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Total draws: 3

Total no. of candidates: 434

StreamNo. of drawsNo. of candidates

Get employed in Canada, immigrate through Alberta PNP

Alberta is one of Canada’s powerful provincial economies. It’s reputed for its industries like hospitality, tourism, education, forestry, agriculture, and fossil energy. The province provides jobs to thousands of people and hence is a major attraction for immigrants who wish to move to and work in Canada.


The Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program

The AINP is an economic immigration program. It nominates prospective immigrants to become permanent residents in Alberta. The nominees must have the necessary skills to meet the labor requirements of Alberta’s labor market. It also nominates candidates to purchase or set up a business in Alberta.

The candidates invited by AINP must also have the capability to support their families while in the province. The AINP is run by the Canadian and Alberta governments.

Upon getting nominated by Alberta via the AINP, you may apply for Canada PR. You can include your common-law partner/spouse and dependent children.

IRCC manages Canada PR applications. The federal government makes the final decision on the applications from any candidate who wishes to become a Canadian permanent resident.

Streams under AINP for Alberta immigration

Streams for workers

Important Announcement

AAIP Applications is opened  from July 09, 2024

According to the recent updates, the Alberta application is open today, July 9th, 2024, for the below streams.The next slot will be opening on August 13th, 2024.Candidates must submit their EOIs as per the AAIP requirements for below streams:

  • Alberta Opportunity Stream
  • Rural Renewal Stream
  • Accelerated Tech Pathway
  • Tourism and Hospitality Stream

Target completed for the Alberta Opportunity Stream and Tourism and Hospitality Stream

The application for Alberta streams must ensure that the client is living and working in Alberta with a valid job offer in:

  • Alberta Opportunity Stream
  • Rural Renewal Stream
  • Accelerated Tech Pathway
  • Tourism and Hospitality Stream

The application period opened on June 11th, 2024, and will remain open until the caps are reached. 

*Note- Only 430 applications will be accepted under the Alberta Opportunity Stream and 30 applications for the Accelerated Tech Pathway. The next cap will open on July 9th, 2024.


Alberta streams and pathways have adopted the new approach 

From June 11, 2024, the following streams and pathways have adopted the new approach:

  • Alberta Opportunity Stream
  • Rural Renewal Stream
  • Accelerated Tech Pathway
  • Tourism and Hospitality Stream

The applications will be accepted on the basis of monthly selection, from:

  • June 11, July 9, August 13, September 10, October 8, November 5, and December 10

*Note:If a stream or pathway monthly application target is completed, no further applications will be accepted until the next date.

Alberta Express Entry Stream

Immigration candidates with an Express Entry profile could be eligible to be invited by the AINP to apply for Canada PR. A limited number of candidates can immigrate via this stream.

Candidates with demonstrable connections with Alberta and who can support the government of Alberta in its economic development and priorities for diversification could get an invitation in an Alberta PNP program draw.

International students who graduated from Canadian post-secondary institutions may also get selected to apply under this stream.

Alberta Opportunity Stream

This stream is meant for those who reside and work in Alberta. The candidates who have a job offer from an employee in Alberta can apply for a provincial nomination via this stream. It’s necessary for candidates to get a positive LMIA (Labor Market Impact Assessment). Or else, they will need a work permit Canada accepted for exemption from LMIA.

All PNP draws in 2023
Total no. of candidates: 38,321
Total draws: 86
Month Province No. of draws No. of candidates
May BC 5 854
Manitoba 2 1065
Ontario 5 6890
Quebec 1 802
Saskatchewan 2 2076
PEI 2 280
April Alberta 4 405
BC 4 678
Manitoba 3 1631
Ontario 5 1184
Quebec 1 1020
Saskatchewan 1 1067
PEI 1 189
March Alberta 1 134
BC 4 968
Manitoba 2 1163
New Brunswick 1 144
Ontario 6 3,906
PEI 3 303
Quebec 2 1636
Saskatchewan 2 550
February Ontario 4 3,183
Manitoba 2 891
Saskatchewan 1 421
British Columbia 4 909
PEI 1 228
Alberta 1 100
January Ontario 6 3,591
Manitoba 2 658
Saskatchewan 1 50
British Columbia 5 1,122
PEI 2 223
Total 86 38,321


Self-employed farmer Streams for entrepreneurs

If you are an experienced farmer planning to buy or start a farm in Alberta, you can apply for permanent residence in Alberta. The candidates who choose this stream would be entrepreneurs with the financial resources and experience in farm management.

Candidates need to submit their application and a proposed business plan to the AINP to get it assessed. AINP will engage in consultation with Alberta Agriculture & Forestry to make sure the business plan is feasible and viable. It will also be ensured that the plan will meet the requirements of Alberta’s agriculture industry.

Upon finding misrepresentation or fraud in an application, AINP can ban a candidate for up to 5 years from filing another application.

International Graduate Entrepreneur Immigration Stream

This stream caters to international students who have graduated from approved post-secondary institutions in Alberta. These candidates would want to buy an existing business or start a business of their own in Alberta. They can file an EOI with AINP.

Foreign Graduate Start-Up Visa Stream

This is the stream for foreign graduates from outside Canada to apply for permanent residence in Canada. The candidates can launch a start-up enterprise or an innovative business in Alberta.

Alberta immigration via Alberta PNP is thus possible by applying under the immigration streams mentioned above.

Alberta PNP Draws in 2024

Month No. of draws Total no. of Invitations
July 1 37
June 1 73
April 1 48
February 4 248
January 4 130


Alberta PNP Draw Updates in 2023
Invitation Dates Number of Invitations issued CRS score of lowest-ranked candidate
November 9, 2023 16 305
October 26, 2023 100 369
October 24, 2023 132 300-326
October 10, 2023 13 327
October 5, 2023 150 323
October 3, 2023 33 313
September 26, 2023 18 311
September 14, 2023 142 301
September 12, 2023 316 CRS 327-383
August 29, 2023 18 CRS 300
August 24, 2023 168 CRS 302
August 22, 2023 89 CRS 303 
August 16, 2023 300 CRS408
August 15, 2023 14 CRS 326
 August 3, 2023 201 CRS 315
August 1, 2023 43 CRS 317-322


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