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Become a Canada PR with Yukon Nominee Program

An introduction to Yukon

Yukon is a Canadian territory that has a population of just over 30,000 people. The province has its own requirements for skilled labor as its labor market badly needs skilled foreign workers. These individuals will be found and invited to Canada through PNP draws conducted by Yukon so that the manpower requirements for skilled and semi-skilled jobs will be met.

How does Yukon do this?

Yukon fulfills its requirements for skilled foreign nationals through the Yukon Nominee Program. The Yukon Nominee Program is a Provincial Nominee Program. It is a bundle of many pathways that enables foreign nationals to become Canada PR visa holders, becoming contributors to the country and the province’s development.

Yukon operates the following immigration streams:

  • Yukon Express Entry
  • Yukon Business Nominee
  • Yukon Skilled Worker
  • Yukon Critical Impact Worker
  • Yukon Community Pilot

Yukon Express Entry

The Yukon Express Entry opened in 2015. The YEE is aligned with the federal Express Entry system. It means that candidates with an Express Entry profile that’s active and in the Express Entry pool will be eligible to join this stream.

The candidate must have an intention to live and be employed in the Yukon province. That’s necessary for getting nominated by Yukon that will enable the candidate to claim 600 extra CRS points on their actual score. They will even stand a chance to get faster processing of their application for Canada PR.

Yukon Business Nominee

When it comes to finding smart and skilled entrepreneurs from overseas to help improve the economy of Yukon, the Yukon Business Nominee Program is what they go with.

This immigration program is open to foreign entrepreneurs who have proven skills in running businesses and are willing to operate their businesses in the Yukon territory of Canada.

If you are an entrepreneur who’s nominated by Yukon under this program, you will get a letter of support, allowing you to get a 2-year work permit issued by IRCC. With this work permit, the candidate can start and run a business in Yukon along with establishing themselves in the territory.

In the 2-year period, the candidate has the work permit, the candidate will get support from the territorial government to file an application for Canada PR with IRCC.

Yukon Skilled Worker

Skilled workers are always in demand in the labor market of Yukon. So, when Yukon needs to fill the gaps in the territory’s workforce, the Yukon Skilled Worker stream is helpful.

Under this stream, the Yukon Nominee Program opens up the opportunity to employers in the territorial region to nominate skilled foreign nationals for Canada PR.

In this stream, the employer and the candidate are required to meet the criteria of eligibility.

What the applicant must meet in criteria?

Criteria of job offer

Eligibility for candidates comes from having an offer for a full-time, permanent job from a Yukon employer deemed eligible. Such an offer has to be in a position with a prescribed skill level of 0, A, or B on the NOC.

Criteria for proficiency in an official language

Candidates are required to have the results of an official language test that shows that they have proficiency in English/French language sufficiently. This is necessary for them to perform the job offered to them.

Candidates with an offer to a job at NOC skill level 0 or A are required to show proof of their proficiency. This level of proficiency must be equivalent to CLB level 7 at the least. Candidates offered a job at NOC skill level B have to show proof of their proficiency that’s equivalent to level 5 of the CLB scale.

Criteria for education level

In the least, the candidates need to have a minimum qualification equivalent to a high school level education in Canada. They must also have any education needed to do the job offered.

Criteria for work experience

The candidates need to have a minimum work experience of 1 year holding a position related to the job they are offered by the employer in Yukon.

What the employer must meet in criteria?

For an employer in Yukon to be eligible to make a job offer considered valid to a foreign worker for the Yukon Nominee Program, he/she must meet certain requirements.

Requirements for job offer

The employer has to offer a full-time position that’s indeterminate, with a wage that matches industry standards.

Requirements for business

The employer’s business in Yukon must have been in operation in Yukon for a minimum of 1 year. If the employer’s business is of an organization of non-profit nature, the enterprise must have been operating for a minimum of 3 years. They must have secured funding for a minimum of 1 year right from the date of application to the Yukon Nominee Program. The business needs to also have valid current licenses to operate in Yukon.

Requirements for recruitment

The employer must demonstrate that the employer had made reasonable efforts to recruit a native Canadian in the vacant position before offering the job to a foreign national. Employers have to meet specific requirements for advertising their requirements. This includes advertising the position vacant for a minimum of 4 weeks in a minimum of 2 local and 1 national media for recruitment.

Yukon Critical Impact Worker

This stream comes in helpful for employers in Yukon to nominate workers with experience in low-skilled occupations for Canada PR. Foreign workers with the required level of experience in semi-skilled and low-skilled occupations can be invited to fill in job vacancies of the same level.

In this stream, the employer and the candidate are required to meet the criteria of eligibility.

What the applicant must meet in criteria?

The job offered

An eligible candidate for this stream must have an offer for a full-time permanent job from an eligible employer in Yukon. The job offered must belong to NOC skill level classification C or D.

Proficiency in language

The official language test results of the candidate must show that he/she has language proficiency matching CLB level 4.

Education level

An education that’s equivalent to a high-school education in Canada is expected from the candidate. Also, the candidate must have education enough to do the duties in the job offered to him/her.

Work experience

A minimum work experience of 6 months in the position related to the job they are given by the employer in Yukon is necessary.

What the employer must meet in criteria?

Requirements of job offer

The job offered by the employer must be a full-time position that’s indeterminate. The wage decided must be at par with industry standards.

Requirements of business

The business of the employer must have been functional in Yukon for at least a year. This term is 3 years for a non-profit organization. It must also be secured with funding for a minimum of 1 year from the time of application to the Yukon Nominee Program. Also required from the business are valid and current licenses for operating business in Yukon.

Requirement for recruitment

The employer has to show proof that he/she has made sufficient efforts to recruit a native Canadian to the vacant job position before offering the position to a foreign national. Also, the employer must meet specific requirements for advertising the job position like advertising for at least 4 weeks in at least 1 national and 2 local recruitment media.

Yukon Community Pilot

This is a new stream under Yukon Nominee Program. This pilot is meant to address the specific labor and economic market requirements of Yukon.

Over the coming 3 years, the government of Yukon will send invitations to skilled workers via this pilot program to find people to fill the positions vacant in the job market. Also, it will aim at recruiting talents belonging to the top tier in Yukon. Qualified candidates will get a 2-year open work permit that’s location-restricted.

Program requirements

To qualify for the work permit, the candidate has to:

  • Have 2 or 3 job offers deemed eligible that:
    • Are all in the same participating Yukon community
    • Adds up to a minimum of 30 hours of work weekly (equivalent to a full-time job)
    • They have to be non-seasonal
      • This, in general means that the candidate has paid employment throughout the year that’s consistent and scheduled regularly
    • The wage must match or be more than the minimum wage
    • The candidate’s experience has to show that he/she is able to perform the duties the jobs demand from them
  • Keep a signed letter of support issued by the Yukon government
  • Fulfill the general requirements prescribed for obtaining a work permit

Document requirement

  • A letter of support signed and issued by the Yukon government stating:
    • that the employers offering the candidate the job requires him/her to work in the community at the earliest
    • that the job offer is genuine and includes the details of the job offer, like employer name, name of occupation, job locations, and the number of hours
  • A copy of the nomination letter issued by the Yukon government that confirms that the candidate has been nominated for Canada PR
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