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Posted on March 16 2022

Top in-demand jobs for Canada - 2022

By  Editor
Updated November 15 2023

  Is it your desire to work in Canada? If yes, then get ready to explore the Canadian economic landscape to discover the golden opportunities presented by the country’s labor market. Canada has always wanted skilled foreigners to move into the country and contribute to its economy and demography. Canada has the presence of world-class enterprises and companies that offer well-paid jobs. These jobs are also in-demand as they are crucial to developing the company and demand a lot of skill that is not available among Canadians. If you migrate to Canada on a Canada work visa after finding your job with a Canadian employer, you will be starting a journey on a pathway that leads to remarkable career growth and permanent residence. After all, who would not want to live and work in a country like Canada, which is counted among the world’s best countries? The reasons are many! High standard of life, multi-cultural atmosphere, world-class education, safety, and political stability. Canada is considered a major economic force north of the US, and the country shares a cordial and flourishing relationship with the USA. The predominant presence of happy immigrants in Canada will also make you confident that your choice of land for immigration was, after all, the best. *Check your eligibility to Canada through Y-Axis Canada Immigration Points Calculator instantly for free.

Jobs outlook in Canada

Canada is consistent with job creation in the country. Major job-creation happens in sectors like healthcare, IT, and engineering, apart from trades. Qualified foreign workers have opportunities to join many in-demand job positions that remain open for various provinces of Canada. These provinces have regional economies and labor markets and the human resource demands they have to meet. If you are interested to work in Canada, we are here to introduce to you the top in-demand jobs in the country in 2022.

Top in-demand jobs in Canada in 2022

Let us explore the list of top in demand jobs in Canada along with their average salaries.  

Job title Average annual salary
Electrical Engineer $72,891
Registered Nurse $70,797
Network Administrator $64,838
Accountant $53,382
Software Developer $76,021
Human Resource Professional $58,432
Chemists $57,500
Mechanical Engineers $72,600
Civil Engineers $89,993
Electrical & Electronic Engineers $71,994
Manufacturing Engineers $70,000
Chemical Engineers $80,000
Mining Engineers $93,750
Computer Engineers $80,355
Aerospace Engineers $89,700
Architects $97,222
Database Analysts & Data Administrators $77,902
Industrial Designers $52,500
Specialist Physicians $69,808
Dentists $263,000
Chiropractors $85,000
Veterinarians $87,385
Optometrists $33,150
Dietitians and nutritionists $65,237
Physiotherapists $78,056
Opticians $44,850
Psychologists $93,920
Librarians $68,186


What are the different paths to migrate to Canada with job offer?

You can choose any of the following Economic immigration pathways to immigrate to Canada:

Follow the Y-Axis job trends in Canada to find your right path to start a career in this top friendly immigration country. Are you willing to Migrate to Canada, contact Y-Axis, the leading overseas career consultant in Australia. If you found this blog engaging, you may also like: Jobs outlook 2022 – The opportunities to gain if you work in Canada


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