Finland Student Visa

Finland has good-quality universities that offer various degrees. If you wish to study here and do not belong to any EU or EEA country, then you must submit for a permit. A study permit is a short-term temporary permit you can submit for if your course duration is less than 90 days. If your course duration is more than 90 days, you must submit for a residence permit. The residence permit allows you to stay in Finland for one year and you can renew it once the period is over.

How to apply for a Student residence permit

Submit your application:

  • Fill the details in the form and submit online. Ensure you submit the requirements along with your form.
  • Pay your fees either online or at the Finland embassy or consulate
  • Visit the Finnish embassy or consulate on the appointment date to present your biometric data

Wait for a decision:

  • It may take 1 to 3 months to process your form
  • Collect your residence permit when you arrive in Finland

You must submit the following requirements with your study permit

  • Valid passport
  • Recent Color Passport photo
  • Certificate of acceptance from the educational institution in Finland
  • Details of tuition fee payments or any scholarships
  • Proof that you have enough funds to support yourself during your stay in the country
  • Receipt to prove that you have paid the processing fees for the permit
  • International student health insurance
Working with a residence permit

International students with a residence permit can work in Finland provided it is related to the course they are doing. A student can work for 25 hours a week during the program and full-time during vacation breaks.

Permits for dependents

As a student with a residence permit, you can bring your spouse and children to Finland during the course duration. They will have to independently submit for the permit to join you in the country. Finnish immigration authorities will try their best to process your forms together. To get their permits you must prove that you have enough funds to support their stay in Finland.

What is the difference between a Study Permit and a student residence permit?

A Finland study permit is a temporary short-term permit that is issued to an international student who wishes to stay and study in Finland for a maximum duration of 3 months or 90 days.

A Finland student residence permit, on the other hand, is a residence permit issued to an international student who wishes to stay and study in Finland for a duration longer than 3 months or 90 days. Generally, a student residence permit for Finland is granted for 1 year at a time.

When can I submit for the student resident permit in Finland?

You will have to submit for a residence permit for studying in Finland after you have secured a study place in an educational institution in Finland. To be issued a residence permit for studies, your studies in Finland must lead to a degree or a vocational qualification.

A residence permit might also be issued for studies not leading to a degree or vocational qualification, but only on reasonable grounds.

Which is better – electronic form or paper form?

According to the official website of the Finnish Immigration Service, as on January 20, 2020 –

Expected processing time for electronic application 1-3 months [First Permit]
Expected processing time for paper application 4–5 months [First Permit]
Electronic application fee EUR 350 [First Permit]
Paper application fee EUR 450 [First Permit]
What are the basic requirements for residence permit for studies in Finland?

For a residence permit for studies in Finland, an international student must have –

  • The required funds for the entire duration of your stay in Finland as an international student.
  • A confirmed study place in an educational institution that will lead to a degree or vocational qualification.
  • Your certificate of insurance will have to be attached with your form.
How much funds do I have to show?

You will have to show proof of having EUR 560 per month for the entire duration of your studies in Finland.

For a 2-year stay in Finland as an international student, you must have EUR 13,440 at your disposal.

Do I have to submit a new form as I accepted another study place after submitting my residence permit form?

No. You are not expected to notify the Finnish Immigration Service if you have accepted another study place in another university. All that is important is that you have a confirmed study place.

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