the medical examination at the time of application for Express Entry. Clients are been requested to wait till the issuance of particulars regarding this update.


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