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There would be any number of job opportunities in the world, but you would not know where they are, and you may miss the bus because of it. It is here that Y-Axis Job Search Services (JSS) steps in by approaching the task meticulously so that our clients can zero in on the jobs that are appropriate for them overseas in a country of their choice.

Y-Axis job search staff keeps itself abreast of trends and opportunities in all major verticals so that it can help our clients by making them conspicuous to recruiters globally. Our company offers these services in countries such as Australia, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, Singapore, the UAE, the UK, and the US. Get in touch with us to let us help you.

If wishing to work abroad, you need to find a job there first. After you get a job, apply for that country’s visa. After that, you would have to find a sponsor to help you apply for a visa.

Use our overseas job search services to help find proper jobs. The team at Y-Axis offers end-to-end job services, from helping you in the application process to when to apply and how to contact and network with them. They will also help in the process of visa sponsorship and more.

Crucial Moves to Search for a Job Abroad
  • Know if you satisfy the eligibility criteria in the country to work where you have set your eyes on 
  • Ensure your profile is in demand for that particular country
  • Apply for a work permit in countries where it is mandatory 
  • Hunt for jobs by using social media platforms, including LinkedIn. 
  • Thoroughly research the organizations where you would be working
  • Network with acquaintances in the country where you have a got a job offer

Y-Axis Job Search Services Process

Since our inception, we have been continually tweaking our job search services to keep up with the changing trends in workplaces across the world. This helps us to improve the success rate of our clients. 

Our approach to helping you find a job overseas constitutes the following:

  • Job Search Strategy Report:Our experts at job search services design an all-inclusive report that analyzes your profile and positions it in the country where you want to head to
  • Opportunity research:We keep in touch with industry trends and human resources agencies to ensure we find the right jobs for you. We help in developing and reinforcing your profile on various platforms, both offline and online
  • Job Applications:We enroll your profile on several job portals and apply to all related job posts that suit you

Our teams at Y-Axis dutifully assist in searching for a job abroad. With our network of services, access the support you may need anytime. For more information, contact us.

Access Y-Axis Job Search Services 

You can reach us directly with a CV or resume when you decide to look for a job overseas. We provide assistance and leads on job openings available that suit your profile. As a reputed and certified career consultancy, we will connect you with recruiters relevant to your area by contacting directly talent scouters who recruit for a job abroad.

who we are

Who we are

A career at Y-Axis Australia ensures a demanding work environment while also allowing you to develop true skills and expertise. You will be given the chance to realize your greatest potential.

Our core business is counselling and assisting those who want to study, work, or settle in another country. You will get specialist expertise on these issues as a member of Y-Axis Australia. You will also be a part of a firm that is always growing and is also a market leader.

what we believe

What we believe

We believe in growing a stable and growing business. Immigration is a dynamic and in-demand service, and Y-Axis makes it easier. We are an industry leader with a reach and quality of services that few firms can match. Our results have been trending upwards year after year, demonstrating the strength of our position.

what we do

What we do

We help people work, study, invest, travel, and settle abroad in any country in the world.

The future With Y-Axis

Every year Y-Axis pays out around 30% of its earnings in incentives to its employees. We believe in rewarding our best achievers with unrestricted rewards and in sharing our results. We give rewards on a monthly basis.


A stable, growing business:

Y-Axis helps in making immigration possible for individuals. It’s a complex function that’s always in demand. We are an entrenched market leader and there are few companies who come close to the scope and quality of services we provide. Year after year, we have seen our results go north, the greatest evidence of the strong position we occupy.


Performance incentives:

Every year, Y-Axis pays out nearly 30% of its profits to employees as bonuses. We are strong believers in sharing our success with our best performers and offer uncapped earnings. Unlike other companies, we offer bonuses on a monthly basis, allowing you to enjoy the fruits of your results immediately.


Global opportunities:

We offer immense growth opportunities within our network, allowing you to choose a career path and expand on it in different geographies. You could start as a counselor or specialist and soon be working on an allied role in any of our overseas offices.


Real impact:

When you help an individual pursue an overseas career, you have an impact on an entire family. You completely change the life of each successful migrant, a huge psychological reward few other professions can match.


