People at work in Canada reached pre-pandemic numbers in Aug 2021

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August 2021 was special for Canada. In this month, the total number of individuals at work in Canada touched pre-pandemic levels. This fact was revealed by a Labor Force Survey.

Employment in Canada increased by 90,000 people. In August 2021, Canada’s employment level was just short of 156,000 workers when compared to February 2020 levels. It’s encouraging to expats that the trend is continuing, helping them rest assured of reaching out for the best career opportunities in Canada.

These findings have been made from the result of a survey conducted by Statistics Canada. This latest data brought out the conditions in the labor market in the week of August 15 to August 21, 2021.

During this period, Canada had already rolled back the public health measures to prevent the COVID-19 pandemic to near-final stages. The Canadian border was open to tourists from the US who are fully vaccinated.

The increase in people who work in Canada was seen mainly in service industries. Besides them, significant gains were seen in the information, culture, and recreation industries. The construction industry saw an increase in the number of people working in it.

Employment was on a growing trend in Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Ontario. The unemployment rate was the lowest since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was at 7.1%. There was a drop of 7% in long-term unemployment in August. Nevertheless, it stood at 120% above the levels before the pandemic.

The employment rate of immigrants who arrived to work in Canada within the past 5 years continued to register an upward trend. It reached 70%.

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