Italy Dependent Visa

The Italy Family Visa is a form of long-term visa in Italy, commonly known as a national or D-visa. It allows the holder to enter Italy for a period of more than three months in order to join a family member who is already living there.

Your family member can enter the nation and apply for an Italian residence permit once they have got their Italy family reunion visa. This permit allows family members to legally live in Italy with you. Another name for the Italy Family Reunion Visa is known as an entrance visa.

Under the Italy dependent visa, the following dependents can come to Italy:

  • Spouse
  • Children below 18 years
  • Dependent children above 18 who are unable to support themselves due to health issues
  • Dependent parents over 65 who have no other children to take care of them
Eligibility requirements

You must earn a minimum of € 5.830,76 per year and set aside 50% of that amount for any family members who will accompany you to Italy. So, if you’re bringing your spouse and one child, you’ll need €11,661.52.

Documents required
  • Original and copy of the Nulla Osta which is essentially a clearance from the Italian government that allows your family members to join you in Italy.
  • Copy of your residence permit and passport
  • Completed and signed Italy Long-Stay Visa Application Form
  • Passport-size photos
  • Valid passport with at least two blank pages that are valid for at least three months after the visa expires.
  • You must sign a statement stating that you desire to bring your family members with you and that you meet the legal requirements for family reunification in Italy.
  • Birth certificates for children and marriage certificates for your spouse as proof of family relationship.
  • Proof that you have the necessary cash and accommodations to welcome your family members.
  • Receipt of payment of visa fees.
Application process

Make an appointment with an Italian embassy or consulate in your country

Fill out the Long-Stay Visa Application Form

Collect all the required documents

When your appointment time arrives, go ahead and fill out the application in person.

Pay the visa fees.

Make an appointment for a visa interview.

Wait for the visa to be processed.

Processing time

Different things, however, can have an impact. If there are no available appointment spaces, for example, your family members will not be able to submit an application right away. Then, if any of their application’s documents are missing or wrong, they will have to resubmit, delaying the processing time.

Is the spouse on a dependent visa allowed to work in Italy?

If the spouse is an EU citizen, he or she will be granted a Permit of Stay, which will allow them to work in the EU. If your spouse is not a European Union citizen, he or she will most likely be on a non-working visa (Visto per familiari al seguito) and will be unable to work. If eligible, a spouse’s ability to find work will be determined by his or her ability to communicate in Italian, as well as his or her level of education and degree (provided it is recognized).

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