Be recognized as an expert:

A softer aspect of working with Y-Axis is the stature and expertise it accords you. As an overseas migration counselor, you gain knowledge and skills to help individuals with a complicated yet life changing process. This sets you apart in social situations and helps you gain a skill that is universally relevant.


A culture of excellence:

Reap the benefits that come from working in a competitive yet helpful culture. When you join Y-Axis, you become part of a team working together to deliver life changing solutions for our clients. This demands a level of expertise and diligence which makes our staff some of the smartest and most professional in the industry.

“Ubuntu. I am because we are.”

Y-Axis has created an ecosystem of growth and personal transformation. The efforts we invest in making Y-Axis a success sow the seeds for our team’s prosperity too. Our policies and practices are geared towards helping clients and our team get the most out of this engagement.


To create Global Indians.


To become the most recognized HR brand in the world that showcases Indian expertise.

The values that define us

We put a premium on hiring individuals who share our values. Y-Axis has built a reputation as an ethical market leader that offers transparent and cost-effective solutions to disparate customers. When we look back at our journey, five underlying forces stand out as the drivers of our success.


L – Learning We never stop learning because knowledge is power.


I – Integrity We treasure our hard earned trust and wont squander it for any short term gains. Never.


F – Fast We realize the race is not between the big and the small but between the fast and the slow. Speed & efficiency matters.


E – Empathy We practice the golden rule: Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself.

Our Work Environment

We’ve built a workplace that puts a premium on work-life balance. Our employees have opportunities to excel in their field while enhancing the kind of life they lead.


Equal opportunity:

We are firm believers in judging and hiring individuals based on merit & not on factors such as gender, race, color or any other discriminatory attribute.

potential to excel

No glass ceiling:

We agree that people should be judged and hired on their merits, not on criteria such as gender, ethnicity, color, or any other form of discrimination.

pursue a career

Flexible working hours:

The majority of our work is done throughout the day. There are no night or rotational shifts available. This allows people to work while juggling family responsibilities and personal obligations.



We believe in rewarding our best achievers with uncapped earnings because we believe in sharing our success.

Your Career Path

We take a clear approach to our work. We go to considerable efforts to guarantee that the service we give is completed correctly because it is so vital. There is only one requirement-complete dedication. Individuals on the following two journeys usually make up our teams:

  • Specialization:

    You join a process team working on one of our service verticals and specialize in a certain category of overseas relocation expertise. You could be a counsellor in our Study overseas team, or a Process Consultant in our Work Overseas division. Your role would be to understand and direct the immigration process to help our clients. We offer ample growth opportunities to quick learners, international opportunities within Y-Axis and a generous bonus package.

  • Management:

    You work with Y-Axis to lead projects, processes and coordinate goal delivery. Y-Axis is expanding rapidly in India and abroad and offers a variety of managerial roles. As a manager, your role could range from improving processes to leading teams engaged in diverse functions. We actively encourage initiative and the talented, hardworking managers will find their roles and packages equally exciting.

Our Teams

We offer exciting roles for talented individuals across disciplines. Which of these teams would you like to work in?


Counselling & Sales


Documentation & Processing


study overseas


immigration specialist




customer service


human resource


finance & Accounts




y tech





A career with Y-Axis guarantees personal development and progress. Our policies and procedures are designed to benefit both our team and our clients


Testimonail Two

Review By:  Deepti Unny

I Deepti Unny got an opportunity to join Y-Axis Overseas Solutions Pvt Ltd on the 6th July’15. Y-Axis encourages a healthy work ambiance that promotes consistent learning and gives you a platform where you can capitalize on innumerable opportunities that would add value to your career growth. Chatter is one of the most valuable tools that I have come across that facilitates to keep one updated with any system related changes coupled with activities that happen across all Y-Axis branches.

Testimonail One

Review By:  Anubhav Jain

Being an outgoing guy, I always liked to work in environments where there was a lot of scope for interacting with people from different walks of life. I knew Y-Axis would be right up my alley the day I was interviewed here. Fast forwarding to the present day, after having spent three years, life has been treating me well. The challenges have been increasing by the day, but I am relishing it, as it gives me a chance to prove my worth to myself. What is more, I am rewarded commensurately and I get to meet people who are fascinating in different ways.

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