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Live abroad with your spouse, children, and parents

One of the most prevalent reasons people go abroad is to improve their family’s standard of living. The Dependent Visa is an important instrument developed by countries to let families live together. It allows professionals, teachers, permanent residents, and others to move their families from one country to another.

There are two types of dependent visas (temporary & permanent)

  1. Temporary Visas for holders of the following visas- work, intra-company transfer, Student, Fiancé
  2. Permanent Visas are for spouses, parents and children below the age of 18-21 years old.

In most countries, excluding the United States, spouses/partners on temporary Dependent Visas have limited job rights dependent on the duration of their visa.

Permanent Residents and their dependents have the right to live, study, and work as long as they are permanent residents.

Eligibility requirements

Since different countries have varied standards, there are no uniform eligibility requirements. However, the following are the most usual requirements:

A valid passport is required for all applicants.

To maintain the dependents, the sponsor must have sufficient financial resources.

The sponsor’s work and income verification must be submitted.

For dependents, a medical check and confirmation of suitable medical insurance are required.

To apply for a visa on behalf of dependents, the applicant must show that he has sufficient finances to sustain them and will not be reliant on state or public funds. Dependents must demonstrate that they intend to live with the principal applicant for the duration of their stay and that their relationship is genuine.

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