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Top Countries For Invest

Top countries for invest overseas

The leading countries offering residence through investment are:

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Every country that offers an investment program has its own set of requirements and eligibility criteria.

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Why Invest Overseas?

  • Easy access to the world’s market
  • International business operations
  • Plenty of resources available for businesses
  • Settle as a permanent resident
  • Apply for citizenship

Best Countries to Invest

The USA: The USA is the most powerful economy in the world. Moving to the USA on an investor visa is an excellent move for the following reasons:

  • The USA offers the world’s largest consumer market. The country has the highest household spending in the world.
  • USA’s free-trade agreements with several other nations of the world open doors to opportunities to access consumer bases in those nations too.
  • The USA is a world leader in research and development. Hence the number of patent registrations in the country is the highest globally.
  • In the USA, innovators enjoy the existence of a robust framework for intellectual property protection.
  • The USA provides one of the world’s best “ease of doing business” facilities to investors and business people.
  • The country’s political stability is a big factor that brings confidence to investors.
  • The USA has a vast and abundant reserve of natural resources too.
  • The financial market of the USA is among the world’s most developed, flexible, liquid, and efficient.

Australia: Australia is an emerging largest economy in the world.

  • Australia is a Triple-A rated economy by the major credit agencies of the world, namely Fitch, S&P, and Moody. It implies that the country’s economy is stable, registering consistent growth, economically diverse, and flexible.
  • Increasing population due to more immigration to the country coupled with increased investment in urban infrastructure will predictably place Australia at the 11th position among world countries in economic size.
  • A stable political atmosphere and transparent regulatory framework in Australia make the country a favorite destination for investors.
  • Australia has a strategic location that makes it ideal for investment and trade.
  • Australia has many educated, and skilled workers who work in various industry sectors. So, investors in Australia on an investor visa running a business in the country won’t have to worry about getting the right individuals to work in their enterprise.

    The UK: Here are some interesting reasons to invest in the UK.

  • The UK offers a high ease of starting and doing business.
  • The UK features flexible labor regulations that facilitate investors in conducting business activities. This is also due to high labor force participation rates in business operations.
  • The labor cost in the UK is among the lowest among the ten central European locations.
  • The UK has one of the strongest infrastructures in the world. Most of them are privatized, and hence due to competition, infra service providers offer low prices. The infrastructural advantages include:
    • Widely available broadband internet and wi-fi
    • A robust IT-based environment designed for conducting business optimally
    • The highest number of secure servers in Europe and the second-highest after the US in the world.

Germany: Germany has a history of being the largest economy in Europe.

  • Germany is the largest economy in Europe and the third-largest in the world. It has the largest consumer market in the EU.
  • Germany’s central location in the EU gives it a huge advantage that gets transferred to investors.
  • Germany welcomes foreign investors and maintains an open market. The country has no more state-controlled industries.
  • In Germany, business people can find a well-qualified, skilled, motivated, and hardworking workforce. The German education system emphasizes training-based vocational higher education systems.
  • Germany has the most, around 280 international patents per million inhabitants. This means innovative ideas are appreciated, and intellectual property is well protected.
  • Investors can get the advantage of a robust legal system that translates to the highest level’s legal security.
  • Germany has a highly developed infrastructure that comprises a network of roads, railways, and international airports.

Investor Visa Pathways for Various Countries

There are different options offered by different investor-friendly countries of the world. Here are a few for your reference:

Name of the Countries Visa names

EB-5 Investor Visa

E-1 Treaty Traders visas

E-2 Treaty Investor visas


Subclass 891 – Investor Visa

Subclass 888 – Business Innovation and Investment (Permanent) visa

Subclass 893 – State or Territory sponsored investor visa

Subclass 188 – Significant Investor stream

The UK UK Investor Visa (Tier 1)
Germany German Self-Employment visa (Entrepreneurial visa), this comes under the German citizenship scheme by investment.
How Y-Axis Can Assist You?

Y-Axis, guides you to invest in the right business in a perfect country.

  • Y-Axis can help you to choose the right location for your investments.
  • Immigration professionals can guide you to apply for the right investor visa for your business.


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