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Utilize the points calculator for skilled migration to Germany.

Are you willing to make possibly the best decision of your life by undertaking skilled migration to Germany? Then you must explore your options for Germany migration as a skilled foreign worker. We are here to help you assess your chances to move to Germany using the points calculator.

Germany is one of those countries that assign points to immigration candidates to determine how eligible they are to migrate to the country. The points calculator can guide you in this aspect by helping you find your eligibility by yourself.

Here, we will discuss the basic points criteria that govern the assignment of points in the points calculator so that you have a clear understanding of how a certain score is reached at.

The basics of scoring in Germany Points Calculator

So, to make the best use of the points grading system of skilled migration in Germany, you have to understand the underlying points allotment system of the points calculator.

Here are the points distribution for different factors in the points calculator for Germany migration.

As per eligibility criteria, a minimum total score of 100 points is required. Meeting the following eligibility criteria will help you earn points in the following manner:



Compulsory knowledge of the German language (minimum level required: A2)


Well-integrated relatives in Baden-Württemberg (up to a second degree)


Previous stay in Germany


Previous stay in the EU


Advanced stage of the knowledge of the French or English language



In the points calculator, you could score 100 points with any combination of factors. But the German language proficiency level of A2 is compulsory. Also, your qualifications and skills must be recognized in Germany.

Once you meet the criteria and score at least 100 points you will become part of the application pool. The employers of the region will have access to this pool of applications. You will be permitted to enter Germany. You will get a work permit after you get a job offer.


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