Portugal Dependent Visa

If they live in another nation, family members of Portuguese residents and citizens can apply for a Portugal family visa.

 When a number of conditions are met by both the applicant and their family member, a Portugal family visa is awarded by the Immigration and Borders Service (SEF).

 The following dependents can apply for a family visa:
  • Married or registered partner.
  • Minor children, including adopted children.
  • Any children under the care of the applicant.
  • First-degree relatives who are dependent on the applicant.
  • Minor siblings who are under the legal custody of the resident.
Documents required
  • Portugal visa application form.
  • Passport
  • Identity documents of the foreign family member.
  • A certificate establishing the link between the family members.
  • A certificate indicating that the applicant’s residency type permits family reunification.
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Proof of sufficient financial resources for both the applicant and his or her family.
  • Proof that the family member has been legally residing in the current location.
Application process
  1. Prepare the necessary paperwork. All documents must be translated into Portuguese by a certified translator before being certified by a Portuguese Notary or the Portuguese Consulate in the nation where the document was passed.
  2. Make an appointment with the embassy to submit your documents.
  3. Arrive in Portugal and proceed to the SEF. Visit SEF as soon as you arrive in Portugal o register as a resident of Portugal and receive your long-term residence permit.
How long does it take for a family visa application to be processed?

The application will be processed in 60 days. The applicant will get a written notification of the decision from SEF, as well as notification from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Some applications, however, may take an additional 60 days to review. SEF will advise the applicant of the additional time in this circumstance.

Is it possible to obtain permanent residence in Portugal on the basis of a family visa?

Yes, you can apply for permanent residence after 5 years of continuous presence in Portugal. Although the residence is limitless, it must be renewed every five years.

When applying for permanent residency, you must present a certificate demonstrating that you have mastered the Portuguese language.

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