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Canada attributes a lot of its economic and social progress and prosperity to its immigrants. Canada immigration is the most popular immigration program in the world and is the pathway to settling in Canada with a Canada PR Visa.

They may be no other country like Canada that gives so many options for potential immigrants to arrive in the country on work, study, investment, or directly to become Canada PR Visa holders. Permanent residents enjoy most of the benefits that Canadian citizens get and can convert themselves into Canadian citizens in a matter of years!

Among Canada immigration pathways, the most prominent ones are Canada Express Entry and Canada PNP. While Canada Express Entry invites and gives opportunities to potential immigrants to settle anywhere in Canada at a federal level, Canada PNP seeks those interested in settling down in a particular province/territory of Canada.

Canada Express Entry is also the most sought-after and easiest route to permanent residence in Canada. The processing time of a Canada PR Visa application through Canada Express Entry is under 6 months! You only have to match the criteria to be eligible for Canadian permanent residency and if your application is submitted flawlessly and convincingly, your application can be approved in such a short period!

Here, we help you explore the basics about Canada immigration in general and Canada Express Entry specifically. What we share with you here will help you decide whether you are ready for a Canada PR visa so that you can be part of the wonderful country that Canada is.

Know your eligibility for Canada immigration. Use the Canada points calculator.
About Canada

Here are some things you must know about Canada before you decide to move into the country through the Canada immigration process.

  • Canada is the second-largest country in the world. So, there’s a lot to explore in the country if you love to.
  • Canadian cities are ranked as among the most liveable in the world. They score high in all essential and desirable factors such as stability, education, healthcare, infrastructure, and environment.
  • Canada is a heavily multi-cultural country, thanks to the immigrant population that keeps increasing by the year. If you know English, you will do just fine in Canada. The country’s second official language is French. You can connect with pretty much anyone out there in Canada, and the language won’t be a problem for you if you already speak English comfortably.
  • Canada has a tax-funded Medicare healthcare system that pays for basic health insurance for the people in Canada. That means you could get essential health services for free in Canada!

  • Oh! And if you are a nature enthusiast, there are plenty of fascinating landscapes between Canadian cities to explore. These landscapes range between seashores and mountains and almost everything you can imagine.
  • Canada has 20% of all lakes in the world! There are about 2 million lakes in Canada. If you are a water sports enthusiast, Canada probably gives you more than you asked for!
  • Education in Canada ranks among the best in the world. Canada has one of the top adult education levels in the world. So, thousands of international students around the world choose to study in Canadian universities and utilize the opportunity to work during and after their education.
  • Interestingly, Canadians prefer to be so polite that “Sorry” is the most used word in Canada in social situations.
Why settle in Canada?

So, are you getting motivated to go ahead with Canada immigration? Let’s give you more reasons to move to this amazing country as a Canada PR visa holder.

    • Canada is one of the happiest countries in the world. Canadians are known to be polite and friendly too!
    • Permanent residents and Canadian citizens can apply for public health insurance and you can get healthcare services and insurance for free because it’s provided by the government and financed by tax money.
    • Even if you don’t have a government healthcare card, you will get free emergency medical services in all Canadian provinces and territories.
    • Canada’s natural resources are abundant. About 7% of the world’s renewable natural resources are held by Canada.
  • Cultural diversity is a defining feature of Canada, which is attributable to Canada immigration.
  • Canada spends more on education per capita than any other country in the world! Canada is home to some of the world’s top-ranked universities.
  • Canada has relatively very low crime rates compared to other countries.
  • Canada is a treasure of job opportunities and the country, in fact, welcomes skilled foreign workers through Canada immigration to take up job positions in the country. There’s the presence of multinational companies that are ready to employ the right person who often arrives in Canada via Canada immigration.
Prominent cities in Canada


The quality of life in this clean and green Canadian city is relatively high. The excellent community presence adds to the attractiveness of the place. It’s home to Carleton University and the University of Ottawa. It’s a youthful city with a prosperous city center, beautiful architecture, and lovely neighborhoods.


You can choose Burlington if you love to live in a city that’s not too far from nature as well as great outdoors. There are many schools and colleges in the place that also features a good lifestyle. There’s a low crime, low unemployment, high incomes, and lovely weather in Burlington.

