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Ireland Dependant Visa

If your wish to move to Ireland as a dependent, you must apply for Family Reunification for Ireland, commonly known as an Ireland Join Family Visa, to join a family member who is currently living there.

The following family members are eligible for the Ireland dependent visa:

  • Spouse or registered partner
  • Child under age of 18
  • Elderly parents
Eligibility requirements

A non-EU/EEA resident living in Ireland lawfully, who wants to bring their family member/s to live in Ireland with them. The sponsor can be one of the following:

  • A non-EU/EEA national, residing lawfully in Ireland through an Ireland Employment Permit (work visa).
  • A foreign national living in Ireland on a Stamp 4 or stamp 5.
  • A Researcher under a Hosting Agreement.
  • A PhD student, studying in an Irish accredited program.
  • A Minister of Religion who holds an immigration Stamp 3.
Documents required

Copy of the signed and dated application form.

Two passport-size photos

Your original passport

Full copies of any previous passports

Application letter that:

Has a list of all the information you have.

Gives a brief explanation of why you’re travelling.

Includes information about a member of your family who lives in Ireland.

Details of other family members who live in Ireland

Proof your family member is eligible to sponsor you

  • If a member of your family is a non-EU/EEA citizen:
    • Copies of their passport pages
    • Copy of their registration paperwork
    • Copy of their work permit or other documentation attesting to their right to remain in Ireland
  • Proof of your family relationship:
    • Marriage certificate for spouse
    • Birth certificate for children under 18
  • Proof of sufficient funds:
    • Bank statements over the past six months of both you and your sponsor.
    • Proof your sponsor meets the minimum income requirements

To be eligible to sponsor you to come to Ireland on the Join Family Visa, your sponsor must be able to demonstrate that they can financially support you. The financial criteria will differ depending on whether the sponsor is an Irish citizen or a non-EU/EEA lawful resident.

Getting permission to apply for the family reunification visa

Your sponsor must submit a written application to INIS’s Family Reunification Section. The following information must be included in the letter:

Name, personal identification number, and address of each family member they wish to bring to Ireland (name, birthday, address, nationality, and what type of relationship you have).

After the INIS receives your letter, they will send a questionnaire and a list of papers to your sponsor. They must fill out the questionnaire and return it to the INIS with all of the necessary documentation.

You can apply for the visa only when the family reunification application has been approved.

Application process

An application for an Ireland family reunification visa must be submitted online.

You must also pass through Border Control to request permission to remain, as well as register with Ireland’s immigration authorities and get a residency permit.

Online application

You must apply for Ireland visas online through AVATS, the Irish visa online application system. Once you’ve accessed the form, you’ll need to complete in all of the sections and questions, as well as the duration of your trip and the reason for your trip.

Submitting your documents

You must next submit the required documents at an Irish embassy/consulate in your country or a visa application agency.

Border control

Regardless of whether you require an Irish visa or not, you must pass through Border Control and request permission to stay upon arriving at an Ireland port of entry.

Border Control immigration officials determine if you meet the entry requirements. To persuade them, you’ll need various supporting documents that demonstrate your relationship with your sponsor and that they’re qualified to sponsor you.

Getting your residence permit

If the immigration officers at the Ireland port of entry determine that you are eligible to enter the country, they will stamp your passport. The stamp indicates how many days you are permitted to stay in the nation.

You must register with immigration and request an Ireland Residence Permit at the Garda National Immigration Bureau before the time limit.

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