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Work in Norway, Get Norway Work Visa

To work in Norway, you need to get the appropriate residence permit. Australian citizens who wish to stay in Norway for over 90 days must have this residence permit. The residence permit also includes the features of a Norway work visa.

Considerations before applying

You must have clarity on the purpose of applying for a residence permit before you set out to apply for one. It could be work, family immigration, study, or staying as an au pair.

You must be an Australian citizen or a permanent resident of Australia to apply for the permit and consequently also a Norway work visa. The permanent residency in Australia must have been having a minimum validity of 6 months before you apply for a residence permit in Norway.

Gathering necessary documents

It’s necessary for you to collect all the necessary documents in the checklist deemed relevant on the website of the UDI. Documents like marriage certificates, birth certificates, diplomas, etc. must be submitted in original as well as their certified copies. The original passport will be returned to you when the decision arrives after processing the application.

Payment of application fees

Prior to handing over your passport along with other documents at the Norway embassy, VFS office, or consulate, you have to register your application. This must be done in the online portal for application. First-timers will have to create a new user account first on the portal.

The payment of application fees must be done online using a credit card. The fees must be paid while registering your application. The UDI website will guide you through the fee rates for each type of residence permit, even one that includes a Norway work visa.

Processing time

Applications for a residence permit are processed by the UDI within a specified time as can be found on the website of UDI.

Arriving in Norway

After successfully getting the application approved, you can cross the border to Norway at which time you will have to present:

  • Documentation showing the purpose of your stay in Norway
  • Your passport having the entry visa sticker (if you need an entry visa)

After entering Norway, you will meet the police there as per the appointment made prior to arrival. This is to obtain the Norway residence card.

The appointment has to be pre-booked via the application portal. The appointment has to be taken either the first 7 days of your being in Norway or the first available appointment you can make.

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