Immigrate to New Brunswick via New Brunswick PNP

New Brunswick, the Canadian province on Canada’s Atlantic coast, is noted for the presence of thick forests. It also has very friendly communities that welcome new immigrants easily. Most of these communities are English-speaking and hence a place where you can confidently move to if you are from an English-speaking part of the world.

It has a relatively low population and hence has great scope for you to settle down and enjoy the great outdoors. The province is great for Canada immigration candidates who wish to lead a simpler, peaceful lifestyle. This is largely possible because of the natural features like forests and lakes.

Another appealing fact about New Brunswick is that real estate is the cheapest in this province. New Brunswick may not be as happening an economy as other major provinces. But employees get consistently higher average hourly earnings than any other province in the Atlantic region. The only exception is Newfoundland and Labrador.

New Brunswick Immigrant Nominee Program

New Brunswick PNP functions in agreement with the Canadian government. It nominates selected immigration candidates who are skilled workers willing to live and work in Canada in its New Brunswick province. These candidates are capable of contributing to the province’s economy in full-time, continuous employment.

If you as a worker are skilled in an in-demand occupation in New Brunswick, you will have a better chance of immigrating to Canada. They can do so by applying through one of the PNP categories of New Brunswick.

New Brunswick PNP has 4 categories namely:
  • Atlantic Immigration Pilot – This project is meant to solve the labor shortages wherein employers raise the requirement for skilled foreign workers, driving the immigration program. The candidates will be invited to the 4 Atlantic provinces of Canada namely Nova Scotia, Newfoundland & Labrador, Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick.
  • New Brunswick Skilled Workers Stream – Foreign workers with sufficient education, skills, and work experience who can make their contribution to the province’s economy can utilize this category. The candidates must have an offer to a full-time eligible job.
  • New Brunswick Express Entry Stream – The fastest way to immigrate to Canada, candidates can apply under this category after meeting certain eligibility criteria set by the Express Entry system.
  • New Brunswick Entrepreneurial Stream – Experienced business people who wish to get Canada PR in New Brunswick can apply under this category. They can own and manage a business in New Brunswick. The applicant must:
    • Pay a visit to the province to explore the business scene for a minimum of 5 business days
    • Have a business that is of benefit to the province
    • Have a minimum post-secondary education of 2 years (ECA necessary for foreign education)
    • Have English and French language proficiency with a minimum NCLC or CLB score of 5
    • Own at least 33.33% of the business
    • Involved in the daily affairs of the business
    • Invest at least $250,000 in an existing business if that’s what the candidate intends to do
    • Have a minimum personal net worth of $600,000, $300,000 of which must be liquid
    • Create and keep a minimum of 2 jobs in New Brunswick
    • Be in the age range of 22 to 55
    • Be able to demonstrate profits from a business purchased in New Brunswick that must have been operational for a minimum of 2 years

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