When you move to study a foreign destination, it changes your life like nothing else. It excites you as well as makes you anxious until you get used to the people, the culture, the climate, and several other things. You leave behind your parents, family, friends, and familiar environment to set up a new home and start life anew in an unfamiliar place.   

Expenses for living vary from one country to another, and so do job prospects after you have completed your course. Therefore, choosing a course and a country that will suit your career is not an easy process. In a nutshell, it is a tedious process of choosing the right course in the right country. 

Even with one country, the entire atmosphere would be too different from one university to another, one province or state to another. For instance, if you live in a city like Paris or London, the surroundings would be very different from universities that lie in semi-urban locales where these cities exist. That is why you would have to choose a course in a college that would align with your career prospects. It is where Y-Axis plays a crucial role. It helps you identify, as per your educational qualifications and your area of expertise, a proper course.

Here, it would also help you identify universities that offer scholarships or allow you to work. At the same time, you study, helping you earn extra money to take care of your expenses or allow you to explore other cities/areas by covering your travel expenses. 

With its 23 years of experience in counseling and aiding students, Y-Axis will help you make a decision that you will not ever regret. After all, overseas education and career counseling is our forte, and our satisfied customers in the past will testify to it. 


If there are two or more courses on your mind and you are unable to opt for one that would benefit you the most if you want to study it, we will help evaluate the right course for you based on the following factors.

  • Disciplines you are keen on pursuing
  • Skills you would gain by pursuing the course

If you have a course in mind and different colleges offer it, consider these factors to arrive at an informed decision: 

  • Ranking of the educational institutions 
  • The commencement dates of the programs you want to pursue 
  • Content material that the course offers
  • Learning methodology
  • What careers are students who had earlier the completed this course are pursuing

Consider the options for immigration in the country where you want to pursue the course. Do checks about the post-study work options in the country, particularly if you desire to stay put in it once you have completed your course there. Go through the placement record of the university you will pursue studies at. 


Y-Axis offers first-rate counseling services to ensure that you are on the proper path. It does not matter that we have not entered partnered with universities or tied up with them. Our free online career counseling includes courses and institution recommendations that we arrive at by poring over your profile, inclinations, and career pathway. We are here to genuinely help you out by choosing a course – studying in which you can fulfill your potential.


The course advice solutions that Y-Axis offers were carefully created to offer students honest and forthright recommendations with their interests as the basis. We help you by providing.

  • Balanced assistance
  • Dedicated consultants to guide you in studying abroad 
  • Assist in narrowing down of courses
  • Accompanying in selecting colleges
  • Advice on next steps to take to study overseas

Contact our counselors and fix an appointment with them to understand how we help you zero in on the right course and the appropriate institution.

Our competitively-priced services include counseling and guidance related to study permits. 

Y-Axis is one of the top migration consultants in Australia that offers services to ensure people relocate to many countries such as the USA, Singapore, Canada, Germany, the UK, and Austria.

Can Australians study in Europe?

Foreign students pursuing higher education in Europe will have to shell out low tuition fees compared to countries such as Canada, the US, and the UK. Specific countries, including Norway and Germany, offer free education when students pursue courses with English as the language of instruction.

Do many Australian students abroad?

One in four Australian undergraduate students pursued higher education abroad in 2018, an increase from 22.4% in 2017. Even at other levels, more people from the Land Down Under pursued education overseas in 2018 than in the years before. 

The most preferred destinations for students from Australia were the USA, UK, and Italy. According to a study, Indo-Pacific countries play host to half of the migrant undergraduate students of Australia.   

Why do most students prefer Canada for overseas study?

Canada’s expertise lies in offering courses specializing in engineering, business management, hospitality, and media. Canada offers job opportunities in several occupations like business analysts, pharmacists, teachers, and nurses, among others.

Moreover, it is easier to procure visa applications from Canada than from its European counterparts. Finally, Canadian procedures for offering study visas are less strict when compared to most other nations.  

Can students from Australia study in Germany?

Australians intending to study in Germany must enroll in a language course in German or must be students of scientific research to be able to apply for a study visa.

Citizens of Australia must apply for either a student visa or a residence permit after they enter Germany with the local immigration authorities. They may be allowed to apply in Sydney’s German Consulate General on rare occasions before they land in Germany

Will foreign students be allowed to return to Australia?

Foreign students and holders of other authorized visas will be allowed to return to Australia without needing to apply for a travel exemption.

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