Find your place to thrive in a Canadian province with Canada PNP

Canada offers you a pathway to Canada PR through its Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs). If you are interested to immigrate to a particular province or territory, PNP is a great way to choose.

Every Canadian province/territory has its own PNP that it operates to meet its economic and demographic requirements.

On a yearly basis, Canada’s federal government raises the number of invitations to immigrants via PNP draws. These immigration events offer the fastest path to Canada’s economic immigration.

Except for Quebec, all other Canadian provinces select and invite immigration candidates via PNP invitation rounds. These PNP events give you the opportunity for becoming a Canadian permanent resident.

A successful applicant to a PNP will receive a provincial nomination. With this provincial nomination, you can apply for Canada PR with a better chance to get one at the federal level.

Canadian Provinces and Territories

The following are the Canadian provinces and territories that operate their own PNP to meet their economic and demographic requirements.

  • Yukon
  • Saskatchewan
  • Prince Edward Island
  • Quebec
  • Ontario
  • Northwest Territories
  • Nova Scotia
  • Newfoundland & Labrador
  • Manitoba
  • New Brunswick
  • Alberta
  • British Columbia

With each province and territory operating its own PNP program with various streams involved, there are 80 provincial nominee programs in Canada.

PNPs Involving Express Entry

The launch of the Canada Express Entry system happened in 2015. It was designed to manage the Canada immigration applications that classify and chooses candidate profiles based on human capital factors.

Canadian provinces have since then created PNP streams that are aligned with Express Entry. Candidates who are nominated by Canadian provinces via these PNP streams will get an extra 600 CRS points. It virtually guarantees the candidate that they will receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Canada PR.

If you get a nomination from a Canadian province via a PNP that’s not aligned with Express Entry, then you will have to submit a paper-based federal application for Canada PR.

PNP is meant for immigration candidates who will live in a province and contribute to its economic and social development. Some PNPs give priority to the candidates who have work experience in occupations highly in demand in the province. Those who have a relative in the province as a connection have an increased chance of staying in the province.

Steps in applying for a PNP in Canada

  • Find the PNP that suits you
  • Apply for the chosen PNP
  • Get a provincial nomination certificate
  • File an application for Canada PR

Processing time for a PNP application

It’s a 2-step process to follow to apply for a Canada PR.

First, apply to the province. Once your application is approved, then file your application for permanent residency to the federal government. It’s the sole discretion of the federal government that you are granted a Canada PR visa.

Though processing times vary, your application will be processed within a few months of filing it.

If you are choosing a PNP that’s not aligned with the Express Entry, you will have to submit an immigration application on paper, which will take more time than electronic applications.

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