About Y-Axis

Y-Axis Immigration And Education Services Pty Ltd is a premier Immigration & Visa Consultant company and the largest B2C immigration firm in the world.

We are Registered Migration Agents and regulated legal experts in immigration in Australia.
We offer diverse and flexible options of payment to our customers and the service fee that we charge is affordable.

More than 50% of our customers are referrals from our happy customers.
We, along with our partners, are experts in green cards processing and visa documentation is our core competence.
The innumerable cases have enriched us with expertise and knowledge to handle every kind of case.

The international resettlement services offered by Y-Axis include end-to-end solutions inclusive of job search services for new migrants.
The transparency of process and trust of our brand makes us a comfortable firm to avail services from.

Our process is supported by appropriate legal agreement and clear policy for a refund. You can be confident that your information is secure with us as the highest level of encryption used exclusively by the banks – the MPLS technology is used across our network infrastructure.

Our experienced, knowledgeable and competent consultants offer life changing and high-quality career counseling for free and our clients enjoy a good rapport with them.
Our mission is to encourage diversity and equal opportunity and allow a free flow of labor, knowledge and ideas across borders to anywhere where merit and expertise is recognized and rewarded regardless of nationality or ethnic origin.

We also strive to provide young students with Education related services and help them attain world class education in Australia.
Our goal is to ensure that students have been shown the right pathways to success by also promoting our education partners in Australia both locally and globally.

Y-Axis Australia is Australia’s fastest growing immigration and visa consultants. Affiliated to the international Y-Axis Immigration group, ethical and personalized service is the foundation of our practice.

Our aim is to help individuals wishing to capitalize on international opportunities with qualified advice and complete Education / Immigration services.

Mission Statement

To create Global Indians.


To become the most recognized HR brand in the world that showcases Indian expertise.


4 Core Values that make up our DNA.

  • Learning
  • Integrity
  • Fast
  • Empathy


What we Stand for?

Being India’s largest and fastest growing overseas career company and one of the world’s largest immigration companies did not happen by chance but by a single minded dedication to our purpose.

A purpose of helping people pursue opportunities beyond the boundaries they are born in. We strongly believe that an individual must aim to achieve his or her full potential and must be given a chance on the basis of merit and with no other prejudice.

We strongly believe that going abroad changes a person’s fortune and outlook of life for the better. The impact spills over to his family, to his community, his industry and country. A single man abroad not only repatriates money but also builds networks, businesses, exchanges ideas and becomes a global citizen. Our core competency lies in being a career counselor where we aim to inspire, motivate, counsel, convince and persuade. We see ourselves as someone to whom people come with a dream that they aspired for all life, some even with their last hopes pinned on us. What we do affects lives and livelihood and that is why we take our job very seriously and very personally.

As a corporation, we have evolved beyond the pursuit of profit. What we are looking to create is a global HR brand, an institute that stands the test of time and an industry platform for all players to interact.

Being a market leader is not a privilege but a responsibility. A responsibility to live up to the expectations of our customers and employees and to continuously improve ourselves so that we can provide more value for their time and money.

While enjoying this position we are ever grateful to our families, parents, teachers and communities who helped us reach here.

Come, let’s build a borderless world together.

Xavier Augustin,

Founder & CEO.

Xavier Augustin

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