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Why Study In Ireland

  • Affordable Education

  • Innovative and Abundant Research Opportunities

  • Immigration Possibilities

  • Exciting Campus Lifestyle

  • Healthy and Safe Communities

  • International students can often work while they study & Internships

  • Numerous research opportunities

  • Possibility of immigration after completing the course

  • Vibrant campus atmosphere

  • International students have the option of working when studying

  • Good internship opportunities


Why Study
Eligibility criteria

Eligibility criteria for Ireland?

Educational Qualification

The minimum eligibility criteria to graduate is you have to score
at least 50% from a UGC or AICTE recognized university.

Year Back

The graduation degree has to be completed within the stipulated time
with no gap year.
Example: B.Com is a 3-year degree. The client should have completed
it within 3 years and not more.
Example: Engineering is a 4-year degree. The client should have
completed within 4 years and not more.

Steps to study abroad in Ireland

Work authorization for students

Work authorization for students:

Student Applicant

  • Students must be over 18 years of age.

  • International students in Ireland universities can work on-campus or off-campus for up to 20 hours during university semesters and full-time during breaks such as the winter or summer holidays, without the need for a work permit.

  • Foreign students who are studying in a program that requires work experience such as through a co-op or internship program.


  • In general, spouses are given the same rights as students who are already in Ireland. Therefore, if the student with a Ireland student visa has the right to work, the spouse who comes to join him or her will also have that right

Top universities in Ireland 2023

Top RankUniversities
1Trinity College Dublin
2University College Dublin
3RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences
4National University of Ireland, Galway
5University College Cork

Post-study work options


Work options

The Ireland government offers options for international students to stay after their course and gain some work experience.

Study in Ireland

A top destination for international students, Ireland has an annual influx of thousands of students arriving on an Ireland student visa. Ireland is a student-friendly country. The country gives a comfortable environment for English speakers to live and study.

Though higher studies don’t come cheap in Ireland, you have options to directly enroll in universities in Ireland to make it affordable and arrive to study in Ireland via exchange programs via the university that charges you fees and home tuition expenses at the university in Ireland.

Ireland student visa isn’t required for the following:

  • Nationals of EU/EEA/Switzerland
  • Nationals of Canada, the US, New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa


Top reasons to study in Ireland

Here are some of the best reasons for you to consider Ireland as a destination for higher studies:

Experience the world-class Education system

Ireland’s educational scene is highly beneficial for an international student due to the presence of many globally top-ranked universities and intellectual prowess along with keeping up high-quality education.

Courses in various streams to choose from

In Ireland’s universities and educational institutions, you will find a diverse range of courses to choose from. Ireland has one of the world’s greatest educational systems. Here are some of the important course streams and subjects offered by institutions in Ireland:

  • Data science & data analytics
  • cyber security
  • engineering
  • arts
  • machine learning
  • computer science
  • humanities
  • artificial intelligence
  • business
  • sociology

These courses are offered by top universities as well as educational institutions in Ireland. Also, students can choose to enroll in a wide range of degree courses in Ireland. These include bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees.

Great country for entrepreneurial talent

Dublin, the capital city of Ireland, has continuously appeared among the top 50 best startup cities. No wonder you have a lifetime opportunity to use your education in Ireland to build an enterprise after you complete your studies in the country.

International students can work part-time in Ireland

Given the high cost of education, some international students would need to work during their study period in Ireland. They can apply for a green card from the Irish government. It’s commonly known as a work visa. Also, many colleges give international students opportunities for internships.  This will enable them to gain hands-on experience in their profession. Besides all these, the Irish government offers scholarships and loans to international students.

Obtaining an Ireland student visa

If you are planning to do a study course of over 3 months of duration, you need to apply for a study visa provided you are not a national of a country exempted from the requirement.

If you are attempting to migrate to study in Ireland, you must ensure that you meet the requirements as per Ireland’s Policy on Non-EEA Nationals applicable to you as an international student. If you do meet the requirements, proceed with lodging your visa application.

An application for an Ireland student visa can be submitted up to 3 months prior to the date you travel to Ireland. In case you are planning to visit another State before arriving in Ireland, you are required to have the visa in your passport that’s relevant to that State before you apply for an Ireland student visa.

How to apply?

The application for an Ireland student visa must be filed online. Here are the steps:

  • To start with, you need to complete the process of online application. A summary application form will then be created via the online system.
  • Then follow the instructions presented on the summary application form which will have information on how to make the submission of your supporting documentation.
  • You must print, sign, and add the date to the summary form before submitting it along with your supporting documents.

You may even be required to provide your Biometrics information in going with the application process.

Student visa requirement for Ireland – Documents to be submitted with the application

  • The application summary form
  • Application letter
  • Two passport-sized color photographs that are not over 6 months old (Print your visa application reference number and name clearly on the rear)
  • Your current passport with a minimum validity of 12 months from your proposed date of arrival in Ireland.
  • A Letter of Acceptance from the college has to:
    • Be a confirmation for you have been accepted and enrolled on a full-time course involving at least 15 hours of organized daytime tuition per week
    • Give details of the course you have joined to study in Ireland
    • State how much fee is payable for your course
    • State the amount that you paid
    • If applicable, state that the college has got medical insurance on your behalf.
  • Information on any gaps since your last instance of full-time education. (Including full details of your work history if any that you have used to fill any gap in education)
  • A copy of an ETF (Electronic Transfer of Funds) to the Irish Bank of the college, or a valid receipt that shows that the course fees have been paid via an approved student fees payment service
  • Evidence of being able to pursue your chosen course of study in Ireland
  • Proof that you are capable to pursue your chosen course in Ireland through the English/Irish medium
  • Proof of having sufficient funds to support your stay in Ireland
  • Proof of private medical insurance coverage which may be arranged for you by your college
  • Details of any visa refusals in Ireland in the past

Pay the fees

Maker payment of the necessary fees in case you aren’t eligible for exemption.

Visa application processing time

Applications for an Ireland student visa will be processed in the order of date of submission. It’s best not to book your airline tickets before you get confirmation that your application has been accepted.

Generally, a decision will be communicated to you within 8 weeks of lodging your application.

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