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Posted on October 26 2021

Job Trends for Architect in Canada

By  Editor
Updated November 14 2023

Are you an Architect overseas and willing to settle in other countries with all benefits along with permanent residency?

Here is the favorable news! Canada is welcoming individuals with architectural skills.

Canada, the land with immeasurable opportunities stands with open arms welcoming those seeking foreign nations. It strongly believes "Diversity is Strength".


If you’re thinking about relocating, a new job might be the first thing on your mind, so let's explore the Job Trends for Architects in Canada. Job Trends for Architects in Canada - NOC 2151

Architects in Canada need to plan and develop new and unique concepts and designs to construct and renovate commercial, institutional and residential buildings. They are employed by architectural firms, private corporations, and governments, or they may be self-employed.

Roles and responsibilities of an Architect in Canada

An Architect in Canada need to perform the following duties

  • Consult and discuss with clients to determine the type, style and reason of renovations or new building construction
  • Design new concepts and develop new ideas and strategies for design specifications, building materials, costs and construction schedules
  • Prepare and plan sketches and models for clients
  • Prepare or supervise the preparation of drawings, specifications and other construction documents for use by contractors and tradespersons
  • Plan and prepare bidding documents, participate in contract negotiations and award construction contracts
  • Ensuring compliance with specifications planned in construction sites
  • Conduct probability studies and financial analyses of building projects
  • Architects may specialize in a particular type of construction such as residential, commercial, industrial or institutional.

Job titles for Architect in Canada

  • Architect
  • Industrial And Commercial Buildings Architect
  • Residential Architect
  • Architectural Standards Specialist
  • Chief Architect
  • Consulting Architect

Prevailing wages for an Architect in Canada

Architect Jobs in Canada are often better paid than other countries. The wages for an Architect in Canada differs in each province. The median wages of an Architect in Canada is 35.58 $ per hour. Below table represents the low, median, and high wages of an architect in each province and territory in Canada.

Community/Area Wages ($/hour)
Low Median High
Canada 23.08 35.58 60.1
Alberta 26.44 42.84 71.11
British Columbia 24.04 33.65 53.42
Manitoba 22.5 37.5 61.54
New Brunswick 17 35 75.38
Nova Scotia 17 35 75.38
Ontario 20.14 35.9 63.46
Quebec 24.04 35 57.69

Architect job opportunities for the coming years in Canada

For Architects in Canada, there are many job openings  for both experienced and new job seekers over the period 2019-2028. The job opportunities for an Architect in Canada  are always on positive edge, because Canada is a construction-driven economic boom country.

Location Job prospects
Alberta Fair
British Columbia Fair
Manitoba Good
New Brunswick Undetermined
Newfoundland and Labrador Undetermined
Northwest Territories Undetermined
Nova Scotia Fair
Nunavut Undetermined
Ontario Good
Prince Edward Island Undetermined
Quebec Good
Saskatchewan Good
Yukon Territory Undetermined

Eligibility criteria for an Architect in Canada

To get qualified, the Architect should meet the following pre-requisites:

  • Bachelor’s accredited school of architecture or Completion of the syllabus of studies from the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC) is required. A master's degree in architecture may be required.
  • Completion of a three-year internship under the supervision of a registered architect is required.
  • Completion of the architect registration examination is required.
  • Registration with the provincial association of architects in the province of work is required.
  • Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification is offered by the Canada Green Building Council and may be required by some employers.

Professional certification and licensing

As an Architect you need to get a certification from a regulatory authority before you start working. Below is the list of  regulations for each province or territory.

Location Job title Regulation Regulatory body
Alberta Architect Regulated Alberta Association of Architects
British Columbia Architect Regulated Architectural Institute of British Columbia
Manitoba Architect Regulated Manitoba Association of Architects
New Brunswick Architect Regulated Architects' Association of New Brunswick
Newfoundland and Labrador Architect Regulated Architects Licensing Board of Newfoundland & Labrador
Northwest Territories Architect Regulated Northwest Territories Association of Architects
Nova Scotia Architect Regulated Nova Scotia Association of Architects
Ontario Architect Regulated Ontario Association of Architects
Prince Edward Island Architect Regulated Architects Association of Prince Edward Island
Québec Architect Regulated Ordre des architectes du Québec
Saskatchewan Architect Regulated Saskatchewan Association of Architects

 How can I move to Canada as an Architect?

How can I move to Canada as an Architect?  is the first question that flashes in your mind. Of course there are various pathways through which Canada invites Architect.

Y-Axis presents you the step by step guide to follow in order to immigrate to Canada:

Step 1: Check your CRS Score

Y-Axis allows the migrants to check their CRS score through its instant Canada Skilled Immigration Points Calculator for free.

Check your eligibility right away.

Step 2: Check your Qualifications Accredited for Canada

To work and settle in Canada as an Architect, you need to have your educational qualifications (earned outside of Canada) accredited and ensure that it is recognized in Canada.

 Step 3: Immigration process

Next you can start with the immigration process by applying through the following pathways:

Step 4: Apply for Architect position in Canada

It is not mandatory to have a job opportunity to move to Canada, but you having a job opportunity fastens your process. This is because a valid job offer increases your score by 50 and 200 PR points.


Architect Jobs in Canada

Job Trends


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