Why work in Dubai?

Dubai, the largest city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), is also one of the largest trading centers in the world. It offers a lot of work options for migrant workers. In fact, only 12% of its population comprises its citizens, with the rest being migrants from all over the world. 

Immigrants throng to work in Dubai because it offers security, decent quality of living, high tax-free salaries, world-class infrastructure, and amenities for offices. Many multinational companies have operations in Dubai.    

 The eligibility for work visas

For Dubai work visas, skilled graduates are eligible, while unskilled workers need to have vocational skill sets. They should also have a job offer from a Dubai-based employer, two to three years of work experience, and must be in good health. 

 Advantages of holding a Dubai work permit

You can reside in Dubai as long as you have a job and can also take your partner/spouse, children, and parents by sponsoring them. 

According to studies worldwide, the average annual salaries of various professionals in Dubai are as follows:   


Average annual income


AED 53,073 (AUD 20, 243)

Mechanical Engineer

AED 69,628 (AUD 29,793.7)

Finance Manager

AED 203,710 (AUD 78,390.2)


AED 121,000 (AUD 46,559)

Investment Banker

AED 540,000 (AUD 207, 681)

Human Resources Manager

AED 216,000 (AUD 83,089)

Civil Engineer

AED 84,000 (AUD 32,317)

Tax Consultant

AED 114,000 (AUD 43,861)


AED 528,00 (AUD 203,160)

Among other jobs available in the IT sector are iOS developer, Network engineer, QA engineer, Web developer, System analyst, Network administrator, Python developer, .NET developer, PHP full stack developer, etc.

In Engineering and construction sector, jobs include Cost Manager, Purchase Executive Construction, Quantity Surveyor, Contracts Manager, Architect, Architectural Designer, Planning Engineer, and Construction Lawyer, among others, are the most popular occupations.

How do I obtain a UAE work permit?

UAE work permits are issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) of the UAE. Employers need to apply for the work permits of their employees.

Otherwise, apply for a work visa of 60 days that will allow you to arrive in the country. After arriving in the UAE and commencing work, you can apply for an employment and residency visa, which is valid for two years.

What is the age limit for expatriates to get a UAE work permit?

There is no age limit as such in the UAE. But the fees for issuing work permits to those aged 65 and above are AED 5,000 (AUD 1.923.2) every two years.

How easy is it to get jobs in the UAE?

Initially, it would help if you got a work permit for which your employer has to apply. The time to issue it can range from two weeks to even six months.  

What is the process of getting a PR in Dubai?

Initially, get a standard resident visa in the UAE by buying residential property worth at least AED 1,000,000 (AUD 384,642.13) to get the country’s residence visa, which is valid for two years.

Can I enter UAE without a job?

You can enter the UAE with multiple visit visas that will let you stay there for 90 days. It is possible to reapply after a visa has expired. 

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