Jobs outlook 2022 – The opportunities to gain if you work in Canada

Job Outlook in Canada 2022

Job prospects for foreigners willing to work in Canada on a Canada work visa or a PR visa look quite bright in the year 2022. If you are keen to explore the job scene of Canada, here we are to present you with the job outlook of Canada in the year 2022.

Skilled professionals in various industrial sectors are required in large numbers in Canada. So, from the job outlook information for 2022 that we will share with you here, you could have a wise assessment of your job prospects in Canada in your area of work.


IT jobs in Canada will continue and grow to be key roles for increasingly popular practices like automation, remote work, and virtual commerce. There are more and more companies that are willing to adopt a remote or hybrid job culture for their employees at work in Canada.

But, immigrants with the desire to experience more of Canada from the inside, recruited by reputed IT companies will prefer to take the Canadian opportunity and move to the country.

The average annual salary of IT professionals in Canada is around $66,000.


Software will be a leading sector in making scalable and sustainable solutions for enterprises and government bodies in Canada in 2022. A lot of qualified software professionals including software engineers and software programmers will be needed to work in Canada from overseas. The most in-demand job roles will include software developers, database analysts, network engineers, and business system analysts.


It’s been predicted that by 2028, there will be an increase of around 12,000 jobs in the Engineering sector in Canada. A highly enthusiastic journey towards this target will take place in 2022. Finally, things will be back to normal after making immense progress in arresting the COVID pandemic. The emergence of new engineering disciplines and the need for skilled personnel in such areas of work will open up a great opportunity for educated immigrants, with engineering skills.

Engineering professionals get an average annual salary of around $82,000.


Growing revolutionary technologies like Blockchain, AI, and cloud computing will involve themselves in the financial areas concerning business and trade. There will be great demand for young finance professionals who are prepared to transition into the new technological implementations in fintech.

By 2028, around 23,000 new jobs will be created in the financial sector. The industry will move towards this target at a faster pace in 2022 as the COVID-19 pandemic is under control.

Finance professionals get an average annual salary of around $60,000.

Human Resources

In Canada, companies have adopted an approach of combining options for remote work with innovative tech solutions for HR functions. They are now prioritizing employee engagement in the face of employees having many career options post-COVID-19. As they will hire more employees, an efficient HR workforce will be required to oversee the recruitment process. That will be the best opportunity overseas HR professionals can seize.

HR professionals get an average annual salary of around $52,000.


The year 2022 will be a year of revival as international travel will resume and once again tourism will bring people to Canada arriving on a Canada visit visa. The Canadian government will also be running the Tourism and Hospitality Recovery program. The program will feature subsidies on wages and rent for travel agencies, restaurants, tour operators, and hotels. The subsidy could be as high as 75%.

Assistive programs like Canada Recovery Hiring Program will help the hospitality enterprises to hire workers back and create new job opportunities. So, hospitality professionals need to keep track and stay updated to learn about new job opportunities.

Professionals in the hospitality industry will get an average annual salary of around $58,000.


Healthcare careers will be undoubtedly among the most flourishing ones in Canada in 2022. This calls for a lot of opportunities for foreign healthcare professionals to find well-paid jobs in Canada. Jobs like nurses, surgeons, psychologists, and physicians will become more significant and will have lots of job vacancies in 2022.

Healthcare professionals get an average annual salary of around $98,000.

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