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When you apply to migrate to another country, you are evaluated using standardized tests. We have seen the positive impact of high scores in these exams on the chances of migrants who move overseas for work, studies, and immigration.

Y-Axis Coaching offers world-class coaching to aid you in achieving your immigration goals by helping you obtain the highest score possible.

International students seeking admission to foreign universities, as well as those intending to migrate to certain countries, must demonstrate their English language competency.

English language tests

When it comes to students, most colleges require confirmation of English language proficiency. This is frequently required for their admission to university courses.

Students and other migrants in countries where English language tests are required can take any of the following tests:

  • PTE

They can submit the results when they apply for migration to demonstrate their English language proficiency.

Academic standardized tests 

Students interested in pursuing further education in countries such as the US or Germany must pass one of the following standardized exams to demonstrate their proficiency:

  • GRE
  • GMAT
  • SAT

Most universities require candidates to score well on these examinations in order to be considered for admission.

To do well on these assessments quantitative and logical reasoning is required. These tests assess a student’s verbal and quantitative reasoning abilities. Before taking these assessments, students should prepare thoroughly.

GRE and GMAT scores are required for admission to graduate courses, while SAT scores are required for admission to undergraduate courses. The GRE score combined with past academic performance can give candidates access to scholarships and grants to pursue their overseas studies.

Preparation for these tests will be much easier with the help of Y-Axis coaching services in Australia. The comprehensive and well-designed coaching programs will help aspirants in successfully completing these tests and obtaining an impressive score.

  • GRE CoachingApply for admissions with confidence
    Improve your scores with Y-Axis GRE coaching
  • GMAT CoachingGet into the college of your dreams
    Explore Y-Axis GMAT Coaching
  • PTE CoachingScore more in PTE
    Discover how Y-Axis PTE Coaching can help you
  • IELTS CoachingMaster IELTS for your best score
    Learn more about Y-Axis IELTS Coaching
  • TOEFL CoachingAce TOEFL in the first attempt
    Explore Y-Axis TOEFL Coaching
  • sat coachingY-Axis SAT Coaching is an intensive training program designed to help you achieve your highest score.
  • German coachingY-Axis Conversational German Program Coaching designed to help you Speak, Read and Write.
  • CELIPIP ProgramAce the CELIPIP General test under the guidance of Level-3 Certified instructors
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