There are quite a few ways to make it in Denmark when it comes to building a career or even better, establishing an enterprise. So, understanding how to work in Denmark is key to even understanding how to start an enterprise in the country.

Before proceeding to the job hunt in Denmark, you must research your options available in the Denmark labor market. Denmark is in need of skilled hands from overseas in sectors like:

  • Information and communications technology
  • Engineering
  • Medical and Healthcare services
  • Life science
  • Business and finance

These and many other sectors advertise job vacancies for which you can apply. If you got a job, eventually you will need a Denmark work visa to arrive in Denmark and build a career.

Here are some of the questions you better have answers ready for to chart your future in Denmark:

  • How long are you going to stay in Denmark? It would be ideal for you to be ready to stay in a job for at least 2 to 3 years which employers in Denmark appreciate.
  • Are you willing to travel to work? This is a question the answer to which tells the employers right away whether you are one they are looking for or not.
  • Would you stick to your own field at work or explore other possibilities? This is a significant question that really reveals how eager you are to build on your skills and potential, which will make a difference even for the company many a time.

The path to a career or an enterprise can start with a Denmark work visa, obtaining which becomes the next step after getting a job offer in Denmark. The work cum residence permit Denmark will issue will enable you to work for your Danish employer while you live in Denmark.

Denmark work visa and entrepreneurship

If you are willing to start an enterprise in Denmark, you can get a Denmark start-up visa. The Denmark Start-up Visa program has been designed for non-EU/non-EEA nationals to run their enterprises in the country.

With a Denmark Start-up visa, you will be granted a residence visa as well as a Denmark work visa valid for up to 2 years. It can be renewed for 3 years at once.

Denmark Working Holiday Visa

This is a visa that allows Denmark citizens to arrive in New Zealand and be able to study and work while they enjoy their holiday.

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