Working overseas: How to migrate and work in Ireland

How to apply for Ireland work permit

If you are interested to work in Ireland, here we are with the essential information that will be helpful for you.

To work in Ireland, you will need an employment visa. Let’s go through the different stages involved in getting an employment visa and work in Ireland.

Before you travel to Ireland

Apply for immigration permission to work in Ireland

As a first step, you must apply for and get immigration permission in Ireland. This is required to apply for an employment visa in Ireland.

Requirements to apply for an immigration permission

To apply for immigration permission you must first have a job offer/employment contract. The permission will be granted for work that requires high skill or where there’s a shortage of skilled workers in Ireland.

Without immigration permission, you won’t be allowed to work in Ireland.

Apply for an Employment Visa

Once you get permission to work, you can apply for an Employment visa which is a long-stay visa. Such long-stay visas are also called “D visas”. This visa is essential to enter Ireland.

When you travel to Ireland

Make preparation for meeting border control formalities

You must prove that you have a valid reason to enter Ireland. You must convince an immigration officer at the border and to that end carry your passport and your employment contract in original among other documents.

Only after you convince the immigration officer, you will be able to enter Ireland.

After you enter Ireland

Once you enter Ireland, you have to apply for permission to live in Ireland. You have to register with immigration before the date in the stamp on your passport. To stay in Ireland, you have to get permission and register on time.

How to apply?

First, you have to apply for a visa. This must be done 3 months before your journey to Ireland.

You can apply from your home country or a country where you are a legal resident. You can apply online and send the essential documents including your passport for processing.

Visa costs

  • €60 for D Visa
  • €60 for a single entry visa (valid up to 90 days)
  • €100 for multiple entry visa

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