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Work in Italy, Get an Italy Work Visa

In the crowd of many countries known to be great places to work, Italy may not come to you as a top recommendation. Nevertheless, Italy must not be written down when it comes to employment. If you like the Italian culture and identify the right sectors to seek employment in, you may love what you find!

About the Italy Work Visa

Italy is a prominent EU nation and getting to work in Italy could mean getting an opportunity to explore even more opportunities to work in other European countries.

Here, let’s learn something about the Italy Work Visa.

There are a few ways to get a work permit in Italy. They include:

  • A regular Italy Work Visa
  • A visa for self-employment
  • A skilled worker visa with an EU Blue Card

The process of applying for an Italy Work Visa generally is done by the applicant in person from the applicant’s country of residence. Most types of the Italy Work visa costs €116. Certain resident permit fees could make you spend €200.

To Live and Work in Italy, You, as a Non-EU Citizen, Will Require:
  • A visa and work permit
  • A residence permit, taken under 8 days of arriving in Italy
Types of Work Permit Visa Types:
  • Salaried employment
  • Sports activities
  • Scientific research
  • Seasonal work (related to tourism or agriculture)
  • Artistic work
  • Long-term seasonal work (permits you to live and work on seasonal activities for 2 years)
  • Working holiday

You can’t work in Italy if you have a visa for tourism, medical care, judicial, or religious reasons.

Decreto Flussi

Decreto Flussi is a list of rules set by the Italian government in which it decides the number of foreign individuals, who can work in Italy. This list is an important one. Knowing the number of foreign workers allowed to work in Italy in various sectors and occupations will give you clarity on your chances in the country.

The last time applications could be pre-filled to enter Italy with Decreto Flussi was from October 13, 2020. The last date for submitting applications was December 31, 2020.

Filing the Italy Work Permit Application

While you fill the Italy Work Permit application, you must provide your Italian employer some details as follows, enabling that employer to process your application for a work permit.

  • A copy of your ID document/passport
  • The residence contract drafted in Italian
  • All information on your employment status in the future
  • Proof of your accommodation in Italy
  • Proof of having enough means for you to return home

You must apply for your Italy Work visa not later than 3 months before the date you intend to come to Italy. The decision on approving your visa will arrive within 30 days. Once you get notified, by the local Italian consulate or diplomatic mission, you can collect your visa within 6 months

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