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Posted on November 08 2021

Job Trends in Canada - IT Analysts

By  Editor
Updated November 15 2023

The aura of the IT sector is seen in every field, right from ministries to classrooms, to achieve the best results. In simple words, currently, the whole world is revolving around Information and Technology.

The jobs in the IT sector are booming everywhere. There is a massive demand for IT professionals, and hence people who are willing to settle overseas with PR can migrate immediately.

Now the mammoth task is deciding the right country to immigrate to. But never think much because Canada is the right option for every IT immigrant who is willing to settle abroad along with PR.

Yes, your question is right. Why Canada to immigrate as an IT professional? Taking a move to immigrate to Canada as an IT professional gives you a new lease of life. The maple leaf country offers a clear pathway for IT professionals: Canadian work permit, Canadian permanent residence, and Canadian citizenship.

Are you confused with the procedures to immigrate to Canada as an IT Analyst? Do not fret, Y-Axis is here to guide you in all the ways to immigrate to Canada.

Before immigrating, you need to go through the wages, requirements, eligibility, job prospects, etc. You can follow Y-Axis employment trends to get more details.

Let us explore the job trends of IT Analysts in Canada.

Job trends for IT Analysts in Canada (NOC 2171)

IT Analysts in Canada need to examine and test systems' necessities, plan, develop and apply information systems. They need to build the strategies, policies, direct the procedures on various information systems issues.

The IT Analysts are employed by

  • Information technology consulting firms
  • Information technology units throughout the public and private sectors
  • Self-employed

Prevailing wages of IT Analysts in Canada

IT sector in Canada is booming, hence the demand for IT Analysts is huge. IT Analysts in Canada usually earn wages ranging between $$ 24.00/hour and $$ 57.69/hour. These wages differ based on the community or the area you choose to work.

Have a look at the below table as it depicts the detailed wages in each province and territory.

Community/Area Wages ($/hour)
Low Median High
Canada 24 39.42 57.69
Alberta 27 43.3 68.38
Newfoundland and Labrador 26.44 36.06 62.5
Ontario 23.56 39 57.69
Saskatchewan 26.92 42.5 56.41
Manitoba 22 40.1 56
Quebec 24.04 39.56 54.95
Prince Edward Island 22.12 34.62 52
British Columbia 24.04 38 51.28
New Brunswick 23.38 37.5 51.28
Nova Scotia 23 35 48.08
Eligibility criteria for IT Analysts in Canada The below is the list of eligibility criteria for IT Analysts jobs in Canada: ·       Education ü A bachelor's degree in computer science, computer systems engineering, software engineering, business administration or a related discipline or Completion of a college program in computer science is usually required. ·       Work Experience ü Experience as a computer programmer is usually required. ·       Recognition ü Certification or training provided by software vendors may be required by some employers.

Professional licensing and certifications  required for an IT Analysts in Canada

The below table provides information about the licenses and certifications required for an IT Analyst in provinces of Canada.

Location Job title Regulation Regulatory body
Alberta Information Systems Professional (certified) Regulated Canadian Information Processing Society of Alberta CIPS Alberta
Québec Video Game Tester Regulated Emploi Québec
Saskatchewan Information Systems Professional Regulated Canadian Information Processing Society of Saskatchewan Inc.

IT Analysts job titles in Canada

  • Information systems quality assurance analyst
  • Computer systems analyst
  • Management information systems (mis) analyst
  • Informatics consultant
  • It (information technology) consultant
  • Informatics security analyst
  • Systems security analyst
  • Information systems business analyst
  • Systems auditor
  • Systems consultant

Job prospects of IT Analysts in Canada


Job prospects of an IT Analyst in Canada vary depending on the province or territory they choose to work. The number of vacancies for IT Analysts hikes every year in order to meet the Labor Market Demands.

You may explore the job prospects of an IT Analysts jobs in Canada.

Location Job prospects
Alberta Fair
British Columbia Good
Manitoba Good
New Brunswick Good
Newfoundland and Labrador Good
Northwest Territories Undetermined
Nova Scotia Good
Nunavut Undetermined
Ontario Good
Prince Edward Island Fair
Quebec Good
Saskatchewan Good
Yukon Territory Undetermined

How can I immigrate to Canada as an IT Analysts?

As an IT Analyst, you need to follow the below simple steps to immigrate to Canada. Y-Axis assists you in all these steps making your immigration effortless.

 Step 1:  Assess your CRS Score

 You need to check your CRS score, which can be done quickly through Y-Axis Canada Skilled Immigration Points Calculator instantly for free.

 Check your eligibility right away.

Step 2:  You need to review your Academic qualifications under the guidance of Y-Axis immigration professionals.

Step 3:  Select the right program to immigrate to Canada with the help of Y-Axis.

You may choose any of the below economic immigration programs to immigrate to Canada as an IT Analyst:

Y-Axis drives you in the right path ...

Y-Axis, the right migration consultant, leads you in the precise pathway. It guides you on the right path in a stress-free way.


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