Australia Skilled Immigration Visa

Australia offers skill-based streams of its migration program for skilled foreign nationals looking to work in Australia. There are many jobs unfilled in the country where Australian citizens with the required skills aren’t available to take up the job.

It’s here that skilled migration becomes significant. They are attracted to work in Australia through skilled migration programs and offering participation in Skilled immigration streams.

The Skilled Stream

The Skilled Stream of Australia’s migration program is designed to attract skilled migrants to work in Australia. These are candidates who are capable of contributing to the economy of Australia in a significant manner.

The Global Talent Programs

Australia is doing all it can to bring on board the most talented and skilled international candidates. The aim is to build a stronger and more prosperous economy with their contribution.

Australia even has a Global Business and Talent Attraction Force that works with 2 motives:

  • To attract business considered high-value
  • To attract exceptionally talented and skilled individuals

When these motives are met, Australia will have the right resources and manpower that will drive the economy to more prosperity.

Australia has dedicated programs to achieve its goal.

Global Talent Visa Program

Also known as the Global Talent Independent program the Global Talent Visa Program is a visa pathway. It’s streamlined for skilled professionals to live and work in Australia with Australia PR.

Through the program, Australia is targeting the best and the brightest of the global talent to be employed in its 10 sectors focused on the future. The focus is on the tech and innovation economies of the country.

Even Australians will have the opportunities to scale up to the labor market requirements in Australia under this program. This will happen through the transfer of skills, promotion of innovation, and creation of jobs.

In 2020-21, there are 15,000 job vacancies available under this program. So, the opportunity for professionals to arrive in Australia is there to be utilized.


Candidates granted a visa under this program will be highly skilled in one of the following 10 sectors:

  • Resources
  • Health Industries
  • DigiTech
  • Education
  • Agri-food and AgTech
  • Defense, Advanced Manufacturing and Space
  • Infrastructure and Tourism
  • Energy
  • Circular Economy
  • Financial Services and FinTech

To be eligible to apply under this program, the candidates must:

  • prove that their recognition is at the international level with evidence that shows achievements that are outstanding
  • give evidence to back their claim of being an asset to Australia, in their expertise area
  • have a recognized organization or person in Australia in the same field of expertise as the candidate, nominate them as global talent
  • currently, be prominent in their expertise area
  • have no difficulty getting employed in Australia or establishing themselves in their field in Australia

Candidates need to meet a high standard. They must also show an exceptional track record of achievements in their profession. This may include patents, senior roles, international publications, professional awards, and memberships.

Even Ph.D. graduates can now find job opportunities in Australia. Candidates are also expected to possess the ability to attract a salary at or above AUD153,600. This is the threshold for Fair Work High Income, which is adjusted annually every July 1st.

Global Talent Employer Sponsored Program

The GTES Program permits Australian employers to give sponsorship to workers of foreign nationalities. These workers will be recruited in positions for highly skilled professionals which can’t be filled:

  • By Australian workers
  • Via any other standard visa programs

The employers are obliged to demonstrate to the Department that they are unable to fill the said positions via currently active skilled visa programs. This is mandatory before they enter into an agreement with the Department.

After the Department approves the request of the employers, they can sponsor workers for a Temporary Skill Shortage visa under this program.

The GTES program is designed to attract highly-skilled, globally mobile, and specialized workers from abroad to work in Australia, who in turn benefits the Australian local population. This happens when they act as job multipliers, who help to hire more local people as staff and fill areas identified as critical.

Any job position manned via an agreement under GTES has to provide job opportunities for Australians. This could be done by:

  • Creation of new jobs for Australians
  • Transferring knowledge and skills to Australian workers

GTES – The Key Features

  • Trusted employers will have access to highly skilled roles (There’s no restriction to job lists for the medium-term or short-term streams for the TSS visa.
  • Variations on the requirements of standard TSS visas can be negotiated.
  • Priority processing will be there for GTES agreements.
  • There are 2 streams currently active namely Startups and Established Business.
  • The visa must be valid for not more than 4 years and permits access to a PR pathway.
  • The threshold of earning for applicants is higher than what is available under the standard TSS stream.
  • Requirements of age for the Australia PR pathway can be negotiated.

The streams in GTES are the Established Business stream and Startup stream.

Supporting Innovation in South Australia

A new arrangement made to attract overseas entrepreneurs, the SISA intends to take innovative ideas forward and launch start-ups in the seed stage.

South Australia is where SISA was piloted. Its success will lead to its rollout on a national level.

How is SISA implemented?

SISA event is the program organized to implement SISA. It’s conducted from November 2018 to November 2021.

In the event, local and overseas entrepreneurs will get a platform to share their experiences. They can also share their talents and skills, learn from each

other, and exchange ideas besides collaborating and networking. All this buzzing activity will lead to the growth of innovation systems in Australia.

How to participate in SISA?

Overseas entrepreneurs who are eligible can file an application for a Subclass 408 (Temporary Activity) visa to take part in SISA. With the visa, the person can stay in Australia for the duration of the SISA event.

Besides the standard requirements for a Subclass 408 visa, to qualify, applicants also need to:

  • Get endorsement from the Government of South Australia to take part in SISA
  • Be not more than 45 years of age when applying for participation
  • Include a supporting business plan when filing an application for the visa
  • Demonstrate language skills in English at a minimum of Vocational level
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