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Immigrate to Canada through Saskatchewan Immigration

Saskatchewan is located in Western Canada. The province is one of the agricultural production hubs in Canada. The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program has a few pathways for immigration candidates. They can use them to become Canada PR. Through its provincial immigration programs, the SINP finds skilled foreign workers. Also welcomed are workers with jobs offered in the province. Workers in businesses facing labor shortages and entrepreneurs who can invest in the businesses of the province get invited too.

The different categories under which immigration candidates come in Saskatchewan are: 

  • Saskatchewan Experience
  • Saskatchewan International Skilled Worker
  • Saskatchewan Entrepreneur and Farm

Saskatchewan experience

This category has 5 streams under this category. They are made to rope in foreign workers who have already got employment in Saskatchewan. SINP Canada needs these candidates to have a job offer from an employer in Saskatchewan. This will help them keep working in the province.

Workers in certain sectors are given priority by certain streams of this category. Those are categories that are facing shortages in labor. The different streams under this category are:

  • Saskatchewan Students
  • Saskatchewan Existing Work Permit
  • Saskatchewan Hospitality Sector Project
  • Saskatchewan Health Professionals
  • Saskatchewan Long-Haul Truck Driver Project

Saskatchewan International Skilled Worker

With 3 streams, this category welcomes skilled foreign workers who are capable enough to join the workforce of Saskatchewan. These chosen candidates would also be adaptable to life in the province without any difficulty. Certain streams give priority to workers who hold experience in sectors that need more skilled workers in the province. The other streams look for foreign workers willing to work in Canada with job offers from employers in Saskatchewan.

The 3 streams under this category are:

  • Saskatchewan Employment Offer
  • Saskatchewan Express Entry
  • Saskatchewan In-Demand Occupation
All PNP draws in 2023
Total no. of candidates: 38,321
Total draws: 86
Month Province No. of draws No. of candidates
May BC 5 854
Manitoba 2 1065
Ontario 5 6890
Quebec 1 802
Saskatchewan 2 2076
PEI 2 280
April Alberta 4 405
BC 4 678
Manitoba 3 1631
Ontario 5 1184
Quebec 1 1020
Saskatchewan 1 1067
PEI 1 189
March Alberta 1 134
BC 4 968
Manitoba 2 1163
New Brunswick 1 144
Ontario 6 3,906
PEI 3 303
Quebec 2 1636
Saskatchewan 2 550
February Ontario 4 3,183
Manitoba 2 891
Saskatchewan 1 421
British Columbia 4 909
PEI 1 228
Alberta 1 100
January Ontario 6 3,591
Manitoba 2 658
Saskatchewan 1 50
British Columbia 5 1,122
PEI 2 223
Total 86 38,321

Saskatchewan Entrepreneur and Farm

This category has 2 streams meant to cater to individuals with experience in business management. These candidates are individuals who wish to start a new business in Saskatchewan. The 2 streams are as follows:

  • Saskatchewan Entrepreneur
  • Saskatchewan Farm Owners & Operators

The entrepreneurial stream is meant for general entrepreneurs who have proposals for business in different sectors. The farm stream is meant for farming entrepreneurs.


Latest Saskatchewan PNP Draw Updates: 


Invitation Dates Number of Invitations Issued CRS score of candidates
November 02, 2023  13 115-155
October 23, 2023 99 84
August 16 ,2023 642 60
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