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Deciding to work, study or settle abroad is a life changing decision. Many people takes advices from friends or unreliable sources. Y-Path is a structured framework that makes you understand the right path.

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Studying abroad is one of the most transformative and life-changing experiences. Find the right course and university with Y-Axis.

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Professional Year Program is a good option for international students who want to become permanent residents. It is a structured program that helps them to develop professional skills and boost PR chances. Check the eligibility and benefits.

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Why Study Abroad?

  • 1300 Qs Ranking Universities All Over The World
  • Most Affordable Fees
  • Post-study Work Permits For 1-2 Years
  • Avail Scholarship Programs Starting From 2,000 USD – 20,000 USD
  • Work 20-40 Hours Per Week While Studying

Top QS Ranking Universities Worldwide

1    Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) -  United States
2    University of Oxford  -  United Kingdom
3    Stanford University  -  United States
4    University of Cambridge  -  United Kingdom
5    Harvard University  -  United States
6    California Institute of Technology (Caltech) -   United States
7    Imperial College London  -  United Kingdom
8    ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology   - Switzerland
9    UCL (University College London)   - United Kingdom
10    University of Chicago  -  United States

About Student Visa

  • Studying abroad has many vital reasons for many students, but one of the main reasons is gaining life experience, handling unpredicted situations, and being independent.
  • To study abroad, the student needs to have a student visa.
  • The student visa is a document of approval given to students who have received a confirmation from a registered institution for some time to study abroad.
  • For many students, studying abroad is a long-term plan to apply for work permits and get employed in a foreign country.
  • After a period of time, this experience will help them obtain permanent residence.

Top 10 Reasons to Study Abroad

Experiencing a new culture: One of the wonderful reasons to study abroad is to get exposure to a variety of new cultures and traditions. It is an unbelievable experience for an international student.

To get weightage to the CV: Many international students visit abroad to make their CVs and resumes to look fancy. Many employers glorify foreign degrees when they receive international students’ resumes.

Become an Independent and meet new people: Studying abroad will keep you in the game and make you independent. The overseas study experience will make you a better human being. Another asset is that you get to meet and make many new friends worldwide with various cultures.

Exceptional education system: The excellent educational system is one main reason for many people to study abroad. Students get well-versed in the distinct, amazing, and technologically advanced education offered in foreign universities.

Amazing industrial opportunities: An incredible growth in career is what attracts international students to study overseas. Let it be a high-paying job or an industrial exposure with different sectors. These kinds of opportunities are a gateway to a bright future.

Workout on your skills: By studying overseas, students get international exposure to academic, social, and personal skills. Getting a chance to study in developed countries, students undoubtedly get leadership qualities.

Prominent Countries to Study Overseas

Canada: Canada has a cosmopolitan atmosphere with the world’s top QS ranking universities and high standards of living. Some of the universities are

  • University of Toronto
  • McGill University
  • University of Winnipeg
  • University o0f British Columbia
  • York University

Germany: Germany has various degrees that are taught in English. And importantly, many public universities offer advanced studies like master’s degrees without any tuition fees. Many scholarships are available for international students. Germany provides research-based education. The major universities are:

  • Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
  • Technishe Universitat Munchen
  • RWTH Aachen University
  • Freie Universitat Berlin
  • University of Bonn

Australia: Australia is a multicultural and safe country. It provides an opportunity for international students to work during their studies. They can work for up to 20 hours a week. Post-studies students can obtain a post-study work visa. Major universities in Australia include:

  • University of Canberra
  • University of Sydney
  • University of Newcastle
  • University of Melbourne
  • CQ University Australia

The USA: Many American universities are ranked among the top universities globally. The education system features the perfect blend of research and extracurricular activities. The USA also gives need-based and merit-based scholarships. The major universities in the USA include:

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech)
  • Washington State University
  • Columbia University
  • Northeastern University


Country Type of student visa Best time to apply Mandatory requirements Visa Fees Processing time
USA Student Visa (F1) 3 months prior to intake Passport & I20 USD 185 Based on the appointment scheduled date
Student Dependant Visa (F2) Depends upon the confirmation of Spouse visa Passport & I20 USD 185 Based on the appointment scheduled date
Refusal Cases or no show sign 3 months prior to intake Passport & I20 USD 185 Based on the appointment scheduled date
Canada Student Visa 3 months prior to intake Passport & LOA CAD 235 7 weeks
Student Dependant Visa Depends upon the confirmation of Spouse visa Passport & Marriage certificate CAD 340 8 weeks
Australia Student Visa 3 months prior to intake Passport & COE AUD 710 15 days to 3 months
Student Dependant Visa Depends upon the confirmation of Spouse visa Passport & Marriage certificate AUD 710 3 to 5 months
UK Student Visa 3 months prior to intake Passport & CAS INR 39,852 + INR 25000 VFS charges 15 working days
Student Dependant Visa Depends upon the confirmation of Spouse visa Passport & Marriage certificate INR 39,852 + INR 25000 VFS charges 5 to 7 days
Ireland Student Visa 3 months prior to intake Passport, offer letter & PCC INR 9,758 15 working days
Student Dependant Visa Cannot be processed due to Embassy restrictions

How to Apply for a Student Visa

The student visa is the best gateway to Study Abroad.

  1. Student Visa requirements Checklist: The requirements for a student visa vary from country to country. Go through the embassy consulate website of the desired country you choose to study abroad for required information.
  2. Acceptance of letter from the University: Before submitting the visa application, you need to wait until you receive the acceptance of the letter from the University. Sometimes you might be required to apply in person at an embassy also.
  3. Pick a student visa to applyfor: The type and name of the student visa vary by nation. Identify the visa you want, which can be a non-immigrant student visa or a student visa. To apply for this, you need to provide the residence of proof for the university program you choose before applying for the student visa. You need to provide the purpose of staying in the nation and do not intend to live there permanently.
  4. Receive the University’s requirements: Can take help from the University by checking the type of student visa to apply for and request the necessary information.
  5. Duly fill out the Application form: When the University suggests the suitable type of student visa to apply for and required documents to submit, check with the embassy or consulate of the country you are living in or browse the website. Be attentive when you are filling out the application form.
  6. Processing time for a Student visa: Based on the country you stay in and you apply for a student visa varies from a few days to 2-3 months. Always provide the necessary time to get your visa in time. If you hurry at the last minute to fill out the application and provide the necessary documentation may result in losing your spot.

How Y-Axis Will Help You

Y-Axis, one best route to study abroad in your desired university.

  • Avail free counselling from career experts to help you choose the right country and right university abroad.
  • Y-Axis Coaching serves you to ace the compulsory test results (IELTS, GRE, GMAT, SAT, PTE and TOEFL) that you need to do in our live classes.
  • Y-Axis Course Recommendation Services is an excellent initiative that counsels every student in a proper direction and helps you to study abroad.
  • Y-Axis job search services is one option which will help you get a dream job overseas.


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