Finding a job is easier in Burlington. The city is close to Toronto and it’s easy to commute there.


Oakville suits you if you love nature and the proximity to a city like Toronto. It’s a well-serviced urban center. There are lots of events in arts and culture that happen in Oakville. It’s a popular place for life science companies like pharma and eldercare.

St. Albert

This city in Alberta, Canada has a strong economy and high-paying jobs available abundantly. The city features a healthy lifestyle and has all facilities in healthcare, schools, and recreation. There’s green space in abundance in the city. St. Albert has a very low unemployment rate. Edmonton in Alberta is known as Canada’s “oil capital” as the region is rich in oil and natural gas.


An urban center, coastline, beaches, mountains, islands, are all present in Vancouver. The city also has beautiful residential suburbs. It has a diverse and thriving economy. Some of the best things this city has to offer are schools, public transport, hospitals, harbor, shopping districts, Stanley Park.


It’s the largest city in the Canadian province of Alberta. It’s like a mountain village packed with the facilities of a fast-paced city. There are jobs aplenty in transport, finance, health, aerospace, manufacturing, film, and tourism.


This is a city you would love to explore if you want to stay away from the bustle of the city. The city is the economic powerhouse of the Canadian province of Nova Scotia. There are many job opportunities that this city generates.

Quebec City

It’s a UNESCO World Heritage site. In this city, you can enjoy art, architecture, historical landmarks, museums, and parkland. Compared to other Canadian cities of similar size, the cost of living is lower in Quebec City.

How to get a Canada PR visa through Canada Express Entry?

Express Entry is an online system dedicated to managing applications for Canada immigration that come from skilled workers overseas. The following are the 3 immigration programs that are managed through Canada Express Entry:

  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC)
  • Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)

Canadian Experience Class

It’s meant for skilled workers who have experience working in Canada. Such experience must not be less than 3 years when applying for a Canada PR visa.

Federal Skilled Worker Program

This program is meant for skilled workers who possess work experience in foreign countries. There are educational criteria to be met to be eligible to apply under this program besides matching expectations in several other factors.

Federal Skilled Trades Program

This program is meant for skilled workers who are qualified in a skilled trade. It’s required that they must have a valid job offer or a certificate proving the qualification.

The steps involved in the application process through Canada Express Entry
  • Find out if you are eligible for Canada immigration via Canada Express Entry.
  • Find out your score in the CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System). It’s a points-based system used to assign scores to your profile so that it can be ranked in the Canada Express Entry pool. If you have scores above the minimum score required in a round of invitations, you will be invited to apply for a Canada PR visa.
  • When you create your profile in the Canada Express Entry pool, you must also upload documents like:
    • results of language tests like IELTS
    • proof of Canadian education or an ECA report to serve the purposes of Canada immigration if
      • you are applying via the FSWP Program, or
      • you are trying to score points for the education you received outside Canada
    • job offer in writing from an employer in Canada (in case you have one), proof of experience at work, certificate of qualification in a trade job issued by a province/territory in Canada (in case you have one)
    • provincial nomination (in case you have one)
    • proof of funds
  • Collect the following documents you will require when applying for a Canada PR visa:
    • Results of medical exams
    • Proof of funds
    • Police certificates
    • Birth certificate (in case you are declaring dependent children)
    • Common law union form (in case you have declared your marital status as “common-law”)
    • Representative form (in case you have hired a representative)
    • Certificate of marriage (in case you have declared your marital status as “married”)
    • Certificate of divorce and legal separation agreement (in case you have declared your marital status as “divorced”)
    • Certificate of death (in case you have declared your marital status as “widowed”)
    • Certificate of adoption (in case your dependent child is listed as “adopted”)
  • Fill out your Canada Express Entry profile form online with information sought about yourself. Then submit it.

  • If you are eligible to be invited by virtue of your CRS scores (the higher, the better) you may be sent an invitation from IRCC. Apply for a Canada PR visa within 60 days of the date of invitation.
  • Apply for Canadian permanent residence via Canada Express Entry. Follow these steps:
    • Make sure you have received your invitation to apply from IRCC.
    • Apply for a Canada PR visa within 60 days of the date of invitation. Sign in to your account and follow the link to apply for a Canadian permanent residence under Canada Express Entry. Give complete and true answers to questions in the form and submit all necessary documents.
  • Completed applications will be processed within 6 months.

