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Ontario is a province that’s situated in Central Canada. The economic hub of Canada, Toronto, is situated in this province. So is Ottawa, the capital city of Canada.

Ontario Provincial Nominee Program has many pathways that help foreign nationals become Canada PR. As with the PNP programs of other provinces, the Ontario PNP program is designed to get skilled foreign workers. They are invited to the province to fill the labor shortages in the province as well as rope in experienced entrepreneurs and willing investors.

The following are the immigration categories operating in Ontario:

Ontario Human Capital

This category has immigration streams that aim for candidates fit to join the labor force in Ontario. Individuals who have educational or work experience in Ontario, having competitive profiles in Express Entry, and proficiency in English and French stand a chance to be invited from one of the following streams:

  • French-Speaking Skilled Worker – Express Entry
  • Human Capital Priorities – Express Entry
  • Skilled Trades – Express Entry
  • D. Graduate
  • Masters Graduate

Ontario Business

This category is designed for rich entrepreneurs and corporations interested in making investments in businesses in Ontario. Entrepreneurs and corporations having proven track records of success can enter Ontario to set up new business projects in the province. With finding success in these business projects, the applicants who own and manage those businesses will get a nomination for Canada PR.

Ontarip PNP draws in 2022


Notifications of Interest, or NOIs, are issued for – (1) Human Capital Priorities (HCP) steam, (2)  French-Speaking Skilled Worker (FSSW), and (3)  Skilled Trades (ST) stream.


Invitations to Apply, or ITAs, are issued in the Expression of Interest (EOI) draws held by the OINP.

5 OINP streams have an EOI system –(1)   Employer Job Offer (EJO): Foreign Worker, (2)  EJO: International Student, (3)  EJO: In-Demand Skills, (4) Masters Graduate, and (5) PhD Graduate. Date of round of invitations  Stream NOIs / ITAs issued 
1 January 27, 2022 ST 1,032
2 January 12, 2022 HCP 502
3 January 11, 2022 EJO: Foreign Worker stream 264
4 January 11, 2022 EJO: International Student stream 762
5 January 11, 2022

EJO: In-Demand Skills stream

Targeted draw for health, manufacturing and agricultural occupations.

6 February 24, 2022 ST 818
7 February 22, 2022 HCP 773
8 February 08, 2022 HCP 622
9 February 08, 2022 FSSW 206
10 February 22, 2022 EJO: Foreign Worker stream 8
11 February 09, 2022 EJO: Foreign Worker stream 476
12 February 09, 2022 EJO: Foreign Worker stream 166
13 February 09, 2022 EJO: In-Demand Skills stream 107
14 March 01, 2022

Employer Job Offer: Foreign Worker stream

Employer Job Offer: International Student stream

Masters Graduate stream

15 March 24, 2022 Skilled Trades stream 471
16 March 30, 2022

Employer Job Offer: Foreign Worker stream

Employer Job Offer: International Student stream

Masters Graduate stream

17 April 26, 2022   1034
18 April 28, 2022   301

Ontario Employer Job Offer

The streams under this category of the Ontario immigrant nominee program give options for immigration to applicants holding valid job offers from Ontario employers. The employer and the occupation must satisfy certain conditions. The applicants need to also meet some requirements for eligibility which depends on their choice of immigration stream. These could be:

  • Foreign Worker
  • In-Demand Skills
  • International Student with a Job Offer

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