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Posted on September 25 2021

Finding the easiest Canada PNP to make the next move to immigrate

By  Editor
Updated November 15 2023

You must have heard that Express Entry and Canada PNP are the 2 major pathways to immigrate to Canada. Though the former is the most popular, you just cannot undermine the importance of the latter when it comes to Canada immigration even in 2022.

What is Canada PNP?

Canada PNP is a system that selects foreign immigrants to absorb them into Canadian provinces that require skilled and dedicated candidates to fill their labor market requirements. The potential immigrants chosen to move to Canadian provinces and territories are capable of contributing to the economic progress of the province.

Canada PNP has access to the profiles of immigration candidates who register themselves with the IRCC under Express Entry. These are candidates who are ready to immigrate to Canada and settle in any province of Canada. The exceptions to Canada PNP are Quebec and Nunavut territory.

Under Canada PNP, provinces nominate suitable Canada immigration candidates and enable them to gain an advantage regarding the chances to apply for Canada PR. This will come as 600 points that are awarded as extra and added to their basic qualifying CRS score.

Nomination is the most that PNP can do to help you move to Canada. The final decision on your eligibility to do so rests with IRCC.

The fastest PNP

The best Canada PNP program that fits your needs depends on your situation. It also depends on your skills and work experience. Let’s try to figure which province offers the best PNP with regard to the particular situation.

If you don’t have a job offer

Among the most popular programs and their streams in this scenario is the Human Capital Priorities Stream from OINP. It has 3 categories that are linked with Express Entry. Though a job offer isn’t required, your Express Entry profile must be active enough and you must have pretty good work experience.

Another popular option is SINP which is available for international applicants through its International Skilled Worker category. This category has 2 active streams that don’t require jobs.

Another one to suggest is the NSNP which is considered one of Canada immigration’s most innovative and extensive PNPs.

If you speak French

Among PNPs that call for Francophone or bilingual applicants outside Quebec, a popular one is OINP’s French-Speaking Skilled Worker program which is linked with Express Entry.

If you are a tech worker

The provinces of Ontario and British Columbia offer the most notable Canada PNP pathways to immigration candidates who are tech workers. Ontario conducts tech draws within the Human Capital Priority Stream which is linked to Express Entry. It doesn’t ask for job offers and aims for immigration candidates with experience in one of the 6 designated occupations in the tech field. This includes web designers and computer engineers.

British Columbia also conducts tech draws that invite immigration candidates to apply for a provincial nomination. These draws are conducted on a weekly basis.

If you have experience in a Canadian province/territory

If you have experience in any of the Canadian provinces, it could be an added advantage to your chances at immigration. The Skilled Worker Overseas and Skilled Worker in Manitoba streams of MPNP give privilege to those with work experience in Manitoba along with an educational experience.

Manitoba also has an International Education Stream with 3 sub-streams for those who have studied or graduated from post-secondary institutions in Manitoba.

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  3. Note:

PR – Permanent Residence/Permanent Resident

PNP – Provincial Nominee Program

IRCC – Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada

OINP – Ontario Immigration Nominee Program

MPNP – Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program


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