Permanent Residency Visa

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Types of Permanent Residency Visa

Listed below are the popular ones. Most options offer a long term visa for the applicant, his spouse and children. The visa can be converted to citizenship in most cases. Free Education for children, healthcare & retirement benefits & visa free travel are some of the reasons people choose to immigrate.

Why should you apply for a PR Visa?

  • Excellent Healthcare System
  • Financial Benefits
  • Safe Environment
  • High Returns On Investment
  • Social Security

Let Overseas Immigration help you find a new life abroad with your family.

There’s no doubt that immigration is the most popular way for skilled and ambitious individuals to elevate their living standards and career prospects. Being the holder of a permanent residence visa in a developed country like Canada, Australia, Germany, the UK or the USA can bring a great change in your life. These are nations that need skilled individuals to develop their economies for which they offer their PR visa pathways.

With a permanent residence visa in one of these countries, you get rewarded for your skills and get to enjoy many positive qualities like safety, high life quality, better earnings, and global exposure like what you may not get in your native country.

How great would it be to provide even your family with the opportunity to live and grow in a progressive social and economic environment? All you need is to find the best country that suits your preferences, learn the visa requirements and immigration process and apply for a PR visa meeting the eligibility requirements stipulated.

These are times when most of the developed countries are admitting the truth that there are more talented and skilled people overseas than within the country. They are equipped with the right qualities that employers in key industries in these countries are seeking. Are you one with specialized professional acumen and qualification, along with work experience? Then the chances are high that you will get to immigrate to one of the best countries in the world with a PR visa to give you a new identity and future.

About PR visa

The permanent residence visa gives you the legal status to stay and work in a foreign country. It’s not equal to citizenship as PR visa holders are not entitled to rights like voting and joining government services of other countries.

Here are some of the things PR visa holders can generally do in a foreign country:

  • You can work for any employer in any region of the country of which you hold a PR visa.
  • You can live and travel in any region of the foreign country of which you have a permanent residence visa.
  • You can sponsor your family members like spouses, dependent children, and parents to become PR visa holders in a foreign country.
  • You can apply for citizenship in a foreign country if you satisfy the requirements specified by that country.

Why settle in another country on a PR visa?

Here are some of the reasons to go for a permanent residence visa in a foreign country:

  • You could be looking for a safer country to live in. You would prefer economically and politically stable countries for this purpose.
  • You could be desiring your children to receive better quality of education by immigrating to countries well-known for their world-class education system.
  • You could be wanting a better life quality which means you have a healthy living environment, highly desirable social atmosphere, better infrastructure, and high-quality medical facilities.
  • You could be looking to live in a country that’s economically stable and progressive. This means that such a country will have lots of business establishments and enterprises that will need your skills and expertise. This gives you assured job opportunities that are highly rewarding.
  • You could be looking for a country where it’s easier to establish/run a business. Such countries could offer you tax breaks, incentives, and pathways to permanent residence.

Countries best known for immigration


  • Canada is among the most popular countries immigrants worldwide choose to move to. It’s the most welcoming country for immigrants too.
  • Skilled workers constitute the largest part of immigrants arriving in Canada.
  • The major categories of immigrants in Canada include:
    • Economic immigrants
    • Sponsored family members
    • Resettled refugees & protected persons
  • The top countries from which immigrants flow into Canada are India, China, the UK, Italy, and the Philippines.


  • A significant proportion of the growth in the Australian population can be attributed to immigration.
  • Australia relies on immigration to increase the number of residents who are of working age. Australians live longer and have fewer kids, which leads to a gap in the young population fit to work in the country.
  • The average age of Australians is expected to touch 40 years by 2030, which means there are a lot of opportunities for skilled young professionals to move to the country.

The UK

  • The size of the foreign-born population in the UK is on the path of growth.
  • Most of the foreign nationals who took a PR visa in the UK live in England.
  • As of 2020, about 14% of the population constituted foreign nationals who became permanent residence visa holders in the UK.
  • Employment and immigration of family relatives are the 2 major reasons for UK immigration.


  • Over 1 million immigrants have arrived in Germany as PR visa holders per year since 2013.
  • The EU Blue card can allow immigrants to live in Germany, an EU member state, for long periods.
  • The foreign nationals who immigrate most to Germany include Turkey, Poland, Poland, Syria, and Romania.

Immigration process: Eligibility calculation

It’s part of the immigration process of many popular world nations to evaluate your eligibility on a points basis when you go for a PR visa. Let’s help you out with our own eligibility calculator for a few countries:

How Y-Axis can help you

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