Know your eligibility for Canada immigration. Use the Canada points calculator.

Express Entry Draws in 2022
All PNP draws in 2022
Total no. of candidates: 23154
Total draws: 79
Date Province No. of draws No. of candidates
July 5, 2022 British Columbia 4 133
June 30, 2022 Manitoba 2 494
June 29, 2022 Ontario 4 2230
June 28, 2022 British Columbia 4 615
June 16, 2022 Alberta 1 150
June 16, 2022 PEI 1 136
May 31, 2022 British Columbia 5 853
May 20, 2022 PEI 1 153
May 19, 2022 Alberta 1 100
May 5, 2022 Saskatchewan 1 198
May 05, 2022 Manitoba 1 315
April 28, 2022 Ontario 2 1335
April 26, 2022 British Columbia 4 685
April 21, 2022 Manitoba 2 526
April 21, 2022 PEI 1 141
April 14, 2022 Alberta 1 250
March 30, 2022 Ontario 3 2409
March 29, 2022 British Columbia 5 935
March 23, 2022 Manitoba 2 311
March 22, 2022 Alberta 2 700
March 17, 2022 PEI 1 141
March 8, 2022 Saskatchewan 3 414
February 28, 2022 Ontario 9 3349
February 24, 2022 Manitoba 2 551
February 22, 2022 British Columbia 4 624
February 17, 2022 PEI 1 117
February 8, 2022 Nova Scotia 1 278
February 01, 2022 Alberta 1 400
January 27, 2022 Manitoba 2 443
January 27, 2022 Ontario 3 2618
January 25, 2022 British Columbia 4 714
January 20, 2022 PEI 1 132
January 18, 2022 Alberta 2 600
January 12, 2022 Saskatchewan 1 104
Total 79 23154

Y-Axis assists, guides and counsels you as you apply for a PR visa through Express Entry System

Is Canada Express Entry a Canada immigration program?

No. Canada Express Entry is not a program on its own. It’s a system that manages applications for 3 programs namely FSWP, FSTP, and CEC.

Can I make more than one profile in the Canada Express Entry system?

No. Only one profile can be created per individual at any point in time.

Do I need a job in Canada to be eligible for Express Entry?

Having a job in Canada will improve your CRS score which increases the chances of your Canada PR visa application being approved. But a job offer in Canada isn’t compulsory to apply via Canada Express Entry.

What is Canada PNP?

Canada is made up of 10 provinces and 3 territories. Of these, 9 provinces and 2 territories are a part of Canada PNP. Under Canada PNP, governments of provinces and territories give nominations to skilled workers for permanent residence.

To take the Canada PNP route to permanent residence, you must have the intention to settle within the province/territory that nominates you, after you get a Canada PR visa.

What is the NOC code in Canada immigration?

Occupations available in the Canadian labor market are allotted a unique 4-digit code. This is done as per the NOC (National Occupational Classification) code. This is referred to as the NOC code for that job.

What do you mean by express entry system?

An Express Entry system has been launched to invite applications for permanent residency in Canada. Skilled workers can become permanent residents in the country. Express entry system uses the following programs to invite the immigrants:

  • FSW
  • FST
  • CEC

The applicants have to submit their applications electronically, and a Comprehensive Ranking Score is needed for selection.

How an applicant can enter the Express Entry pool?

A candidate has to submit an eligible profile. The candidate has to be eligible for any of the following programs:

  • FSW
  • FST
  • CEC

Requirements like passport, language abilities, and education are needed to prepare the Express Entry profile. Education is not needed in the case of the Canadian Experience Class.

What is a Comprehensive Ranking System?

A comprehensive Ranking System is a mechanism that is used to provide ranks to the candidates based on factors like age, language ability, and education level. Candidates will get 600 points for factor4s like age language ability, and additional 600 points are also available for other factors like provincial nomination. This helps the IRCC to select the candidates and invite them for permanent residence in Canada.

What do you mean by Invitation to Apply?

Candidates are sent Invitation to Apply through the Express Entry pool if IRCC selects them to apply for permanent residency. The candidates who receive ITA have to meet the eligibility criteria of any program for immigration.

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