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Work in Spain, Get a Spain Work Visa

Spain is an EU country that is primarily known for its culture and destinations worth visiting. It’s a major country in Europe that features many qualities that make it a desirable destination even to those who are looking to work there.

Here’s Why You Must Consider Working in Spain:

The Spanish language

Being in Spain will give you the best opportunity to learn one of the most popular international languages: Spanish. Learning Spanish can give you a better opportunity to explore the local culture and spread your professional network with more finesse. Talk about getting jobs or doing the best at socializing, learning Spanish makes a huge difference for you in Spain and Europe generally.

Quality of Spanish living

In terms of life quality, Spain stands at the top of the list of the countries with the highest living standards. Even in terms of work-life balance, Spain is an ideal country to choose.

Social life in Spain

“All work and no fun” is never the Spaniard way of life. The Spanish culture is very vibrant and the Spaniards are largely welcoming of people from cultures different from theirs. They are quite extroverted and offer you ways to engage in activities that will add zing to your daily life.

Health as a factor in Spain

The public healthcare system is very good in Spain. Local people as well as international residents having a social security number can get the benefits of the healthcare system.

Cost of living in Spain

Compared to other countries in Europe, Spain features a relatively low cost of living. You will be paying less for the basic amenities including food, accommodation, utilities, and transport.

Spain Work Visa

Those who are citizens outside the EU or EEA have to apply for:

  • A work permit
  • A visa/entry visa

Once you procure a job in Spain under an employer, the employer has to make a request for a work visa in Spain. With the permit, you will be able to work in Spain legally.

This permit is subject to renewal after a year. After you are approved for a work permit, your residence visa and work visa can be issued.

After 5 years of residing in Spain, you can apply for a long-term visa or permanent residency.

The Youth Mobility Program

The Youth Mobility Program is the result of an agreement between the Spanish and Australian governments. The agreement is reached with the aim of helping youngsters to increase their opportunities to visit and work in the countries involved.

This is a program that is designed to help young people to visit Spain and explore the job and career opportunities in Spain.

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