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Benefits of setting up business in Malta

There are two pathways for the entrepreneur visa

If you have a provisional business visa (Business innovation and investment (provisional) visa), you will be eligible for permanent residence after establishing your business

Business visa applicants with extensive experience (Business talent visa) can be sponsored by a state or territorial government for PR visa

With the Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) visa you can own and manage a business in Malta or conduct a business or investment activity entrepreneurial activity in Malta.

The right to establish a new or develop an existing business, or to invest in Malta

Unlimited travel in and out of Malta

Bring family members with you to Malta

Opportunity to apply for Malta citizenship

The opportunity to apply for permanent residence through the Business Innovation and Investment (Permanent) visa (subclass 888)

It is also possible to extend your visa for a further two years if you have applied and been granted the Subclass 188 visa under the Business Innovation stream


  • One of the most experienced immigration teams in the world
  • Global presence with 40+ offices in 4 countries
    1. One of the most experienced immigration teams in the world
    2. Global presence with 40+ offices in 4 countries
  • Highest ratio of successful migration applications
  • We offer documentation, processing, application filing & visa interview support



  • One of the most experienced immigration teams in the world
  • Global presence with 40+ offices in 4 countries
  • Highest ratio of successful migration applications
  • We offer documentation, processing, application filing & visa interview support
Eligibility to Invest

Eligibility to Invest

  • Ownership of a business with turnover of at least AUD 500,000 for at least 2 of the last 4 fiscal years

  • Net personal and business assets of at least AUD 800,000.

  • Under 55 years of age, unless the nominating state or territory certifies that you will make an exceptional economic contribution benefit.

  • Meet the pass mark in the Business Innovation and Investment Points test currently 65 points. Points are awarded on:

  • Age, English language ability, Qualifications

  • Experience in business or investment

  • Net personal and business assets, Business turnover

  • Innovation. Special endorsement

  • Have an overall successful career in business.

Opportunities In Malta

Work Opportunity

As one of the world’s most dynamic countries, Malta has an immense requirement for skilled talent. Make the most of this opportunity by applying for an Malta Work Visa. Having years of experience in Malta immigration processes, Y-Axis is the perfect consultant to launch your career in Malta.

Migrate Opportunity

Malta is one of the world’s most desired migration destinations, with a welcoming culture, vibrant cities, and sunny beaches. Highly-skilled professionals from all over the world come to Malta for its great quality of life and stable economic prospects. An English-speaking country, Malta is easy to assimilate into. Malta has a more cosmopolitan culture thanks to a significant migrant population. The enviable citizen benefits and progressive policies of Malta make it a great destination to settle with your family.

Study Opportunity

Choosing to be an overseas student might considerably expand your educational opportunities. Foreign universities in the United States, the United Kingdom or Malta have highly reputed institutions, and these three nations are home to a large percentage of the world’s top universities.

Invest in Malta through a Malta Residency Program. Learn about Malta investment visa requirements.

Think about investing in a foreign country and don’t miss Malta being one of your best options. Take advantage of the Malta Residency Program and get a Malta investment visa.

The option to make Malta residence by investment will benefit high-income individuals to obtain a Maltese passport in a short period of 2 to 3 years. For this, they are supposed to make a sizeable investment in Malta.

To earn citizenship in Malta, an investor can make use of the Malta Golden Visa program. Under the program, you will also be required to make an investment in real estate.

Options for investment under a Malta Golden Visa program

If you are ready to make an investment in Malta under the Malta Golden Visa program (Malta Residency Program), there are 2 citizenship options available to you:

  • The Malta Citizenship by Investment Program
  • The Malta Permanent Residency Program (MPRP)

An overview of investment options in Malta Citizenship by Investment Program


Main investment

Additional investment for family members

Additional residential investment

Additional philanthropic donation

3-year program

(Residency of 36 months)

You have to invest a minimum amount of €600,000 in the national development fund.

You have to invest an amount of €50,000 additionally for each dependent member of the family enlisted u in the application you submitted.

You have to purchase a residential estate with a price that comes to a minimum of €700,000 or

Draw a rental agreement of a minimum amount of €16,00 per year. You must maintain this for a minimum of 5 years.

You have to donate a minimum amount of €10,000 to an approved scientific,

cultural, artistic, or

philanthropic, society, or organization.

1-year program

(Residency of 12 months)

You have to invest a minimum of €750,000 in the national development fund.

