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Apply for Hong Kong QMAS Visa, Access the Career Opportunities in Hong Kong with QMAS Visa

The Hong Kong QMAS (Quality Migrant Admission Scheme) visa is the best option for highly skilled migrant workers who are experts in their respective fields and are interested to work and settle down in Hong Kong. They are interested in developing their careers by joining suitable jobs in the fields they have expertise and experience. These skilled migrants can contribute to Hong Kong’s economy in a great way.

To get a QMAS visa you have to qualify as per the norms of the point-based program that it is. You have to obtain one of the following:

  • A minimum score of 80/195 in the general test
  • Score 195 points in the Achievement Based Points Test

In case you succeed in clearing this test, you will qualify to file an application for a visa under the QMAS program. The points-based system calculates your points on the basis of your work experience, age, qualification, language proficiency, and dependents.

The Hong Kong QMAS Visa Process

Here are the stages in the processing of the QMAS visa:

Document submission

Before you submit your application for the QMAS visa, you have to collect all necessary documents first for submission for educational credentials evaluation. It’s necessary because it needs to be confirmed that your educational credentials meet the level of education required in Hong Kong.

Filling out the QMAS visa application

Fill out your QMAS visa application form. Attach all required supporting documents when you submit your application form.

Track what happens after submission of visa application

Once you submit your QMAS visa application, it will go for review with HKSAR. Wait till the scrutiny of your application is over.

Selection of application

After your application succeeds in getting selected, the immigration authorities of Hong Kong will go ahead with the next step in the QMAS visa process. They will conduct an exercise to select candidates for allocating seats/quotas. Selection is possible for applicants who score the maximum points as per the points-based evaluation system.

Invitation to apply

In case your selection happens in allocation based on quotas then you will be sent a letter of invitation. It establishes that you have gained the eligibility to file an application for a Hong Kong QMAS visa.

Call for interview

It will be required of you to attend the interview with the immigration authorities of Hong Kong. This will be your final test in case you clear it successfully without any fail. This is when you will be granted your work visa for Hong Kong.

Payment of fees

After qualifying for the interview, you are required to finish all the remaining protocols. You are also required to pay your visa fee at the end.

Eligibility criteria for Hong Kong QMAS visa

Educational qualification

You should have a UG or Master’s degree from a recognized university.

Language proficiency

It’s essential that you must have an excellent command of your English language. You must prove it with the results of your IELTS/TOEFL exam.

Work experience

A minimum of 2 years of work experience is required in your field.


You must be at least 18 years of age to be eligible to apply for Hong Kong QMAS visa eligibility.

Financial requirement

You are required to give proof to the Hong Kong immigration authorities that you have financial stability and that you are capable of supporting yourself and your dependents financially without depending on public assistance.

Scores in the points-based test

It’s required that you get one of the following:

  • A minimum score of 80/195 points in the general points-based test
  • 195 points as the Achievement Based Points

Documents needed for Hong Kong QMAS Visa

You must have:   

  • Documents that prove your language proficiency prior to immigration
  • A valid passport with a travel history
  • Educational credentials
  • Your job profile (it has to be under Hong Kong’s talent list)
  • The police clearance certificate
  • A copy of proof of your funds: bank certificate or bank statement
  • Document showing your educational qualification: E.g., graduation degree, certificate, or diploma
  • A copy of proof demonstrating your work experience

The factors counted for Hong Kong QMAS points calculator

You have to score a minimum of 80 points to be eligible for a QMAS visa out of 225 points.


Max. Points



Work experience


Academic qualification


Talent list


Language proficiency


Family background


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is QMAS a Permanent Residency visa?

Hong Kong QMAS Visa is one of the 3 prominent pathways to obtain the Hong Kong PR visa. It’s meant for the immigrants possessing high skills and capable to contribute to developing Hong Kong’s economy. They can bring along their spouse and dependent children too.

How can I get a work visa for Hong Kong?

In order to file an application for a work visa, you must have the following:

  • A job offer that’s relevant to your work experience/academic qualifications
  • Documents that prove that you have no criminal record
  • Good background in education. E.g., A degree in the relevant field, technical qualifications, achievements, work experience, etc.
  • A salary that includes income, accommodation, medical, and other benefits given to professionals in Hong Kong (The salary has to be at par with the salaries paid to locals in Hong Kong)
Is it good to work in Hong Kong?

It’s worth working in Hong Kong. For that, you have to possess a particular skill-set in high demand. High-skilled labor is generally paid well. There’s an opportunity for career growth too.

What jobs are in demand in Hong Kong?

The top 3 job areas with the highest demand include

  • Information Technology
  • Banking/Finance
  • Corporate Sales & Business Development
What’s a good salary in Hong Kong in 2022?

The average annual salary in Hong Kong is 439,000 HKD (Hong Kong Dollar) Average Salary in Different Industries are:


Average Salary per Year (HKD)

Health Care & Medical


Human Resources


Properties & Real Estates


Public Sector


Management & Business


Finance & Banking