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The following are the major ways in which visits or short stays are categorized by reason by countries across the world:

Private visa: You may want to make personal visits when residents of a foreign country invite you.

Tourist visa: When you are looking for leisure travel for a limited period, this is the right choice of visit visa. This category of visas allows no business activities in the country you visit.

Medical visa: When you need to visit a foreign country to undertake diagnostics or undergo a specific treatment in the hospitals or similar medical facilities in that country, this category of visiting visa applies.

Business visa: Foreign trips can be made to commerce in a foreign country. To work, you will need a work visa. Though the visa is taken to attend to commercial matters, working in the country you visit is prohibited under this visa.

Working holiday visa: This special visitor visa allows you to travel between countries and undertake temporary employment in the country you visit. This is made possible under a working holiday program that permits youngsters to do temporary work while traveling to some foreign countries.

Athletic or artistic visa: Yet another purpose-bound visa, this visa is issued to performing artists and athletes (including their supporting staff) visiting a foreign country to participate in shoes, concerts, competitions, and other events.

Cultural exchange visa: This is when visit visas are issued to performing artists and athletes participating in a cultural exchange program.

Refugee visa: This visa is issued to those who came to a foreign country running away from war, persecution, or a natural disaster.

Pilgrimage visa: Visiting religious destinations for pilgrimage is a principal reason for travel. They will require this type of visa that allows them to visit religious destinations and even participate in certain religious ceremonies. E.g., Hajj visa in the UAE.

Digital nomad visa: A relatively younger breed of visit visa is meant for digital nomads. These individuals want to reside in a country for a short period while performing their work remotely using digital devices and digital networks. An example is the SMART visa launched by Thailand, aimed at entrepreneurs and foreigners with high expertise to stay longer in Thailand, with visa applications online being planned for late 2018. The Digital Nomad visa announced by Estonia after launching its e-Residency program is another example.


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How much time does it take to get a Tourist Visa?

The country you are planning to visit using a Tourist Visa is a major deciding factor that can tell you how long it takes to get the visa. Another factor to consider is the nationality of the applicant.

Citizens of some countries may be exempted from the need for a tourist visa in certain countries.

The processing of a US tourist visa takes from 3-5 days to 1-2 weeks or more time.

Generally, an Australian tourist visa takes almost 20 days to process counted from the date of submitting the application.

The approval of an application for a US visa takes 3 to 5 weeks. The delivery of the visa could take another 2 days or more.

In Canada, a tourist visa gets processed in a time ranging from a few days to a few weeks. The period of processing is just 12 days if you apply from inside Canada.

Coming to the UK, you can apply for a tourist visa around 3 months before the date you intend to travel. If you are applying from outside of the UK, the decision on your visitor visa will come within 3 weeks.

Also, you have to consider the delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and keep yourself updated about the processing times in the country you are traveling to.

How do I get a Tourist Visa?

Here’s the general process to get a Tourist Visa:

  • Fill the electronic application form for Tourist Visa
  • Pay the required fee for applying for a tourist visa
  • Fix an appointment at the embassy for the visa interview
  • Visit the embassy on the scheduled date and time and attend the visa interview
How much does a visitor visa cost?

That completely depends on the nation that’s offering it.

What documents must I submit to apply for a Tourist Visa?

Here’s the list of documents generally required:

  • Visa application form that’s completely filled
  • Photocopy of your passport’s bio page
  • Invitation letter from friend/family/sponsor abroad
  • Marriage certificate in case you are married to the foreign national
  • Photographs digitally uploaded as required
  • Copy of the 2-way tickets that have to be submitted when applying
  • Financial statement of the family/friend abroad
  • Marriage certificate and birth certificate of parents if you are a minor
  • A passport with a minimum validity remaining from the date of return
  • Proof of financial resources (latest bank statement)
  • Copy of sponsor’s passport

Note: Check if your nationality has been given exemption from requiring a tourist visa to visit the country you wish to go to.

Is it mandatory to have an itinerary when applying for a tourist visa?

Such a requirement isn’t needed in most countries. However, countries like China need you to give a detailed itinerary including details of every day of your trip. There are countries that would need you to give proof of your flight or hotel bookings before a travel visa is issued.

What are the differences between a Business visa and a Tourist visa?

A tourist visa is meant to enable you to visit a country for sightseeing or leisure activities. They permit you to stay in the country for a limited period.

On the other hand, business visas are issued to enable you to engage in activities related to business. This type of visa has a limited validity too. The definition of business activity differs from country to country.

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