The prospect of working in Austria is an appreciable one. If you are an Australian citizen planning to work in Austria, you must be aware of your options to do so.

Why work in Austria?
  • It’s home to Vienna, the most liveable in the world.
  • Austria has scored a high rank in the World Happiness Report 2018.
  • The wages in Austria are high.
  • In Austria, employees are given an annual vacation time of 5 weeks.
  • The society in Austria is multicultural and vibrant.
  • The country boasts of natural landscapes that are beautiful

Requirements to work in Austria

The following are the national requirements for prospective workers from overseas in Austria.

Being a citizen from a non-EU country, you will have to hold a proper Australian visa if you want to enter and work in Austria. There are 3 types of Austria work visas:

Austria Jobseekers Visa

This is a points-based entry permit meant for foreign workers who want to work in Austria. Those candidates going for this visa don’t have an existing job offer from Austria.

The visa is granted to the applicant on the basis of the level of work experience, qualifications, age, and German-speaking skills.

Red-White-Red Card

Are you a highly-trained worker who wants to go to Austria to join the Austrian labor market that needs people with skills in essential occupations? Then the Red-White-Red Card is for you.

It’s a work and residency permit. It’s granted after evaluating the individual on factors like work experience, educational qualification, language skills, sector of job, and the level of salary. It also has been tied to a particular job offer to work in Austria.

EU Blue Card

Applicants who already have a job offer from an Austrian company can get an EU Blue Card. It has a 2-year validity. The EU Blue Card is special for the reason that it makes it easier for the applicant to work in other EU countries.

It’s a work and residence permit. It’s also linked to the particular job with a particular company. This is the company that offers the job to the applicant.

Having knowledge of German, the official language of Austria can make improve your situation in the country. It makes it easier to seek jobs and work with natives and locals.

If you are an applicant holding a valid qualification/certification like the Österreichisches Sprachdiplom Deutsch, you have a better chance to find success in your job-searching Austria. Besides that, sometimes, your application will be valid only if you present a German language test result with a required score.

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