Immigrate to Manitoba via Manitoba PNP

Manitoba is one of Canada’s prairie provinces. The province is well-known for its agricultural production. The MPNP (Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program) is a PNP that has many immigration pathways that helps immigration candidates to get a Canada PR visa.

The immigrants welcomed to Manitoba include recent graduates, skilled workers, agricultural entrepreneurs, and workers in sectors where there’s a shortage of skilled labor. There are 4 categories under the Manitoba PNP program through which immigration candidates are invited to the province. They are:

  • Skilled Workers Overseas
  • Skilled Workers in Manitoba
  • Business Investor Stream
  • International Education Stream
Skilled Workers Overseas

There are 3 immigration streams that come under the Skilled Workers Overseas category. These streams target immigration candidates who are skilled workers who are willing to join the workforce of the province and adapt to the province’s lifestyle with ease. Priority is given to skilled workers who have work experience in in-demand jobs in Manitoba.

The 3 streams under this category are:

  • Manitoba Express Entry Pathway
  • Manitoba Skilled Workers Overseas Stream
  • Manitoba Human Capital Pathway (soon to come)
Skilled Workers in Manitoba

This category has 3 immigration streams that aim to invite skilled workers who already have work experience in Manitoba or has job offers in the province. The immigration candidates who come under this category are residing and working in Manitoba when they apply for Canada PR. In certain instances, the candidates may get invitations to apply once they take part in a session of recruitment with MPNP overseas.

The 3 streams under this category are:

  • Skilled Workers in Manitoba Stream
  • Employer Direct Recruitment Pathway (soon to come)
  • Manitoba Experience Pathway (soon to come)
Business Investor Stream

The Business Investor has 2 immigration streams that invite people with experience in business management. These are individuals who want to start a new business in Manitoba. The streams under the Business Investor stream are:

  • Manitoba Entrepreneur Pathway – It’s meant for experienced businessmen who are either senior managers or owners. They intend to set up a new business in Manitoba.
  • Manitoba Farm Investor Pathway – It’s meant for experienced farmers who want to invest in Manitoba to build a new farm.
International Education Stream

Manitoba sees great potential in international students who have just completed graduation from the province’s designated secondary institutions. The candidates who apply under this category will need work experience or experience in managing a business in Manitoba. This experience may be gained during the course of study or after graduation.

MPNP Draws in 2022


Date of Draw

Total LAAs sent

EOI Draw #135

January 27, 2022


EOI Draw #134

January 13, 2022


EOI Draw #136

February 27, 2022


EOI Draw #137

February 13, 2022


EOI Draw #139

March 24, 2022


EOI Draw #141

March 10, 2022


EOI Draw #142

April 7, 2022


EOI Draw #144

April 21, 2022




The 3 pathways open within this stream are:

  • Manitoba Graduate Internship
  • Manitoba Career Employment
  • Manitoba Student Entrepreneur

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program has immigration streams that prefer skilled candidates who have work experience in one of the many occupations listed as in-demand jobs. Though not all streams ask for skills in in-demand jobs, sometimes such experience can offer a distinct advantage to the candidates. French-speaking immigration candidates are given exemption from being required to have experience in an in-demand job to get eligibility to apply with MPNP.

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