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The Y-Axis Dubai points calculator system is an easy way for you to evaluate your profile’s strength if you are planning to work, study or settle abroad.

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  • UK Immigration Points Calculator



When you decide to move abroad either to migrate, work or study, you must know about the eligibility requirements for the country you are intending to move to. Each country has its own individual eligibility requirements.

Countries like Australia, Canada, and Germany follow a points-based system to assess whether candidates for migration are eligible. In order to meet the eligibility norms, you must score the required points. The number of points and the criteria for getting these points differ from country to country.

Before you apply for migration, you should know if you meet the eligibility requirements. This is important to ensure you apply successfully.

Prior to filling your application form, it is better that you get an eligibility evaluation done. This will help you realize if you meet the required points and areas where you fall short of acquiring the required points. This will also help you assess your chances of getting to migrate.

This can help you evaluate whether applying to migrate to your chosen country is worth your time and effort. This is where determining eligibility is crucial.

The Eligibility Evaluation assists you in making an informed decision about relocating overseas. With an Eligibility Evaluation, your qualifications will be compared to the current requirements for migration and assess the strength of your case.

Using the points calculator, you may check your eligibility. This will assist you in identifying the strong aspects in your profile that will aid you in determining which country you have the best chances of migrating to.

It will assist you in making an informed decision based on the options that you have selected.

An Eligibility Evaluation can also help you identify any flaws in your profile that you can address with professional services. We provide you with a cost and time estimate for how this will be completed so that you know exactly what to expect.

Why do I need an Eligibility Evaluation?

Different countries have different criteria for deciding eligibility for granting permanent residency. A points-based system is followed by Canada, Germany, and Australia.

While you can calculate your eligibility online, such calculators are usually not very accurate and cannot be considered as decisive where it comes to your immigration prospects.

How many points do I have to score to be eligible?

To be eligible, you will be required to meet the points needed for the specific country:

  • Canada – 67/100
  • Australia – 65/100
  • Germany – 55/90
What are the general criteria for calculating points?

Canada awards points based on age, language, education, work experience, adaptability, and arranged employment.

Australia gives points based on age, English language skills, employment outside Australia, employment in Australia, education, studied in Australia, niche skills education or specialist education qualification, and spouse’s skills points.

Germany considers qualification, work experience matching one’s qualification, German language skills, English language skills, and age.

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