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Immigration Points Calculator

The Y-Axis Immigration point’s calculator lets you quickly check your eligibility score via the following:

Y-Axis Eligibility Evaluation

When you plan to migrate abroad to work, invest or settle, you must first determine whether you can apply for a visa to enter that nation. This can help you evaluate whether applying for a visa to migrate to a given country is worth your time and effort. This is where determining eligibility is crucial.

Every country has its eligibility requirements that must be fulfilled to clear the immigration process.

Certain countries use a points-based system to check if the candidates are eligible to migrate, work or study in their country.

  • Canada
  • The United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • Germany
  • Quebec

Individuals are required to earn the eligible points to fulfil the eligibility criteria; however, the process of scoring the eligibility points differs with each country.


Candidates who wish to migrate to the above nations must get their eligibility score before registering an application.

Y-Axis offers a streamlined evaluation process for those who wish to migrate abroad. We assess your profile and cross-check it with the visa standards, gauging your chances of a successful application.


Y-Axis Eligibility Points Calculator

The Y-Axis Eligibility evaluation helps you to check your eligibility with the Y-Axis points Calculator. This will help you to understand the decisive factors in your profile, which will help you to decide which country you will have greater chances of migrating to.

It will assist you in making an informed decision based on available options. An Eligibility Evaluation can also help you identify any flaws in your profile that you can address with the help of Y-Axis’ professional services. We provide you with a cost and time estimate for completing this so that you know exactly what to expect.


The Y-Axis Eligibility Evaluation provides a scorecard and suggests the best options.


* Disclaimer: 

A quick eligibility check of Y-Axis is only to help the applicants understand their scores. The points displayed are based only on your answers. Please note the points on each section are evaluated based on various parameters set in the immigration guidelines, and a technical evaluation is a must to know your accurate scores and eligibility to find out which immigration program you can apply for. The Quick eligibility check does not guarantee you the below points; you may score high or low points once our expert team technically evaluates you. There are many assessing bodies that process skills assessment, which will depend on your nominated occupation, and these assessing bodies will have their criteria for considering an applicant as skilled. State/ territory authorities will also have criteria to allow sponsorships, which an applicant should satisfy. So, an applicant needs to apply for a technical evaluation.


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