Understanding the Malta Permanent Residency Program (MPRP)

The MPRP helps you become a permanent resident in Malta. This should be understood differently from immediate citizenship. MPRP is part of the Malta Golden Visa scheme. For an MPRP the minimum investment required is €100,000. Here’s a break-up of the investments to make:

Main investment

You have to invest a minimum of €98,000 into a fund approved by the government.

Charitable donation

You have to make a minimum charitable donation of €2,000 to a registered non-governmental organization in Malta.

Residential investment

You have to sign a rental contract of a minimum amount of €10,000/year for at least 5 years.

Are you eligible for a Malta Golden Visa?

Check it out! Here are the criteria to meet to become eligible for Malta Golden Visa:

·You must be 18 years of age.

·You have a clear criminal background. You shouldn’t be facing a criminal investigation or sanctions at an international. This is also applicable to every family member included in the application you submitted.

·You are ready to support your family members who are included in the application you submitted.

How to benefit from citizenship through investment in Malta?

If you become a Malta citizen the following benefits:

  • It will be possible for you and your family to live permanently in Malta or at any location in the EU.
  • It will be possible for you and your family to study and work in Malta or at any location in the EU.
  • You can travel to more than 140 countries without a visa, worldwide.
  • After you get Malta citizenship, you will automatically pass on citizenship to any of your descendants.
  • You will be enabled to access the educational, social, and health benefits available in Malta.

Residency requirements for citizenship by investment in Malta

The period of time you are required to live in Malta prior to becoming eligible for Malta citizenship depends on the amount you invest in the country:

  • If you make a minimum investment of €750,000, you can obtain a Malta passport after 1 year.
  • If you make a minimum investment of €650,000, you can obtain a Malta passport after 3 years.
  • If you make a minimum investment of €100,000, you can obtain a Malta passport after a minimum period of 5 years.

The procedure for applying for a Malta Golden Visa

Here’s a brief list of essential steps involved in the Malta Golden Visa process:

  1. Have a trip to Malta before you make your investment.
  2. Keep all your necessary documents collected and ready. You must be able to prove that you can make an investment sufficient to earn eligibility for the Malta investment visa (Golden visa).
  3. Submit your application for a Golden Visa to the Residency Malta Agency.
  4. If all goes well, you and your family will get Malta residence permits.
  5. Under 12 months after getting your residence permits, you have to submit an application to find out if you have eligibility for Malta citizenship.
  6. In case you have the eligibility, you will get an Eligibility Letter of Approval.
  7. After 1-3 years of residence (period determined based on the investment you made), you will be required to submit all the documents necessary to apply for citizenship in Malta.
  8. After you and your family immigrate to Malta, and after a period of 1-3 years, you become naturalized as citizens of Malta. Then you can get your passports.

Necessary documents for a Malta Golden Visa

To file an application for a Malta Golden Visa, you have to provide the following documents:

  • Your passport
  • Passports of all members of your family members included in your application
  • Proof of having undergone due diligence
  • Cover letter
  • Proof that your funds were obtained legally
  • Proof that you have sufficient funds required for the investment
  • Bank statements issued in your country of origin
  • Proof of relationship with family members like:
    • Birth certificate
    • Marriage certificate
    • Divorce certificate (subject to applicability)
    • Custody documents (subject to applicability)
  • Documents that prove financial dependency (for parents, adult children, or grandparents)
  • Police certificates that prove that you don’t have a criminal background.
  • Yours and your family members (above the age of 12 years and included in the application) biometric data
  • Yours and your family members’ medical reports to prove that you don’t have any disease that’s contagious and which could pose a threat to public health in Malta
  • Any other documents to support the information you furnished, as required

It will take from 4 months to a year to complete the actual visa processing. After that, you must live at least a year in Malta before you are able to apply for citizenship.


  • Administrative fee: €40,000 for the visa application as well as due diligence fees
  • Fees including the acquisition of documents, services, and legal fees: €50,000+

Who are the eligible family members for a Malta Golden Visa?

  • Your de facto partner/spouse, (an individual with whom you have a monogamous relationship)
  • Your children (including your spouse’s children) aged under 18 when submitting the application
  • Any child aged above 18, and is unmarried as well as has a financial dependency on you (e.g., students)
  • Any child aged above 18 and has a dependence on you or your spouse owing to any mental or physical disabilities
  • The dependent parents/grandparents of either you or your spouse aged above 55

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