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Why Visit the UK?

  • Enjoy exiting music festivals
  • Delicious dining experience
  • Explore terrific scenery
  • Discover greatest gardens
  • Experience British tea culture

Visit the UK Using the Switzerland Visitor Visa

If you are interested in visiting the UK and exploring the attractions and culture of the country, you must apply for a UK visitor visa or UK tourist visa. Learn the visa options, procedure, and process of obtaining a UK visitor visa.

Applying for a Standard UK Visitor Visa

For a Standard Visitor visa, you have to apply online before you travel to the UK and be present at an appointment scheduled at a VAC (visa application center).

You can apply for a UK visitor visa as early as 3 months before you travel to the UK. It’s required that you meet the eligibility criteria and indulge only in lawful activities.

Based on which nationality you belong to you may not require a UK visitor visa to travel to the UK. It’s up to you to check whether your nationality has the privilege to get the requirement of a visa waived.

Fees to pay for a UK visitor visa

  Fees Max length of stay (in months)
Standard Visitor visa £100 6
Standard Visitor visa for medical reasons £200 11
Standard Visitor visa for academics £200 12
Long-term Standard Visitor visa (2 years) £376 6 (per visit)
Long-term Standard Visitor visa (5 years) £670 6 (per visit)
Long-term Standard Visitor visa (10 years) £837 6 (per visit)

Applying for the visa online

Once you have kicked off your application process, you have the option to save your online visa application form and complete it later.

In case your application includes family members, each individual in the application must submit their own application and pay the visa fee. Also, they are required to attend their own visa appointment at a VAC.

It’s possible for you to apply on behalf of your partner and child, in case they can’t file an application for themselves.

Long-term Standard UK Visitor visas

For those of you who are going to visit the UK regularly, a long-term UK visitor visa is suitable. The validity of this visa lasts for 2, 5, or 10 years. On each visit to the UK, you can stay in the country for not more than 6 months.

If you are under 18 years when you file an application, your long-term Standard UK Visitor visa will have a maximum validity of 6 months after you turn 18. Also, a refund on the fee won’t be made.

UKVI may issue a UK visitor visa that has shorter validity in case it isn’t convinced that you can meet the eligibility criteria for the duration of the visa you filed and an application for.

Even for a shorter visa, you won’t get a refund of the application fee in case you get a visa with shorter validity or your application meets refusal.

Another reason for the cancellation of your visa application is when your travel history shows you will be living in the UK repeatedly for long periods.

Information and Documents Required for UK Tourist Visa Application

It’s required that you have a valid passport/travel document for the entire time you are staying in the UK. You must have a blank page in your passport for your Standard UK Visitor visa.

In your online application, you must give the following information provided:

  • the dates you are planning to travel to the UK
  • the locations in the UK where you will stay while you visit the UK
  • an estimate of the cost of your trip
  • names of your parents and their dates of birth (if you know them)
  • your current home address and how long you have lived there
  • your annual earnings (in case you have an income)
  • details of any immigration, civil, and criminal offenses that you may have committed

If your circumstances demand, you might also need to submit the following:

  • details of your travel history for the past 10 years
  • names of your partner, their passport number, and date of birth
  • address and telephone number of your employer
  • the name, passport number, and address of any family member you have in the UK
  • the name and address of any individual who’s paying for your trip to the UK
  • a certificate that proves that you have had a TB (tuberculosis) test in case you are visiting the UK for more than 6 months

Proving your identity and submitting your documents

When you go ahead with your online application, it’s required that you book an appointment at a VAC. Make time to attend your appointment. This is because it’s very much possible that the VAC could be in another country.

When you attend your appointment, you have to:

  • have your photograph and fingerprints (‘biometric information’) taken
  • prove your identity with your passport/travel document
  • provide the necessary documents that show you have the eligibility for a Standard UK Visitor visa

Time Taken for a Decision on a Visa Application

After you have applied online, given proof of your identity, and submitted your documents, it usually takes 3 to 6 weeks to get a decision on your visa application.

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