To migrate abroad is the choice millions all over the world take to find better opportunities for life, work, studies, and business. Migration and immigration are the pathways to a better life, building a flourishing career, and finding new greener pastures for an enterprise.


So, why should you migrate abroad after all? Well, the answers are many but all indicate a cherished desire to move to a place that serves justice to one’s talents and gives financial prosperity and stability. Take Canada for instance. Canada depends on immigrants to build and develop its economy and immigrants have lots of opportunities and support from the government to realize their potential and be rewarded in every way possible.

So is the case with the USA, the UK, Australia, Singapore, UAE, and many more countries that are all excellent in their capability to provide global migrants their “dream come true” opportunity of their lives.

It’s up to you to explore the right opportunity in the right country for you to serve your interests best and utilize your skills to get high rewards.


Canada  Canada is the most welcoming country for immigrants. There are so many migration pathways to choose from that serve many purposes. For instance, you can migrate to work in Canada and then change your status to that of a permanent resident. There are opportunities for you to study in Canada and stay on to find a job in the country. After a few years of staying on a Canada work visa, you can become a permanent resident.

Australia With a stable economy and umpteen opportunities for educated and skilled workers, especially in the tech sector, Australia is among the most chosen countries for migration. The country features a high-quality healthcare system and education system. The country is a haven for English-speaking people across the world as they have no concern over language barriers. Movie in with family and find the highest quality of life you could wish for.

The USA The USA is a country reputed for a high quality of life. It has a culture of rewarding skilled and qualified immigrants with unmatched career opportunities. Visas like the H1B visa are highly popular among migrants routing to the US for employment. The country is also most reputed for its educational sector with an array of the world’s top universities you can join to do your choice of graduation/post-graduation.

Germany Germany is the strongest economy in Europe. Besides, the country is pretty low on unemployment. It’s best for professionals skilled in IT, healthcare, and engineering to work in Germany. The education scene is world-class with education in public universities being free. The country doesn’t deter English-speaking people across the world from moving in. This is because Germany has educational institutions and companies that welcome those who don’t know German. You can learn German after you reach there.

UAE The UAE has emerged as a top immigration destination lately with more opportunities for skilled professionals in terms of pathways to migrate to Dubai. The country seeks to develop its capabilities in technology and other industrial sectors such as engineering, tourism, and healthcare.


To migrate to any country there are a few paths commonly taken. They are:

Migration through work: Move to a foreign country with a work visa and find the opportunities to transition into a permanent resident if you are so inclined.

Migrate through study: Students from all over the world are looking for the best global destinations that give them value for money and international exposure. Many developed countries give students the opportunity to work while studying and find jobs even after completing their studies.

Permanent Residence: Countries like Canada can offer you a Canada PR visa if you qualify. Australia has many visa options that help you to stay and work indefinitely in the country. Extensible residence/work visas are also available in countries like UAE.

Migrate through investment/entrepreneurship: Many developed and progressive countries invite potential investors and entrepreneurs who can use options like Golden visa for entrepreneurs to stay on and run a business as a continuous resident of the country.


So, if you are ready to migrate, you will definitely want to make your first attempt a success. The professional guidance and assistance that only a globally reputed immigration consultant like Y-Axis can provide will be necessary at this juncture.

What does Y-Axis do for you?

You will need to find out how eligible you are for migration with various factors involved. We help you make a preliminary evaluation of your chances to migrate to different destinations in the world.
We are so experienced in immigration consultancy that we can give you accurate, factual, and reasonable advice with regards to migration.
When it comes to preparing an impactful application for migration, you will need the right guidance. Trust our experience and expertise to help you do this effectively.
You will need a trusted partner to update you on the application process status and alert you to submit all required information. Such follow-up and assistance are offered by us.
What if you need certification for English language skills to make you eligible to migrate? No worries, as we deliver coaching services in English language tests like IELTS.
If you need tips to get through your visa interview at an embassy, we are here to help. We will ensure that you learn to face the interview successfully, clearing the path to migration.

Here you can create the content that will be used within the module.

Who is eligible to migrate?

In general, most countries accept applicants who have a minimum work experience of 3 years in their respective fields. Besides that, if you have a bachelor’s degree or higher certification you can gain an edge. If you demonstrate English language fluency by a variety of globally recognized tests, it adds to your eligibility.

Also, if you have blood relations living in the nation you are migrating to or have a job offer from an employer in that country, you will be prioritized in certain countries. E.g. Canada.

What are the documents required to apply for migration?

These are the commonly required documents (requirements can vary with country)

● Confirmation of identity

● Certificates of qualifications

● Proof of experience

● Proof of income

● Test scores of English language tests

● Police clearance certificates

● Results of medical examinations

How much should I spend to migrate to another country?

The cost of migration varies with country and the type of visa you seek. Additional expenses like migration agent fees, notary fees, courier fees, English language exam fees, nomination fees, and other government fees, could be payable.

How long does it take to migrate?

If it’s a country like Australia or Canada migration process can take 8-12 months or longer. Every country has its own time frame for the migration process. The length of the process is largely determined by how well you plan your migration and are willing to work proactively to create favorable conditions for migration. E.g., how well-prepared you are with your documents and how strong your factors like education, age, and work experience are, making your chances at migration better.

The time taken for migration varies by individual and the type of visa applied for.

Is a visa interview necessary for every applicant?

A visa interview is required in case more information is required by visa authorities to determine your eligibility and genuineness. It may be required depending on the visa type chosen, the country selected for migration, and individual requirements.

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