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Why Australia Dependent Visa?

  • Become Eligible To Apply For Australian Citizenship
  • Become Eligible For Social Security Payments
  • Travel From And To Australia For Five Years
  • Live Study And Work Permanently In Australia
  • Sponsor Your Relatives

Almost every type of visa holder, from work visa holders to student visa holders, is eligible for an Australia dependent visa. On the dependent visa, they can bring their dependents, such as partners and children.

Subclass 309 Visa (Partner Provisional Visa)

This visa allows an Australian citizen’s spouse or de facto partner, an Australian permanent resident, or a qualifying New Zealand citizen to stay in Australia for a limited time. Obtaining this visa is the first step toward obtaining a permanent Australia Partner Visa (subclass 100).

The applicant and his or her spouse or de facto partner must be in a real relationship.

This is a temporary visa and the applicant must be outside Australia when he is applying for this visa.

The Subclass 309 visa holder can:

  • Work in Australia
  • Study in Australia
  • Travel to and from Australia as many times as needed
  • Attend up to 510 hours of free English language classes provided by the Adult Migrant English Program
  • Make use of Australia’s public health care scheme, Medicare
  • Family members including dependent children can be included in the application and their visas will be approved provided they meet health and character requirements.

Duration of stay: Family members, including dependent children, may be included in the application; however, the stay will be temporary until the permanent Partner (Migrant) visa (subclass 100) application is decided, or if the application is withdrawn. The length of stay is between 15 to 24 months.

Subclass 100 visa

Those who have a Subclass 309 visa are eligible for this visa. This visa allows holders to stay in the country indefinitely and apply for citizenship afterwards. In order to do so, the visa holder must have a real and ongoing relationship with their partner in Australia.

Australia Dependent Visa for Children

In Australia, there are several types of child visas available to help immigrants bring their biological child, adopted child, or stepchild to the nation. The parent is either a permanent resident or possesses a PR visa.

A child born in Australia immediately obtains Australian citizenship if one of the parents is an Australian citizen or possesses an Australian PR. The Dependent Child Visa in Australia consists of four subclasses, they are:

  • Child Visa 101
  • Child Visa 102
  • Child Visa 802
  • Child Visa 445

Eligibility requirements for Child Visa

  • The applicant must be either an Australian citizen, hold a permanent resident visa for Australia or be a citizen of New Zealand

Benefits of the Australia Child Visa

The child has unrestricted access to Australia.

The child has the right to study in the country and complete his education.

The child is eligible for citizenship in Australia.

For work visa dependents

If you are coming to Australia on a work visa, your dependent family members are permitted to accompany you on dependent visas.

If you are visiting Australia on a temporary employment visa, only your spouse or de facto partner, as well as any unmarried children under the age of 18, are eligible for dependent family visas.

If you are in Australia on a migrant worker or business visa, you can bring any dependent family members. These include:

  • Spouse or de facto partner
  • Any children under the age of 25
  • Aged dependent relatives such as parents or grandparents.

Australia Parent Visa

There are 3 categories of Parent Visas:

Parent Category:

To apply under this category, you must be sponsored by your child.

Visa holders under this category can:

  • Shift to or stay in Australia as a PR visa holder
  • Help eligible family members to come to Australia by sponsoring them
  • Apply for citizenship
  • Access subsidized healthcare schemes in the country through Medicare
  • Receive certain social security payments

Contributory Parent Category

This was implemented in 2003 to make the parent migration program more accessible. For this visa, applicants will have to pay a higher visa application fee. Applicants for this visa must submit an Assurance of Support as well as a bond for the Assurance of Support (held for 10 years).

Visa holders under this category can:

  • Stay for an indefinite period in the country
  • Study and work in Australia
  • Become a member in Australia’s public health care scheme
  • Sponsor their relatives to come to Australia
  • Can apply for citizenship
  • Travel to and from Australia for five years, from the date the visa is granted

Sponsored Parent Category:

The Sponsored Parent (Temporary) Visa (Subclass 870) was introduced early last year to enable parents to live temporarily in Australia.

Visa holders under this category can:

  • Live temporarily in Australia for either 3 or 5 years
  • Can apply for further visas to enable a maximum stay of 10 years
  • Not work in the country
Eligibility criteria for Parent Visas
  • Applicant must have a child who is an Australian citizen, an Australian permanent resident, or an eligible New Zealand citizen
  • Applicant must have a child who has been living in Australia lawfully for at least 2 years before submitting the visa application
  • Applicant must have a sponsor
  • Applicant must meet the Balance of family test criteria

Applicant must meet health and character requirements

How Y-Axis can help you?
  • Assistance while applying visa
  • Updates and follow ups
  • Guidance on checklist of requirements
  • Provides assistance and expert guidance
  • Interview preparation, if necessary
Dependant Visas for Australia:
Subclass 143 Subclass 864 Subclass 461
Subclass 884 Subclass 300 Subclass 173
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